GPX Legend 150S

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Category Cafe Racer

৳ 160,000



7.5Expert Score
GPX Legend 150S
GPX Legend 150S
  • Powerful engine.
  • Front brake.
  • Nimble and compact.
  • Front suspension.
  • Long wheelbase.
  • Dual-purpose tire.
  • Rear suspension.
  • Rear brake.
  • Rear tire.
The motorcycle industry has come a long way since its inception. There are motorcycles with top technologies, and high specifications nowadays. But one culture has remained and will continue to remain a long way into the future; that is the Café Racer and Scrambler culture. There are scramblers of renowned Japanese companies in Bangladesh. However, those scramblers are excessively expensive, which makes them quite hard to attain. However, here we will be speaking of a scrambler that is quite inexpensive, and consequently easy to attain; the GPX Legend 150S. GPX is a motorcycle manufacturer based in Thailand. GPX is mostly popular for its sportbikes and scramblers. The bikes by GPX range from 125cc to 300cc. However, due to the cubic capacity limit (cc limit), we only get bikes below 165cc here in Bangladesh. There are two motorcycles of GPX that are readily available in Bangladesh; they are GPX Demon 150GR and the GPX Legend 150S. Here we will talk about the GPX Legend 150S.  

Key Features:

The GPX Legend 150S is a scrambler that comes with full scrambler ergonomics and specifications. The bike has an upright and wide handlebar which makes the bike very easy to maneuver. The bike has a short, and comfortable seat which is very scrambler-like. The bike is also quite nimble in shape. The bike is certified by two different Thai industrial standards. The GPX Legend 150S comes with a Halogen and LED mix lighting system. The headlight is a full halogen light which is enough for the city commute, but not for the highway. The headlight is designed circularly so that the bike has a more classic look. The LED taillight is also designed circularly to add to the classic look. The bike also has LED indicators, that are quite bulky. The GPX Legend 150S comes in three different colors. They are: Black. White. Grey. The bike comes with almost no decals. This makes the bike look very unique and minimalistic. The GPX Legend 150S comes with a semi-digital instrument cluster. The instrument cluster comes with a speedometer, an odometer, a gear position indicator, a fuel gauge, an RPM counter, and other necessary indicators. The indicators are quite minimalistic, which makes it very attractive.  

Physical Attributes:

The GPX Legend 150S is a short motorcycle. It has an average saddle height of 790mm, with a generous amount of ground clearance. The bike is best for people above the height of 5’4”, and maybe difficult for riders above the height of 5’10”. The bike has a fuel capacity of 8liters, which is not enough for long rides, such as Dhaka-Cox’s Bazaar; but will be enough for short rides out of town such as Dhaka-Nikli. The GPX Legend 150S has a small body compared to other scramblers. The height, length, width, and weight of the GPX Legend 150S are 1100mm, 2015mm, 830mm, and 130kg respectively. The bike is one of the lightest bikes presently of the 150 segments in the country. This bike, regardless of being a nimble bike, has a long wheelbase of 1340, which allows it to be very stable at corners.  

Engine and Transmission:

The GPX Legend 150S has a single-cylinder, 4-stroke, and 149cc engine. The engine is carbureted and air-cooled, which is expected at this price range. The power figure of the bike is not mentioned but can be expected to be around 12BHP and 13Nm, as it is a 150cc bike. The power should be adequate for the bike and should also be enough for rides out of town. The bike will have a mileage of around 35kmpl. The GPX Legend 150S also has a basic wet multi-plate clutch system. There are 6 gears for the transmission, which means the power of the bike is spread out linearly and quite aggressively. The GPX Legend 150S top speed can be assumed to be around 120kmph.  

Brakes, Suspensions, and Wheels:

The GPX Legend 150S comes with a disc-drum combination of brakes. The front wheel has a disc brake. It consequently increases the braking performance of the bike by miles. The bike has a drum brake at the rear wheel. The drum brake is not at all enough for a bike of this capacity, as this is a 150cc bike. A disc at the rear would have been significantly better for the bike. The GPX Legend 150S comes with a telescopic fork set up at the front and a telescopic spring-loaded setup at the rear. The front telescopic forks are expected to respond well on the road. The rear dual spring-loaded setup may not be the friendliest setup to have on the bike for a solo rider, as they tend to be a bit too soft and dance around too much on bumpy roads. The suspensions at the front also come with covers to keep the oil seal secure from debris. The GPX Legend 150S has spoked metal wheels, which perfectly match the aesthetics of the bike. It has a 110/90 and a 120/90 tire setup. The front tire is more than enough for the bike, as it increases contact with the ground and improves braking and leaning at corners. The rear wheel would have been better if it were of 130/90 or 140/90 section. The rear tire of the bike limits the lean angle of the bike and also limits the speed of flicking the bike over. As this is a scrambler, it gets dual-purpose tires, which also help the bike to scramble as well.  

Target Audience:

The GPX Legend 150S is targeted at scrambler lovers. This bike is for the people who would occasionally do some off-roading, with commuting as their main purpose. The bike will attract a lot of people who are looking for a bike with a minimalistic classic look. The jury is still out on whether it is good for new riders or not, but for veteran riders, this will be a good bike.  


Since there are no scrambler bikes at this price range, it can be said that this bike has no competition.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

The FAQs about the GPX Legend 150S are answered below.

1) Who are the official dealers of GPX bikes?

Answer: The importer of GPX bikes is Hafsa Mart.

2) What is the mileage of the GPX Legend 150S?

Answer: The GPX Legend 150S has a mileage of around 35kmpl.

3) Is there any other version of the GPX Legend 150S?

Answer: There is no other version of GPX Legend 150S, however, there is a GPX bike named GPX Demon 150GR.   In conclusion, it can be said that the GPX Legend 150S is one of the few scramblers in Bangladesh. And at this price range, this is the only scrambler available. Regardless of the price, the bike does have exceptional quality. The GPX Legend 150S is a bike that is commendable and praiseworthy.

See GPX Legend 150s YouTube videos

Additional information

Specification: GPX Legend 150S

1. Details

1,60,000 BDT

CC Category

150 cc


Cafe Racer

Product Availability


2. Engine & Transmission

149 cc

Engine Type

Four stroke, single cylinder, air cooled




Wet Multi-Plate

Engine Cooling

Air Cooled

Fuel Supply


Starting Method

Electric Starter

Transmission Type


3. Dimensions
Fuel Tank Capacity



1100 mm

Overall Length

2015 mm

Overall Width

830 mm


130 Kg

4. Brakes, Wheels & Suspensions
Front Brake


Rear Brake


Front Suspension


Rear Suspension

Double Spring Suspension

Front Tyre

110/90 -17

Rear Tyre

120/90 -17

Tyre Type


Wheel Type


5. Top Speed and Mileage
Mileage (Average)

35 Kmpl (Approx)

Top Speed

110 KM/H (Approx)

6. Electricals
Battery Type




7. Features
Handle Type




RPM Meter




Seat type

Single Seat

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