7 points to consider for Motorcycling Stunts in Bangladesh

Published On 01-Jan-1970 06:00am , By Raihan Opu

Motorcycling stunts in Bangladesh is a popular topic at present (Source). The riding of a bike is something that enables us to reach a state of dream like speed and understand the full potential of the bike we are riding. But every avid bike rider, after mastering the basic art of riding the bike turns towards fancy riding,meaning his attention is drawn towards stunt biking.Stunt biking is the art of mastering a set of maneuvours that enable the rider to drive the bike to its limits,Still maintaining a superior degree of control than seems.

There are many ways a rider can pull a stunt,it can either be a wheelie, endo(stoppie) burnout or whatever  The main thing about doing a stunt is the degree of control the rider maintains over the motorcycle.

To properly do any type of stunts that you may have in mind, The first act that you have to do is know the stunt and know the machine you are going to do the stunt in.

motorcycle stunts in bangladesh 

                                                                                    Motorcycle Stunt

The main thing to know about the stunts that you are trying to do is that they are very risky,very very risky.So be aware that just going up on a bike and trying a stunt will only cause you to be an accident victim.

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To know how to do motorcycling stunts below some basic tips for doing all the type of stunts are noted.
Remember,these are general broad spectrum tips,that is the main aspect of every riders checklist,and they are not specifically tailored for any specific stunts.

1. First & most important, Wear proper safety equipment. Get leathers from head to toe with a spine protector and the best helmet money can buy. Don't forget motorcycle gloves and boots as well.

motorcycle stunt gear bangladesh

                                                                                       Motorcycle stunt Gears

2. The second and  important point is to check the bike from top to bottom for any sort of faults that may be there in the bike.Now any sort of problem might be responsible for creating a serious drag on the bike to cause the bike to go awry and crash the stunt you want to do.

3. Check the brakes and also the alignment of the bikes tires,they always need to be well maintained.

4. The center of gravity of the bike plays a large role toward performing any stunt.so to make a proper stunt please do follow the proper way of managing the center of gravity. In a bike like the FZ-s the center of gravity is very low, near to the ground,So to pull any stunt you have to maintain a size-able amount of control over the bike.On the other hand the magelli bikes have a center of gravity that are higher than other bikes,Making it a general popular one for trying stunts such a endo or wheelie.

motorcycle stunt in bangladesh 

                                                                                            Motorcycle Stunts

5. Practice your game. If you go out there cold, you are certainly going to slip up. Make sure each stunt is well planned out and practiced before attempting the real thing. Also make a contingency plan in case of equipment or other failure.

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6. Find a wide open place to practice the planned motorcycling stunts, there are not many in Dhaka city, but the end zone of Bashundhara blocks, near the community center can provide a very good spot. Another spot is the road leading to the international trade fair ground. But the best place the seems to be the jatiyo shangshod grounds, if you can get permission to practice there.

motorcycle stunt in bangladesh 

                                                                                                     Practicing Stunt

7.check your weight distribution amongst your tires.And of-course check the air pressure in the tires to make sure they are as you need them to complete your stunts.

Today we only brushed the surface of the Motorcycling Stunts in Bangladesh, the best way to understand these tips is to look at some videos in google, and more over to do it first hand. But the best way to do so would be to learn form a senior vai or someone who is a generally accepted expert in such stunts in your known biking community.

In the next part of the article we will move on specific stunts and tips and tricks on how to do your stunts better.

Photo Credit: Road Riderz (RRz)

FAQ - Frequently Ask Question

1. Is Stunt Riding a crime?

Ans-  Stunt Riding Is Not A Crime - One Wheel Game. Even though no law, guideline or rulebook explicitly forbids stunt riding, professional stunt riders are constantly hounded by local police authorities, insisting that their actions are against the law.

2. What are stunts activities?

Ans- Stunts are activities in the forms of play that test one's self on flexibility, agility, balance, coordination, strength and endurance.

3. Are wheelies bad for motorcycle?

Ans- That depends. As a rule, wheelies aren't bad for your bike, but bad wheelies are. ... Bad wheelies like that are torturing your clutch and causing excess wear on the friction plates and clutch basket, shock-loading your chain and sprockets, and hammering your fork. 

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