Motorcycle Tire Break In Period- Do You know It?

Published On 01-Aug-2013 06:53pm , By Shuvo

Everybody knows about break in procedure for brand new . Like you have ride your brand new slowly for initial 1000 km, have to change your lube oil and oil filter some sort of this rules. This break in period is very important for the long life of your . But there are also some rules about your brand new tire. Yes! This tire break in period may be new to you, but it’s important if you want to ensure the long life of your tire.

Motorcycle Tire Break In Period- Do You Know It?


Personal Experience

Let me share an experience of mine. I have a Yamaha Fazer 153cc . After riding 25000km I had to change my tyres (both front and rear). That time I had no idea about this tyre break in procedure. After installing the new set of tyres I was riding in full swing with full acceleration. But alas!! My rear tyre has torn apart just at the 7 the day of my tier’s life. Total loss of 6,000 taka, because I could not use that tyre any more. 2’’ portion of the tyre was torn. It happen when I was accelerating in the . If I would have learnt this tyre break in procedure that time, I may not have to suffer.

My Tyre was torn like this.

 tire break in period

So, this was my experience. Now I will discuss the procedure of tire break in procedure. Before that I like to tell you why this break in procedure is necessary for a brand new tire.

Why Break In Is Important

Solutions are often used on tyres during the construction process of tyre. This solution helps rubber settle and reduces defects. It is designed to mixed with the rubber. The surface of a tyre needs to be broken to help the tyre grip. This is why running in tyre is important. If you accelerate too early i.e. before the break in and warm up, large tears can appear on the tread surface which happens with my tyre. This is called cold tearing. When tyres are running first time, many of the long chain molecules of the rubber used in the tyre break down, when the tyre cools, the molecules reform in a more uniform way and will be stronger than earlier. So when the tyre runs cooler it is less likely to over heat.

A new set of tyre also needs to be settling in the Alloy rim. Without break in tyre the settling process is not complete So break in is very important here.

We all know that tyres are made of various layers of rubber and nylon materials. As the tyre is new you have to give the tyre components some time to settle into one another. For example, if you loaded a van full of boxes and forced the last box in and it was touching the roof and then proceeded to drive down the for a while, when you checked the boxes you will find they have settled down and that last box you forced in will now come out very easily as the boxes have settled down. Same thing happens with the tyre components. The plies and the belts of the tyre has to be settled down.

  tourino tyres

ok , I think, I have enough discussions on why the break in is required and I guess you all understand the importance. Now let lets follow some steps to  tire break in period.

How To Break In New Tyres

Following are the steps to break in your tyre:

  • To break in your new tyres, you have to ride your bike. Simply get out and ride on your new tyres.
  • Reduce the air pressure of you tyre. This will warm up your tyre quickly and will help to settle the tyre. Normally I kept 30psi at the rear and 25psi at front tyre.
  • Maintain step 2 upto 300-400 km. After that your tyre for any leak and inflate the tyre as per user manual of your bike.

That’s all to break in your tyre. You also have to lean your bike both side to settle the side wall of your tyre . There are also some points that you must avoid during break in of tyre. They are as follows:

Don’t Do

  • Never accelerate and break heard during the break in period.
  • Never lean too much during the break in time.
  • Riding with pillion. Remember you have reduced your air. Riding with pillion in low air pressure may damage your Alloy rims.

Hope this  tire break in period tips will help you to increase the life of your tire. If you have any ideas or thoughts please feel free to ask. Please ride safely and responsibly with helmet.

With Regards

Md. Masum Al Mizan

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