A Brief Detail Study on The Rubber of Motorcycle Tires

Published On 07-Dec-2013 12:29pm , By Shuvo

A Brief Detail Study On The Rubber Of Motorcycle Tires

This article is all about motorcycle tires – the different types, their characteristics and ultimately the idea of the type of tire that you should use according to your needs. But before you can get to that conclusion, you need to understand what makes each of these types function differently.

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We all know what tires are, right? They are the surrounding part of your wheel which is in contact with the ground surface and which also acts as a shock absorber. The blend of rubber that is used to make the tires contains a concoction of several other chemical compounds. The way you utilize your tires is what should affect your choice of rubber compound. This is why some tires are harder than others. The softer it is, the better the grip – but the less is the gas mileage.

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There are quite a few materials that are currently used in the manufacture of tires, for example synthetic and natural rubber, fabric and wire, carbon black etc. The process requires the mixing of numerous chemicals in order to reach the final product. Carbon black is used in the interior of tires. Elements such as sulfur and anti-oxidants are used to strengthen the rubber and for protection against ultra-violet rays (your tires may be just as sensitive as your skin!). During rainy seasons, tires with an interior of silica are encouraged since they have a better grip.

Tires made of synthetic rubber are able to endure extreme stress and still retain their original formation. Tires made of natural rubber are also very elastic as well as waterproof.

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As discussed earlier in the passage, softer tires provide better grip than the harder ones. But the tough tires have a longer life and are usually suitable for long journeys. Some manufacturers provide a various range of tires, such as the ones with soft edges and rigid middles, which allow impressive grip power when leaning over but remains intact in the center. These types of tires also permit amazing cornering abilities.

When riding off-road, you have a variety of tires available for whatever landscape you plan to conquer. If you are looking for classy performance and mileage, then you will have to make sure that the rubber is contained with numerous compounds.

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All you need to do is understand the behavior of tires and the rubber they are composed of and learn what comfort each has to provide. Consult your dealer of course, and choose wisely before you make a decision. Don’t think that any tire will work just because they all look the same.

You must also keep in mind that the more functions you expect a tire to carry out, the more might they cost you. Common sense, actually. But don’t miss out on what you need only to save money. Great things come with a little sacrifice. Observe the tread patterns, the rubber types etc whenever you are getting new tires.

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Another point that you should always keep in mind – never go for things that you aren’t familiar with. Get second opinions and if possible reviews of what you should expect before you actually purchase it. Choose wisely, buy quality motorcycle tires, and last but not the least, ride safe!

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