Motocross Fighter 71

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motocross fighter 71

Key Specs





Maximum Power

10.7PS @ 8,000RPM

Maximum Torque

11.5NM @ 6,000RPM


Motocross Fighter 71 is a dirt bike! The most exciting use of motorcycles is through trails and forests. Of course, touring on motorcycles is fun, but conquering mountains with a motorcycle is a different kind of fun. However, due to the decreasing number of forests in Bangladesh and nearly zero forests in Dhaka, the dirt bike culture in Bangladesh is not as big as in other countries. However, there are still dirt bikes that are available in Bangladesh, and the Motocross Fighter 71 is one of them.

Lifan is one of the top motorcycle manufacturers in China. Lifan has gifted Bangladeshis with quite a few good motorcycles. Some of the notable examples are the Lifan KPT 150, the Lifan KPR 150/160, and the Lifan K19. The Lifan Motocross Fighter 71 is one of the few dirt bikes available in Bangladesh. This makes this bike quite special as the competition is quite less but quite crucial.

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Motocross Fighter 71 Key Features:

The Motocross Fighter 71 comes fitted with elevated mudguards and handguards just like every dirt bike should be. The swingarm of the bike is also slanted to make it nimble and stable at the same time. The bike also gets a disc cover for the front disc brake. They come ready with a luggage rack. The exhaust of the bike has been elevated to avoid any damage to the exhaust in the event of crossing over any bumps on trails.

The Motocross Fighter 71 comes with a very basic light setup. The headlight is a halogen light which has very low visibility. This is because most dirt bikes are ridden during the day, as riding through trails at night is a bit dangerous. The taillight is also halogen, and so are the indicators.

The Motocross Fighter 71 gets a very minimalistic instrument cluster. The instrument cluster has a speedometer, a fuel gauge, an odometer, and other necessary indicators. The instrument cluster has been made minimalistic because while riding through trails or the forest, you won’t need unnecessary information.

The Motocross Fighter 71 comes in two colors. They are:

  • Green
  • Red

Both the bikes have identical decals.

Motocross Fighter 71 Physical Attributes:

The Motocross Fighter 71 comes has a single seat. The bike has a high and thin seat, as all dirt bikes should have. The bike also gets high ground clearance, as all dirt bikes should get. The bike has a fuel capacity of 10liters, which is good enough for a basic dirt bike. The fuel capacity is enough for long hours of trail riding.

The length, width, and height of the Motocross Fighter 71 are 1890mm, 810mm, and 1090mm respectively. The bike is only 95kg, which allows it to be picked up easily when turning. The bike has a wheelbase of 1276mm, which is not much and will not be the best for leaning during corners but is enough to land smoothly after jumping. The bike also gets a great ground clearance of 260mm, which is a great amount of ground clearance for going over any kind of bumps.

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Motocross Fighter 71 Engine and Transmission:

The Motocross Fighter 71 comes with a 4-stroke, single-cylinder, and 149.4cc engine. The engine is carbureted and air-cooled. The engine pumps out 10.7BHP of power and 11.5Nm of torque. The power and torque figure does seem quite low, but they are adequate to trail through jungles. The bike is expected to have a good fuel economy, but if you are doing a lot of off-roading, then the fuel economy should not be your main concern.

The Motocross Fighter 71 has a basic wet multi-plate clutch. The bike has a 5-speed gearbox to make the off-roading more fun and easier. The top speed of the bike is expected to be around 110kmph.

Motocross Fighter 71 Brakes, Suspensions, and Wheels:

The Motocross Fighter 71 has a disc-drum brake setup. The front brake is a disc, while the rear is a drum. The bike does not get ABS or CBS, which is fine, as during off-roading the bike will require individual brakes to work separately. However, the rear brake would have been much better if it were a disc brake.

The Motocross Fighter 71 comes with special suspensions that will take into account the sudden jerks during landing or the trail roads. The front of the bike gets telescopic forks and the rear gets a mono-shock suspension. The suspensions are expected to be good enough for landing and holding well through bumpy trails.

The Motocross Fighter 71 has spoked wheels. Spoked wheels are best for off-roading, as they can be easily repaired. The bike has a 90/90 section wheel at the front and a 110/90 section wheel at the rear. Thin wheels may seem very weird to street Rossis, but thinner wheels are very desirable during off-roading.

Motocross Fighter 71 Target Audience:

The Motocross Fighter 71 is made for adventure lovers. It was made for the people who enjoy riding through the woods and trails. The bike is perfect for the people who will use the bike to go off-road now and then. This might also be a great secondary bike for people who wishes to have a bike only for trail-riding during the weekends.


The Motocross Fighter 71 has very few competitors, as this segment is not as popular in Bangladesh.

  • Yamaha XTZ 125.
  • Kawasaki KSR Pro.
  • Lifan X-Pect 150.

The Motocross Fighter 71 is the second 125cc dirt bike available in Bangladesh. The bike is commendable and has good potential if used properly and maintained well.


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