Lifan KPR 165R Carburetor

Market status: Available in Bangladesh

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৳ 199,000

Updated: 26th Dec 2020

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Key Specs


165 cc


35 kmpl

Maximum Power

16.8 BHP @ 8000 RPM

Maximum Torque

17 NM @ 6500 RPM


Lifan KPR has been a household name for motorcyclists since its inception. It is considered as one of the most budget-friendly and bank for buck racing DNA bikes. The Lifan KPR 150 was probably a bike that baffled the market with its release. The Lifan KPR 165R (NBF2) had a similar effect on the community.

Lifan is a Chinese bike manufacturer, which reaches its consumers through Rasel Industries. Rasel Industries assembles/makes Lifan Bikes and distributes them in Bangladesh. The KPR 165R EFI version was a huge success in Bangladesh. Most young people thought very highly of the bike. The bike was a complete heavyweight in the 150 cc and 165 cc section. And today we will learn whether the Lifan KPR 165R (NBF2) has kept its name as a contender or not.


Lifan KPR 165R Carburetor Key Features:


The Lifan KPR 165R (NBF2) can easily be called a completely new bike as it has been completely rebuilt from the ground up. The KPR 165R (NBF2) comes with a new engine and gearbox. The NBF2 technology means better piston travel and smoother power delivery to the wheels.

The Lifan KPR 165R (NBF2) comes with a new and improved design. The bike looks sleeker and more action-packed. The bike has new graphics and color options. The bike comes in three colors:

  1. Red
  2. Blue
  3. Green

The Lifan KPR 165R (NBF2) comes with a complete LED set up. It has a LED taillight, LED headlight and LED blinkers. The headlight is considered as one of the best stock headlights set up in Bangladesh. The LED projection is just right for a long tour.

The Lifan KPR 165R (NBF2) also has a fatter rear tire than before. The rear tire had been a bit of a concern for the previous version, hence Lifan listened to its consumers and gave us a fatter rear tire. This fatter tire ensures better grips at high velocity and better cornering as well.


Physical Attributes:


The Lifan KPR 165R (NBF2) comes with a surprisingly low seat height of 775 mm only. This allows short bikers who have always dreamt of having a bike that suits their physical needs can go for this bike without the blink of an eye. The bike may be short in the seat section, but at the end of the day, it is a sportbike, which makes sure that this bike has a racing posture. But the posture in this bike does not necessarily make you lean very much, so you can go on long rides with this as well.

The Lifan KPR 165R (NBF2) comes with a length, height, width, and weight of 2060 mm, 760 mm, 1105 mm, and 150 kg respectively. The bike is heavy, but the balancing is done in such a way that you feel weightless when you ride.

Engine and Transmission:


As mentioned earlier, the Lifan KPR 165R (NBF2) comes with a completely new engine but has the same power figures of 16.8 bhp of power at 8000 rpm, and 17 Nm of torque at 6500 rpm. Regardless of the same power figure, the power delivery is much smoother right now. Unlike the previous version, which used to take off if you just rolled open the throttle, the new bike gives rather an exponential increase in power with the twist of the wrist. What is rather a turnoff is the fact that the new bike comes with a carburetor system, rather than an EFI like the previous one. This particular change has shown a significant decrease in the mileage of the bike, from 42-44 kmpl on the highway to a disappointing 36 kmpl.

The new transmission system of the Lifan KPR 165R (NBF2) however is a different story. The new transmission comes with a better shifting sensation. The shifter is softer than the previous bike. The previous bike was said to have a rather stiff shifter.


Brakes, Suspension, and Wheels:


The brakes of the Lifan KPR 165R (NBF2) is the traditional brakes. This may not be the best braking system, but the response of the brakes at high speeds was seen to be much smoother and much stable. The front brakes had better performance for being 300 mm in radius.

The front telescopic suspensions were a treat for our test rider, as the Lifan KPR 165R (NBF2) had good travel of the front suspension, the ride was said to be very comfortable on bumpy roads. Regardless, the rear mono-shock suspension had some complaints of being rather bad at absorbing the shocks when a pillion was aboard.

The new Lifan KPR 165R (NBF2) has a better tire combination than before. The previous bike came with a 90/90 and 120/80 tire setup for the front and rear wheels respectively. The new bike, on the other hand, comes with a 90/90 and 130/80 setup for the front and rear wheels respectively. The test ride showed that the bike held itself quite well during the high-speed corners and brakes. Although a 100/80 tire for the front would have made more sense.


Target Audience:


The Lifan KPR 165R (NBF2) is for the university goer with a desire for sudden tours out of town every month. This bike will also attract shorter people who wish to ride a sportbike but had limited options. If the rider is willing to let go of some mileage and fuel efficiency, then they can go for this bike.

The Lifan KPR 165R (NBF2) is a bike that has seen both upgrades and downgrades from the previous version. But we will let you be the judge of whether this is a bike that you should go for or not.


9.5Expert Score
Key Features
Lifan KPR has been a household name for motorcyclists since its inception. It is considered as one of the most budget-friendly and bank for buck racing DNA bikes. The Lifan KPR 150 was probably a bike that baffled the market with its release. The Lifan KPR 165R (NBF2) had a similar effect on the community. […]
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Additional information

Specification: Lifan KPR 165R Carburetor

1. Details
Price 1,99,000 BDT
CC Category 160 cc
Category Sports Bike
Distributor Rasel Industries Ltd
Product Availability Available
2. Engine & Transmission
Displacement 165 cc
Max Power 16.8 BHP @ 8000 RPM
Max Torque 17 NM @ 6500 RPM
Gears 6
Compression Ratio 11.1
Clutch Wet
Engine Cooling Liquid Cooled
Fuel Supply Carburetor
Starting Method Self Starter
Transmission Type Manual
3. Dimensions
Fuel Tank Capacity 14 Liters
Ground Clearance 180 mm
Height 760 mm
Overall Width 1105 mm
Weight 150 Kg
Wheelbase 1330 mm
4. Brakes, Wheels & Suspensions
Braking Normal Braking System
Front Brake 300 mm Disc
Rear Brake 240 mm Disc
Front Suspension Telescopic
Rear Suspension Monoshock
Front Tyre 90/90-17 (Tubeless)
Rear Tyre 130/70-17 (Tubeless)
Tyre Type Tubeless
Wheel Type Alloy
5. Top Speed and Mileage
Mileage (Average) 30-35 km (Approx)
Top Speed 140 Kmph (Approx)
6. Electricals
Battery 12v, Maintenance Free
Connection Type DC
Headlight LED Projector
Tail Light LED
Indicators Bulb
7. Features
Engine Kill Switch Yes
Handle Type 3-Part Handle Bar
Fuel Gauge Digital
Speedometer Digital
RPM Meter Analog
Odometer Digital
Pass Switch Yes
Seat type Split

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  • What engine system does Lifan KPR 165R (NBF2) use?

    The Lifan KPR 165R (NBF2) uses a carburetor system.

    Answer by : on Dec 26, 2020 11:03:22 AM
  • Does the Lifan KPR 165R (NBF2) have a Fuel Injection (FI) version?

    Yes! The Lifan KPR 165R (NBF2) has a Fuel Injection version called the Lifan KPR 165R EFI, which uses an electrical fuel injection system in the engine.

    Answer by : on Dec 26, 2020 11:03:53 AM
  • Where is Lifan made?

    Although Lifan Motors is a Chinese originated company, the Lifan bikes sold/retailed in Bangladesh are assembled/made in Bangladesh.

    Answer by : on Dec 26, 2020 11:04:21 AM
  • Is Lifan any good?

    Of course, Lifan is not as good as the Japanese giants Yamaha and Honda or the Indian powerhouses Bajaj and TVS, but it is a tough contender in the bike circuit. It does produce some good bikes. So yes, it is good.

    Answer by : on Dec 26, 2020 11:04:50 AM


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