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Published On 10-May-2020 08:17am , By Raihan Opu

Greetings everyone! I’m Mohammad Nipun, from Dinajpur Sadar. Today I will share the 4500 KM riding experience of my bike, Honda XBlade 160! Currently, I am a student, and I bought my bike from Dinajpur.

Honda XBlade 160 4,500 Km User Review 

 honda xblade 160 in bd

When I was a child, I always wanted to ride when I saw my father riding a bike. I used to sit on the bike with my father and hold the handle. Before the XBlade 160, my bike was the Bajaj Discover 135. I have loved bikes since I was little. My father also loves bikes and I used to ride bikes with my father from a young age and learned to ride bikes at a very young age. Suddenly one day I learned to ride a bike with my father's Discover 135. I learned it on the first day and then I learned in the field for 7/8 days.

Then I slowly climbed onto an empty road with my bike. When I learned to ride a bike, I would not get my foot on the ground if I sat on the bike properly. I learned to ride a bike in 2009. Dad bought me a Discover 135 bike. The reason for taking it was that Bajaj Discover 135 was a well-known bike at that time, it was a very durable bike at a low cost.

Honda X Blade First Impression

I don't know the language to express my feelings with the first start of Honda X Blade 160 bike. It looked a lot better. I was very excited. The day I bought it I didn't eat anything all day except water. I could not sleep and eat happily. When it was night, I waited when it would be morning and I would ride the bike. 

Let's tell the story of Honda XBlade 160: I had no intention of buying an X blade. Because I wanted to buy Yamaha FZS Fi V3. Suddenly I went to see the new bikes coming to my town. At first glance, it looked quite good to me, its price seemed perfect.

 honda x blade 160 in bangladesh

Some biker brothers went with me to the Honda showroom and I bought the Honda X Blade 160 bike at night. It seems to me like a movie, It surprised me how I bought the bike. I bought the Honda X Blade 160 bike as soon as it was launched. In the beginning, I am going to say something about the break-in period. The brake-in period of the bike seems very important to me. The performance, mileage, and durability of your bike will depend on the break-in period. I have ridden my bike up to 1500 km at 5000 Rpm.

I have done a smooth acceleration up to 1500 km according to the rules. I changed the first engine oil at 207 km and the second engine oil in 680 km. Then I changed the 3rd engine oil in 1373 km. I changed the 4th engine oil in 1876 km. I did the first service after 763 kilometers. Before the 1st service, I had problems with gear shifting. The gear was hard. After telling them at the service center, they opened the gear lever and solved it with grease and oil. I bought my bike from Dinajpur and I did the 1st service in Dinajpur.

 honda service center

What I did in the 1st service:

  • Handle adjustment
  • Gear shifting was hard, made it smooth
  • The chain of the bike was cleaned, adjusted, and lubricated
  • Checked the bike's clutch adjustment
  • Checked the front, rear brake pads of the bike.

According to the manual, they checked the tire pressure and gave 25 psi in the front wheel and 33 psi to the rear wheel. They also Checked if the front-rear wheel of the bike is jammed. After the service, an experienced technician test rode my bike. The free services were appreciated. Honda recommended the bike engine oil grade to 10w30. The showroom told me to use Honda engine oil, but I used Motul 3000 10w30 premium mineral engine oil during the break-in period. I used Motul 7100 10w30 full synthetic engine oil after the break-in-period.

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Let's say something about the bike: The front tyre of the bike was a bit slim according to the look of the bike. So I was a little worried about the braking of the bike. I was thinking a lot about if the tyres will skid in braking. I could not even test the brakes at high speed as the break-in period of the bike was going on. After crossing 1600 km, I did the braking test by running at a speed of 60/75/80 km /h respectively.

I was scared to brake the first 4/5 times, but now I don't feel anything. I like the braking very much. To get the maximum grip of the wheel you need to keep the tire pressure as per the manual and avoid giving more or less air to the wheels. Have you checked the tyre pressure at least once a week? If the air is given according to the manual, you will get the braking control balance mileage and the top speed of the bike.

 honda xblade 160 user review

At first, I got a mileage of 50 km per liter but now I am getting 47 km per liter. I will test again after 5000 km. In my opinion, the mileage and top speed of the bike should not be checked without running 3 to 4 thousand kilometers. A bike needs 4000 to 5000 kilometers to be completely free. I didn't check the top speed of my bike during break-in but I picked up 114 once in 4 gears and 105 with Pillion. I checked the top speed after 4000 km and got 123 km/h of top speed so far.

Some of the good aspects of the Honda XBlade 160:

  • At 1,72,900 Tk, I think the bike is good value for money.
  • Among the bikes in this segment (Bajaj Pulsar, TVS RTR, Hero Hank) Xblade is much better.
  • The headlights of the bike are LED and give good support on dark roads. It's nice to see the bike from the front though I think it would have been better if the front wheels were a little thicker.
  • The bike's engine is much more refined and no bad sound comes from the engine. Very smooth sound smooth performance. I found the refinement much smoother than the Hornet although the speed and power are more than the Hornet.
  • The mileage of this bike is quite good compared to other carb 160cc bikes in the market.
  • I think the bike seat is quite comfortable, I get a lot of comforts and its Pillion seat is also very comfortable.
  • The speedometer of the bike will catch the eyes of any biker. Meters of Honda CBR 150R has been provided.
  • The overall look of the bike seems very beautiful and attractive to me.
  • Another feature of this bike is the hazard light. Which is very effective on highways or in emergencies. Especially for those who go on tour with bikes, it will be very good.
  • The switch quality of this bike has been developed by the Honda motorcycle.

honda xblade user review

Some of the bad aspects of Honda XBlade 160: The front wheel is thin. It would have been appropriate to have 90 section tyres in front. It is annoying to me that Under engine, cowl needs to be removed when changing the engine oil of the bike. It seemed to me that the weight balance of the bike could have been a little better. Especially those who ride bikes with full tank fuel will agree with me. The bike does not have the initial power, but not very little can be said. I think it would have been better if a little more. The power that the bike gets in 1st / 2nd / 3rd gear cannot be filled in the next 2 gears.

If you are in 4/5 gear, if you brake in an emergency, you will not want to reduce the problem easily while reducing the gear. Although it seems easy to change gears, when the emergency brake is needed, the problem of gears seems paradoxical to me.

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Having fun by buying bikes has started since 1800 km. At first, it seemed like a problem, but day by day the engine is getting free and smooth. I tried to write like myself. Forgive the mistakes. However, I said at the beginning, and in the end, I am saying that at present the best bike in the budget of 1,75,000 Tk is Honda XBlade 160. In the future, more and more good bikes will come within this price range, but there is no doubt that the Honda X Blade is the best in the current market and the context of this budget. Thanks.

Written By –Mohammad Nipun

Published by Raihan Opu