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Lifan KPT 150 Feature Review Explore The Adventure

Last updated on 10-Dec-2023 , By Ashik Mahmud

In the motorcycling culture of Bangladesh adventure touring became a popular event these days. Supporting this adventure touring segment very few motorcycles are available in our country. Lifan KPT 150 is the one solely dedicated to this category. Hence we are herewith Lifan KPT 150 Feature Review. So please stay with us for the detailed featured picture of this nice street adventure touring bike.

Lifan KPT 150 Feature Review Explore The Adventure

lifan kpt 150 feature review

Lifan KPT 150 Feature Review – Overview

Lifan KPT is the new release from Lifan Motorcycles and scooters. It comes from the successful KP series and caries the touring DNA hence altogether it comes with the badge KPT. On January 12, 2017 Lifan introduced this all new street adventure touring machine within their in-house market. Afterward, it becomes available in other Asian and South American markets.

The motorcycle officially introduced in our market on June 09, 2017 along with another new street naked model KPS150. With an event Rasel Industries Ltd. the official distributor of Lifan Motorcycle in Bangladesh launched those models that time. Hence the powerful engine with latest modern features helped the model being popular within a short time.


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Lifan KPT 150 – Designed Balanced & Dedicated for Adventure Touring

The Lifan KPT is a true street touring machine that comes with ADV styled looks & design. It comes with street adventure feature and ergonomics that looks really gorgeous. Hence some of the people may find quite a bit impression like BMW GS series on Lifan KPT design. But definitely it has uniqueness in design where most of the ADV bikes are followed quite same category of designing.

Coming to the Lifan KPT it’s solely designed as adventure bike. It’s taller, muscled, bloated and curved with sharp edge but never forgotten its category & purpose. Hence it’s also slim and slender in different part of the body. There it never sacrificed the features which needed for serving better for adventure riding purposes. Therefore from top to bottom it designed balanced following with nice center of gravity.


Lifan KPT 150 – Gorgeous ADV Style & Design

The Lifan KPT looks damn gorgeous and exclusively aggressive from the front side angle. Its headlamp and front fender assembly looks so attractive and gorgeous. It equipped with all LED Projection headlamps including LED DRL assembly. After that an ADV style wheel-fender attached bellow the unit where the mudguard fitted along with inverted front suspensions.

Coming to the ODO it’s a full digital unit that comes with multiple color backlit. It positioned in upper position to ensure better visibility. Furthermore the entire headlamp assembly is positioned higher and attached with the fuel tank with cowling. The assembly also includes a large & sleek windshield and that is pretty gorgeous.

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The fuel tank unit is another elegant looking part of the bike. It made with durable plastic fibers and covered with muscled plastic panels.  Along with heavy crash guard the bikini panel over the radiator altogether it shaped with supper macho look.

Hence the rest of the part of the bike is sleek and slim but nicely curved up to the tail. It’s due to fit optional saddle hanger or carriers therefore maintaining proper weight distribution even with heavy luggage.

Here we should mention as the seat is sporty split type. There double horn grab rail attached both sides of the LED tail lamp. Here exhaust is a bulky unit and looks good with bikini tire guard. Hence lastly the tail part is slim but definitely it looks gorgeous matching with the overall bike design.


Lifan KPT 150 – Wheel, Brake & Suspension System

The Lifan KPT is a street adventure bike. Hence obviously it comes with compatible wheel, brake and suspension system. Coming to the wheel it’s equipped with street wheels with dual sports tires. Here the wheels are 17” size with all alloy rimes so it featured for asphalt therefore street.

Hence to support the adventure riding its tires are dual sports type and those come with comparative wider dimension. Here the front tire is 100mm and rear one is 130mm wider. Both the tires are tubeless type hence no hassle for sudden puncher and flatten on the road.

Coming to the braking system both the wheels are fitted with hydraulic disk brakes. Here front disk is petal and well ventilated and that is 300mm wider. The rear disk also is same type with the size of 220mm. Furthermore the front unit comes with double piston clipper and rear one with single clipper assembly.

The suspension system of Lifan KPT is dedicated to its ADV design. Here both the wheels are fitted with maximum clearance with the chassis and fenders. Hence nothing to mention as both the suspension supported for the ADV riding clearance.

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Here the front suspension is telescopic fork type with USD Inverted shock-absorbers and rear one is adjustable single unit. Here both the suspension systems are with comparatively longer travel characteristics. So those also helped for the higher ground clearance of the bike.


Lifan KPT 150 – Riding & Handling Characteristics

The Lifan KPT is a dedicated street adventure touring motorcycle. It designed to support comfortable and stable riding on long trips. Hence seating & riding arrangement, weight distribution, wheel & ground clearance everything is quite different than regular street bikes.

It comes overall with quite higher ground clearance, higher clearance of wheels from body. Therefore suspensions are also much sensitive. Hence with upright riding posture and arrangements it’s seems much comfortable even being a heavy bike. Moreover careful weight distribution will help to tackle the bike even with luggage and heavy saddle boxes.

lifan kpt 200

Here the handlebar is a single piece pipe handlebar. It comes with deep curve and positioned upright.  Hence riding seating on the saddle or standing on pegs it will give better support even to the taller riders.

Again the saddle height is not so higher. So middle height people also will be able to handle it quite effortlessly. Furthermore the fuel tank is narrower at its back to give support to the rider. Hence the rider will be able to place his/her knee easily when riding on saddle. Again it will give support to hold the bike when riding standing on the pegs.

Coming to the city ride it seems not to feel any hassle but it may feel little formal in tight traffic. The maneuvering and dealing with regular street condition it’s cozy enough as it’s not too bulky even with muscles in the front end. Another big advantage of the KPT riding in the city is the bike is slimmer at its tail. It definitely supports to deal with tight traffic condition but of course without saddle boxes.

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lifan kpt 200

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Lifan KPT 150 – Engine Feature & Specification

Coming to the engine & features Lifan KPT comes with a powerful single cylinder four stroke water cooled engine. The engine of KPT has picked from the Lifan Power King Engine series. Hence the engine is tested and that is powerful enough to deal with adventure riding.

The engine is fuel injected and water cooled engine with oxygen sensors. Therefore it will ensure efficient combustion, quick throttle response and power delivery considering different weather and throttle condition. Hence the engine delivers a smart rating of power and torque that is 18HP of power and 17NM of torque.

Furthermore this EURO3 standard engine comes with 6-speed gearbox. So it can support both aggressive riding and decent cruising altering different gears. Whatsoever the bike engine is featured and dedicated with its category. For more detailed information you can go through the below specification table.

lifan kpt 150

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Lifan KPT

EngineSingle Cylinder, Four Stroke, Water Cooled, SOHC 2-Valve Engine

Bore x Stroke65.5mm x 58.8mm
Compression Ratio11.1:1
Maximum Power18HP (12.5KW) @ 8,500RPM
Maximum Torque17NM @ 6,500RPM
Fuel SupplyLIFAN Electronic Fuel Injection /EURO 3 Compliant
Starting MethodElectric Start
Clutch TypeWet, Multiple-Disc
LubricationWet Sump
Transmission6 Speed; 1-N-23456


Frame TypePerimeter, Steel Frame
Dimension (LxWxH)2,095mm x 780mm x 1,285mm
Wheelbase1,340 mm
Ground Clearance190 mm
Saddle Height810 mm
Weight153 Kg
Fuel Capacity14 Liters
Engine Oil1.1 Liters

Wheel, Brake & Suspension

Suspension (Front/Rear)USD Telescopic Fork / Mono Shock Absorber
Brake system (Front/Rear)300 mm Disk with Double Piston Clipper / 220 mm Disk with Single Piston Clipper
Tire size (Front / Rear)Front: 100/80-17 Rear: 130/70-17 Both Tubeless

Battery12V, MF
Head lampAll LED
SpeedometerFull Digital

*All the specifications are subject to change upon company rules, policy, offers & promotions. BikeBD is not liable for the changes.

lifan-kpt-200-saddle-box-tail-box-carrier -free-flow-exhaust

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Lifan KPT 150 – Ride Free with Adventure on Street

So readers, that’s quite a brief of the features of the Lifan KPT 150 price in Bangladesh. Hope we could explain you the features of the nice touring machine from Lifan. Again the motorcycle is dedicated for street touring therefore street adventure riding also can be possible with the bike.

Along with higher ground clearance, wheel clearance; longer travel suspension, upright riding arrangement, high dash-display everything supports for its long riding comp ability. Hence you just need to make your plan and roll on.

Moreover you can ride cozy with carrying simple backpack or you have the freedom to carry your hangout gadgets. The external saddle gears will allow you carry quite half of your room. So no worry to where and how long you want lodge outside. So it’s a capable nice touring option for you hence make your decision whether you are grabbing it or not!

Therefore that’s pretty all on our Lifan KPT 150 Feature Review. That’s all for now, for further updates keep visiting our website and subscribe to our BikeBD Youtube channel, and also eye on our BikeBD Facebook Fanpage. Stay tuned with us for upcoming feed, discussion and updates. Until then ride cool and stay safe. Thank you all.

Published by Ashik Mahmud

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