Vespa VXL 125

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৳ 197,000


Additional information

Specification: Vespa VXL 125

1. Details

1,89,000 BDT (Red), 1,92,000 BDT (Pearl White), 1,97,000 BDT (Azzuro Provenza)

CC Category

125 cc



Product Availability


2. Engine & Transmission

125 cc

Engine Type

Four stroke, single cylinder, air cooled

Max Power

7.1kw @ 7250 rpm

Max Torque

9.9nm @ 6250 rpm





Engine Cooling

Air Cooled

Fuel Supply


Starting Method

Kick & Self Starter

Transmission Type


3. Dimensions
Ground Clearance

155 mm


770 MM


1290 mm

4. Brakes, Wheels & Suspensions
Front Brake


Rear Brake


Front Suspension

Aircraft derived single side arm with Anti-Dive Characteristics

Rear Suspension

Duel-Effect Hydraulic Shock Absorber

Tyre Type


Wheel Type


5. Top Speed and Mileage
Mileage (Average)

45 Kmpl (Approx.)

Top Speed

100 Kmph (Approx)

6. Electricals


7. Features
Handle Type


Seat type

Single Seat


8Expert Score
Vespa VXL 125
Vespa VXL 125
  • Monocoque frame.
  • Front suspension.
  • Large storage.
  • Stylish.
  • Headlight design.
  • Maintenance-friendly.
  • Cheaper than other Vespas.
  • Small and thin tires.
  • Low power.
  • Small wheelbase.

Scooters are the epitome of two-wheeler comfort. Sitting on most scooters gives you the same feeling as sitting on a cloud. Vespa is one of the reigning champions of the scooter race. Vespa is the first internationally recognized brand of scooters. It can almost be said that the word “Vespa” is a synonym of the word “scooter”. One of the well-known scooters of Vespa is the Vespa VXL 125.

Vespa/Piaggio was brought to Bangladesh by the Bangladeshi company Runner Automobiles Ltd. Vespa has a lot of scooters available in the Bangladeshi market. One of those scooters is the Vespa VXL 125. The Vespa VXL 125 has made quite some noise in the two-wheeler market since its inception.


Key Features:
The Vespa VXL 125 has a wide and long single seat. The single seat was made with storage underneath it. The storage is large enough to hold a full-face helmet and more. The special feature is not space, it is the construction of the space. The scooter has a removable storage unit. Which allows the rider/service providers to access the engine. This is a feature that makes the Vespa VXL 125 unique compared to other scooters. It also comes with a door for the spark plugs, which will allow services to be smoother and simpler.

The Vespa VXL 125 also has a unibody structure. This means the Vespa VXL 125 comes with a monocoque chassis/frame. This allows the scooter to be strong to the core and also makes it less vulnerable to crashes/damages. This kind of chassis although drops the performance of the scooter, but it also increases the longevity of the scooter.

The headlight of the Vespa VXL 125, is a stroll down memory lane. The headlight has a single Halogen bulb inside. But the circular design brings back a lot of memories. The scooters that previous generations rocked back in the 80s and 90s is what you remember when you see the headlight of the Vespa VXL 125.

The Vespa VXL 125 comes in five colors. They are:

  • Azzuro Provenza (Blue).
  • Red.
  • Yellow.
  • Maze Gray.
  • White.

All the above-mentioned colors do not have any decals. They are all unicolored scooters. The Azzuro Provenza, Maze Gray, and white Vespa VXL 125 get brown seats, whereas the others get black seats.

Note: All the colors may or may not be available at all times.


Physical Attributes:
The Vespa VXL 125 is a small and elegant machine. It has a saddle height of 770mm. Which allows riders of 5’3” to comfortably ride the scooter. The leg rest at the front also has adequate space for taller riders not to feel uncomfortable. The scooter has a fuel tank of 6.5liters, which makes it very tough to take it on long rides.

The length, width, height, and weight of the Vespa VXL 125 are 1770mm, 690mm, 1140mm, and 114kg. The scooter may seem quite heavy, but the weight is quite less considering the full metal chassis. The scooter also has a small wheelbase of 1290mm, which brings the question of balancing the scooter at high speeds. It also has a ground clearance of merely 150mm, which makes it susceptible to most speed bumps in Bangladesh.


Engine and Transmission:
The Vespa VXL 125 comes with an aluminum cylinder head, overhead cam, and roller rocker arm fitted engine. The engine is also air-cooled and carbureted. The engine pumps out 9.52BHP of power at 7250rpm, and 9.9Nm of torque at 6250rpm. The power is quite less compared to most 125cc scooters. But that also increases the fuel efficiency of the scooter. The scooter can give around 48-52kmpl of mileage on average.

The Vespa VXL 125 comes with a fully automatic gearbox, which makes it very much easy to control. The Vespa VXL 125 also has an engine-mapping system and variable spark timing management, which makes it detect the elevation of the scooter and send power to the wheels accordingly.


Brakes, Suspensions, and Wheels:
The Vespa VXL 125 comes with a full drum setup. The front and rear both have drum brakes. The front drum is 150mm and the rear drum is 140mm. The drum brake setup may seem very backdated, but a scooter of this capacity in the city can easily go well with these brakes.

The Vespa VXL 125 has Aircraft derived single side arm Front Suspension with Anti-Dive characteristics. Now the street meaning of that is “good shock-absorbing suspension at the front”. The rear has a suspension with Dual-Effect Hydraulic Shock Absorber. And that means that the rear also has a single suspension on one side.

The Vespa VXL 125 comes with alloy wheels. The front and rear both have 90/100 section tires. The wheels are both 10” at the front and rear. The small wheels may cause a bit of a problem with stability. The thickness of the tires also limits the leaning of the scooter. The tires may be of similar dimensions compared to other scooters, but it gets a semi-off-road tread for better grip.


Target Audience:
The Vespa VXL 125 was made for the light-hearted scooter lover. It was made for the commuter who doesn’t want an aggressive, noise-making machine. The Vespa VXL 125 is a forgiving machine that has a short learning curve. It is easy for beginners to master, and fun for veterans to ride around in. The Vespa VXL 125 is a scooter for all.

Availability: Available at all Vespa/Piaggio Dealerships around Bangladesh.


The Vespa VXL 125 like every other Vespas, was not made to compete, rather it was made to enjoy. Hence the Vespa VXL 125 does not have any competition.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

The FAQs about the Vespa VXL 125 are answered below.

1) What is the cheapest Vespa in Bangladesh?

Answer: The cheapest Vespa in Bangladesh is the Vespa Notte 125. It costs around 1,65,250 BDT.

2) What is the price range of the Vespa scooters?

Answer: Vespas can cost between 1,65,250 BDT to 2,15,000 BDT.

3) How fuel-efficient is the Vespa VXL 125?

Answer: The Vespa SXL 150 has a mileage of around 45kmpl on average, which may vary.

4) What kind of scooter is the Vespa VXL 125?

Answer: Vespa VXL 125 is a premium commuting scooter.


All in all, the Vespa VXL 125 is a well-built and strong scooter with sentimental value. The Vespa VXL 125 will be very much admired by scooter/Vespa enthusiasts as it embraces the classic looks, with simple and minimalistic modern features.

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