Hero Pleasure Scooter

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hero pleasure scooter price in bd

৳ 122,990

Updated: 26th Dec 2020

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Key Specs


110.9 cc


40 kmpl

Maximum Power

8 BHP@ 7500 RPM

Maximum Torque

8.7 Nm @ 5500 RPM

Hero Pleasure Scooter

৳ 122,990


White and Orange seems to be a very good colour combination to look at, especially when it is on something that has wheels. And that was the colour of my ride in Goa. Usually Goa is associated with colour, style and flamboyance thanks to the ‘constant state of party ‘ it is in. But this time my experience with my ride here was different. Riding the updated Hero Pleasure in Goa taught me that sometimes, it is better to do things the conventional way if you want accurate observations/reactions. Things I also learned that day were that if you are taller than the average man and ride something that is smaller than average, it surely gets some attention, but not necessarily for the right reasons!

The Pleasure is perhaps the most underrated product in Hero’s lineup. Underrated because, despite Hero MotoCorp’s strong base and unlike the Maestro which is also popular and has garnered decent sales, this scooter hasn’t done too well. Hero MotoCorp says that the face lifted Pleasure is more than just a regular facelift. So we took this new scooter out for a conventional short ride to Dona Paula which is not only famous for awesome roads but is also known for amazing Portuguese architecture, to find out if it is what it claims to be.

After a first look at the new Pleasure you are most likely to call it “compact”. The overall body proportions have been designed to make the scooter look good for a girl – not too big but very trendy. The best angle to look at the Pleasure is from the front, which highlights its angular nose. Few design cues have also been taken from the Maestro, but Hero MotoCorp has tried to give the Pleasure as sharp styling as possible. The cowl that encompasses the headlight carries a neat young design.  The front apron looks quite attractive making it one of the best looking scooters in the segment. There is a curvy horizontal line in the front apron that divides the sides, making the scooter look slightly aggressive. And what I really like are the new, big, turn indicators that are placed very close to the edge of the front apron. Hero has also added a nice touch to the scooter by keeping the “Pleasure” decal on the top left of the front apron.

Come to the side and you will notice nothing much has changed.  The new Pleasure retains the design lines of the old model but gets redesigned body panels which have sharp creases. At the rear, the Pleasure gets a new triangular- shaped tail lamp which looks decent from a distance but feels slightly odd on a close look. I like the new grab rail; it feels more usable and attractive, unlike the old round one. Overall I liked the way the new Pleasure has turned out. It is not just well thought, but it is an attempt to make things more attractive in the segment.

This is where the new Pleasure scores the highest. Hero MotoCorp has finally decoded the theory of adding value to their products through various features. This being a smartphone age, Hero MotoCorp has provided a 12V mobile charger socket inside the storage compartment – a first for a Hero scooter, but still a feature that is becoming common in scooters in India. The other interesting addition is the presence of the LED lamp under the seat. It becomes easy for riders to reach for small things like a pen drive or for even checking the vehicle papers in the dark. The small LED lamp illuminates every time we lift the seat. The under seat storage is small though, it can only take a half-face helmet. For daily shoppers and office commuters, you get a hook which is placed right under the seat to carry your office bag or maybe groceries from the nearby mart.

However, Hero MotoCorp has not majorly worked on the instrument cluster. Just like the previous model, it has the same layout across the cluster and the only change is the new background design. There is an addition of a side-stand indicator, which stays on when the side-stand is engaged.

Hero has smartly played with the background colours like the addition of a blue strip across the cluster. The target customers are mainly young girls who tend to fall for bright colours and I am sure the Pleasure will certainly catch their eye. Other features like the turn indicators and odometers are a copy of the old model. What I really like is the hexagonal silver plastic that borders the instrument cluster. It makes the center console look a little premium. The quality of switchgears is excellent and is quite smooth to operate. The new Pleasure’s wide and long seat is also pretty comfortable.


Powering this compact scooter is a 102cc air-cooled single cylinder engine that produces 6.74bhp at 7,000rpm and maximum torque of 7.85Nm at 5,000rpm. It’s the same engine that powered the old model. Interestingly, I have ridden the old Pleasure and the new one feels more refined. I used the word “interestingly” because Hero MotoCorp hasn’t worked much in the engine but there is a huge difference in refinement. Just like the old model, the gearbox is pretty sluggish.

The acceleration of the scooter isn’t impressive but for a daily ride from home to college or office, the Pleasure is sufficient. I wasn’t impressed with the low-end torque because I am a tall hefty chap weighing more than the scooter itself but this should not be much of a problem with the target audience.


Light, very light! The Pleasure has a kerb weight of 101kg (don’t bother thinking too much about my weight now!) making it one of the lightest scooters in the segment. It makes for a fun ride in city traffic. Its upright riding position combined with a comfortable seat makes the Pleasure a delight to ride in the city roads. But let me warn you, hit a pot hole at a slightly higher speed and the feedback is going to be harsh. The suspension is on the stiffer side, so make sure to try and take a smoother route for your daily commute

I have no complaints on the braking aspect of the Hero Pleasure.  The Pleasure’s 130mm drum brake at the front and 130mm drum brake at the rear, coupled with integrated braking system (IBS), delivers excellent braking. Credit also goes to the tubeless tyres which provides immense grip, even on wet roads.



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Key Features
White and Orange seems to be a very good colour combination to look at, especially when it is on something that has wheels. And that was the colour of my ride in Goa. Usually Goa is associated with colour, style and flamboyance thanks to the ‘constant state of party ‘ it is in. But this […]
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  • What is the top speed of the Hero Pleasure?

    The Hero Pleasure has a tentative top speed of around 90kmph.

    Answer by : Ahmed Shazon on Dec 26, 2020 11:10:58 AM
  • What is the mileage of the Hero Pleasure?

    The Hero Pleasure has a tentative mileage of 55kmpl.

    Answer by : Ahmed Shazon on Dec 26, 2020 11:11:31 AM
  • What kind of bike is the Hero Pleasure?

    The Hero Pleasure is a commuting scooter.

    Answer by : Ahmed Shazon on Dec 26, 2020 11:11:58 AM


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