Aprilia SR150 - The Performance Commuter From Aprilia

Published On 01-Jan-1970 06:00am , By Ashik Mahmud

To the whole world, Aprilia is one of the most renowned Italian motorcycle brand. Aprilia motorcycles are ruling the roads all over the world with both their liter bikes to the very small commuter scooters. Aprilia SR150 is a performance oriented scooter from Aprilia, and today we are going to know more details about it. aprilia sr150 

Aprilia SR series has been around since 1992 – The series was first introduced via Aprilia SR50. The badge SR has always been a mix of performance and commuting. Aprilia SR150 is no different than other SR scooters from Aprilia, and carries the same characteristics from its predecessor. Aprilia SR150 is a slick, stylish and performance oriented scooter developed by Aprilia themselves. The first look at this beauty will leave anyone astonishing – the biggest surprise of this wonderful machine is that it looks really stylish and looks like a good commuting scooter but it really packs the punch in terms of performance!

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aprilia sr150 feature review 

The outer beauty of this magnificent machine it purely sheer. From the tip of the front mudguard to the tail of the exhaust – class and quality is visible all throughout the bike. The most eye-catching site at the front is definitely the front headlamp – the front headlamp is placed at the body and it is a dual headlamp setup. Right below the headlamp there are air vent for a better flow of air – this makes the bike more aero dynamic in high speed. The front side of the bike has some curves for better aero dynamics and better stability, the front of the handle has the “Aprilia” which really stands out. The indicators are in the front side of the handle, and truly stands out.

 aprilia sr150 review 

Even though having a rigid steel frame as the skeleton for better durability, the SR150 clearly chose sportiness over practicality – and the foot space and the seat states it all.  The seat is comparably slimmer and sportier seat than the competitors – but the rear grab rail really steals the show as they are as much visually attractive as they could possibly be. But, the design of it should also work for the better comfort of the pillion. aprilia scooter 

The foot space in the front is a balanced one - as it is not too spacious or too small. The rear footpeg is built on a unique design too – it has a similar vibe like sports bikes. They really matches with the body when folded. Though being sporty, the seat of Aprilia SR150 is long and wide enough for comfort. The under seat storage is enough to carry a full sized helmet or a lot of things! The console of the bike is analogue and displays mainly fuel gauge, speedometer, odometer, and other common attires. The taillight is situated right below the rear grab rail and the indicators are placed in both sides of the mudguard. aprilia sr150 brakes 

The bike features wide 120mm size tyres in both the front and rear wheels – therefore, the bike will provide really good amount of grip and controlling. Both the tyres are tubeless so the rider will not face hassles of puncture or similar things on the road. The front suspension is a 32mm large telescopic fork and the rear one is a single arm coil suspension. The bike has a 220mm disc brake with dual piston caliper and 140mm drum brake in the rear. The wide tyres, modern suspensions and state of the art brakes should provide the perfect harmony of braking in any certain situation. aprilia sr150 specification 

The heart of any vehicle is the engine and the drivetrain – and Aprilia SR150 clearly packs a lot of surprises in that area! Aprilia SR150 has a 154.8cc SOHC 4-stroke air cooled engine which produces 10.4 HP of power and 11.4 NM of torque. The power of the engine is delivered through an automatic gearbox so as a result, there is no manual power loss and the rider can enjoy all of those sporty power at the rear wheel. The exhaust is also designed to not only have a sporty look but also to perform and keep up alongside the engine.

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aprilia sr150 scooter in bangladesh 

As the bike weighs 122kg and has a 6.5L fuel tank, it looks like the sportiness of this bike is not only in the design or in the graphics, but also in the DNA of the bike and will result in astonishing performance in the city. Also, it has a ground clearance of 160mm which is really great for a scooter, and the rider won’t have to fear scratching or getting any friction in the bottom side of the bike in speed breakers or broken roads. But, with all these, the bike could be a little difficult to ride for really short people.


 At the end of the day, looks and performance are the sole things that matter in buying a motorcycle or scooter, and Aprilia SR150 certainly has a punch in both of them. The price of this gorgeous scooter will be 2,21,000 BDT. Aprilia SR150 could be an excellent city commuting machine, with the styling to catch everyone's attention and the performance to have some great fun on the roads!

Published by Ashik Mahmud