Yamaha Reduce the Price of Motorcycles in Bangladesh

Published On 06-Jan-2018 05:16am , By Saleh

With most companies reduced the price of their motorcycles in the month of November – December 2017 Yamaha reduced the price of their motorcycles in Bangladesh in the new year of 2018. They slash the price between 2000 – 30,000 BDT depending on models.
yamaha r15 version 2 price in bangladesh
ACI Motors are the sole distributor of Yamaha motorcycles in Bangladesh. They provides the warranty & services as well as back of spare parts for the bikers who buys motorcycles from their authorized dealers. Currently they have a lineup of 7 motorcycle models in Bangladesh & here are the latest price list:

ModelOld PriceNew PricePrice Reduction
Saluto (Drum)143,000141,0002,000
Saluto (Disc)148,000146,0002,000
Saluto (Disc) SE152,000150,0002,000
SZ-RR SE195,000190,0005,000
FZS Fi V2255,000249,0006,000
FZS Fi V2 Dark Knight265,000259,0006,000
Fazer Fi V2275,000268,0007,000
R15 S440,000415,00025,000
R15 V2480,000450,00030,000

ACI Motors already reduce the price of of SZ-RR & R15 series back on the tail end of December. Today they reduced the price of Yamaha Saluto, FZS & Fazer series. All these motorcycles with the new price tag will be available across 30 odds dealers across Bangladesh.
yamaha motorcycle price in bangladesh

The biggest reduction came in the name of R series. in R15S they reduced the price by 25,000 BDT while in Version 2 the price reduction came to about 30,000 BDT. Now the price of Version 2 is equal to the price of Honda CBR150R.
yamaha fzs fi v2 dark knight editionAlthough they sold lots of Saluto but in Bangladesh Yamaha gained the popularity through the hand of FZS & Fazer series. The new special edition FZS V2 Fi which is known as Dark Knight is well known among the bikers in Bangladesh. In the past there were complains about the motorcycle chains & Yamaha slowly slowly replacing the motorcycle chains of the customers who suffered from the chain issue.Lets See FZS V2 Price In BD here.

yamaha price reduce

All the service centre of Yamaha motorcycles are 3S centre & they also have all the updated equipment to service the Fi bikes from them.  Exept for Saluto all the other motorcycles are FI system which requires special care due to the bad quality of fuel in Bangladesh. Yamaha reduced the price of their motorcycles in Bangladesh will add a new new dimension among the bikers in Bangladesh & we hope that the fight among the Japanese motorcycle companies will live up.

Published by Saleh