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Published On 11-Jun-2020 05:15am , By Raihan Opu

Hi! I'm Touhid Bappy. I am a medical staff by profession. Today I will discuss with you my experience with H Power Max bike, which is 2015 model.

 h power max in bd

I like to travel, and motto travel is my hobby. I rode the bike for 33,000 km on hilly roads, on the plain road which is in most parts of the country and I will try to highlight the good and bad aspects of the bike from the experience of that ride. I bought the H Power Max bike from Mymensingh, Trishal showroom.

Reasons to buy the H Power Max bike:

Many people ask me, why did you buy this bike? In response, I would say that one of the main reasons for buying this bike was the budget. In this contemporary segment, the H power max is a much better bike. In the case of any bike, the first thing we check is the performance of the bike, then the outlook, braking system, build quality, etc. which I will now share with you step by step.

 h power max 150 user review

Outlook: Speaking of outlook, I like the outlook of the bike very much. But when it comes to contemporary thinking, it seemed better to me to bring that sporty and muscular in the bike. However, the bike is not as bad as many other 150cc bike in this segment.

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Performance: Performance is the main theme of a bike. The H Power Max bike has a 149.7 cc air-cooled four-stroke engine with a maximum power of 10.6 kW @ 8500 rpm and a torque of 12.8 Nm  @6500 rpm.

Braking and tires: Brakingwise, this has a single disc in front and drum brake in the rear. I got very good support at breaking.

Mileage: The H Power Max bike has a 13.5-liter capacity fuel tank (reserve - 2.2 liters). I am satisfied with the mileage of this Chinese bike in this segment. While riding in the city, I now get a mileage of 30-32 km and 38+ km per liter on the highway. h power max 150 in bd

Build Quality: When it comes to quality, I will say that this has good build quality. From the color of the bike to the finishing, the quality of each part seemed good to me. I did very little servicing till now.

Headlights and batteries: The bike has a 12-volt-35/35-watt (multi-reflector) halogen headlight, which is useful for driving in the city, but it is a disappointment on the highway. The battery of the bike is 12 volt / 8 amp battery performance is good, Install extra horn, fog light on the bike after getting good support.

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Suspension and chassis: It has two telescopic shock absorbers in the front and a very strong swing arm suspension in the rear, which does not provide very good support.

SpeedoMeter: The meter has a half digital console where you will find digital speedometer, gear shifting, odometer, and trip meter. It has an analog system as an RPM meter.

h power max 150 speedometer

Parts Availability: Parts availability is good, and I always got what I needed. All the parts I have changed parts so far are regular - brake pads, air filters, and chain spokes at 12,000km and 28,000km. However, although the price of the bike is low, the price of the parts is relatively high.

Modification: I changed the front and rear wheels. I have installed three-part handlebars.  Previously I installed the kit of Yamaha Fezer V1 in front then the round light, now I have installed the headlight kit of R15 V1. Which you can see in the picture.

H Power Max Price In Bangladesh

Some good aspects of the bike:

  • Engine performance
  • Comfort
  • Build quality
  • Doesn't skid at cornering
  • Considering the price, H power Max

h power max 150 modification

Some bad aspects of the bike:

  • One of the bad aspects of it is its thin wheel.
  • Vibrates a lot at high RPM.
  • Headlights AC, low light headlights.
  • It would have been nice if the exhaust system sound was a little sporty.
  • Ready pick-up is very low.

The initial power supply of this bike is not good, so do not dare to overtake or pick up speed on the highway. However, I have ridden 500 km in one day and its engine has never disappointed me. Speaking of top speed, by riding the bike, I have got the top speed so far with 115 kilometers per hour in stock condition including Pilion.

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The bike has 80/100 * 18 tires on the front wheels and 100/90 * 18 on the rear wheels, which is less than required in the 150cc segment. I use Shell Advance 20w40 as the engine oil. I change it within 1000 kilometers. I am getting very good performance. Smoothness is quite good. I have done free servicing once. Although I did not go to more services because they were far away. No major problems yet. So I solve the small problems from the garage of the area. Lastly, if you want to get something good on a low budget, you can buy this H Power Max. Thanks, everyone. Mistakes in writing are forgivable.  

Written by: Touhid Bappy  

Published by Raihan Opu