Akij Durdanto

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৳ 110,000



8Expert Score
Akij Durdanto
Akij Durdanto
  • Sporty profile.
  • Upright clip-ons.
  • Powerful.
  • Good suspensions.
  • Low speed.
  • Low range. 
  • Build quality.

Akij Durdanto: Review, Specifications, Price 2021.

Electric motorcycles such as the Akij Durdanto have a huge market in Bangladesh. Most people look at electric motorcycles as feasible commuters. Most electric motorcycles cost way less than combustion motorcycles. They are also easier to ride, maintain and learn on. Most electric motorcycles don’t have any gearing, which allows them to be easier to ride even for someone who only knows how to ride a cycle. 

Akij Group is one of the largest Bangladeshi industrial conglomerates. Akij Motors is one of the largest automotive companies in Bangladesh. They have been successfully operating and innovating the Bangladeshi automotive scene since a long time. They are one of the first companies to introduce fully functional electric motorcycles made in Bangladesh. Akij Motors Ltd are also popular for their trucks.

Key Features:

The Akij Durdanto is one of the first commercially available Bangladeshi made electric motorcycle. This bike looks a lot like a sports bike. This bike comes with clip on handlebars, low seat height, fully faired body and the whole shenanigan. 

One of the biggest fears of Bangladeshi motorcyclists nowadays is theft. People mostly fear leaving their bikes on public roads, even in unknown garages. As a remedy to this problem, a lot of people opt for installing anti-theft systems on their bikes, which inevitably damage the battery. However, Akij thought of this, and has preinstalled an anti-theft alarm for the user. So for this bike, you won’t have to install an aftermarket alarm. 

The Akij Durdanto comes in three colors. They are: 

  1. Black. 
  2. Red.
  3. Green.

All colors come in solid color with no decals.

The Akij Durdanto comes with a fairly good brake, suspension, and tire setup. The overall setup is as good as a traditional motorcycle. This makes this bike better than almost all electric bikes. 

Another factor of electric bikes is the sound. Electric bikes virtually have no sound at all, which prevents the pollution of sound. 

Physical Attributes:

The Akij Durdanto is a sporty bike that comes with full sporty ergonomics. The bike has a low seating position, which is good for any rider above the height of 5’3”. The bike has a widespread out seat with the bike also coming with a split pillion seat which gives the rider and the pillion some privacy. The bike also has grabrails unlike most sports bikes available in Bangladesh. 

The height, length, and width of the Akij Durdanto are virtually unknown. From a visual standpoint, the bike is expected to be smaller than usual.

Motor and drive:

 The Akij Durdanto is an electric motorcycle. This means that the bike’s power is not much. The bike is expected to pump out about power may not seem much, but the bike’s power and torque will be enough for the city. The bike is expected to have a range of about 50-60km. This allows it to be powerful enough for heights. The bike has a total power of about 2500W and has a battery that will charge in around 5-6hours. 

The bike gets gears, which makes it quite like a traditional bike and also makes it very sporty. This way, you still get a sporty feel. The bike’s top speed is expected to be around 55-60kmph (company claim).

Brakes, Suspensions, and Wheels:

The Akij Durdanto comes with a dual disc brake setup. The front of the bike comes with a disc with axially mounted calipers. The front brake of the bike is expected to perform decently as the disc is quite big. The rear is a basic disc brake. The rear brake increases the braking profile of the bike. The turn off is the fact that the bike does not come with any CBS or ABS. At this price, a CBS would have done wonders to the bike. 

The Akij Durdanto comes with basic telescopic suspensions at the front and basic mono-shock at the rear. The telescopic forks will feel quite natural and simple on the bumpy roads of the city. The rear mono-shock will be very helpful to keep the bike stable while leaning. This suspension increases the sporty profile of the bike. 

The Akij Durdanto comes with a very unique tire setup. The front tire and rear tires are 2.75-18, and 120/70 respectively. The tire setup may not be the best setup out there, as this kind of tire setup as not been tested or tried out. However, for a bike with this power, it will be enough. 

Target Audience:

The Akij Durdanto is for the young generation and the youngsters of Bangladesh. The bike will attract people who are looking for a sportbike but is on a budget. The bike is also great for intermediate riders who are just upgrading from a commuter bike or a sports commuter to an entry-level sportbike. This bike will also be a bit difficult for beginner riders. 


At this price range, not many sportbikes are available. However, the available bikes are mentioned below:

  1. Regal Raptor Sports GTR.
  2. Taro GP-2 Sport.
  3. Taro GP-1 Sport.
  4. Lifan KPR 150 series.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

The FAQs about the Akij Durdanto are answered below.

  • What is the origin of Akij?

Answer: Akij is a Bangladeshi company.

  • What is the range of the Akij Durdanto? 

Answer: The Akij Durdanto has a range of about 50-60km.

  • What is the Akij Durdanto top speed?

Answer: The Akij Durdanto top speed is expected to be around 60kmph.

  • Is there any naked version of the Akij Durdanto? 

Answer: No, there is no Naked version of the Akij Durdanto available in Bangladesh. 

  • Who are the retailers of the Akij Durdanto? 

Answer: Akij Motors Ltd are the sellers of the Akij Durdanto. 

The Akij Durdanto is a “Durdanto” (great) electric bike. This bike holds up to its name with its features and the specifications. The Akij Durdanto is probably the only electric sports bike in Bangladesh. This makes it quite unique and desirable.  

Additional information

Specification: Akij Durdanto

1. Details

1,10,000 BDT

Product Availability


2. Engine & Transmission
Max Power


Charging Time


3. Dimensions

105 Kg

4. Brakes, Wheels & Suspensions
Front Brake


Rear Brake


Front Tyre


Rear Tyre

120/70-12 Tubeless

5. Top Speed and Mileage


Top Speed

80 kmph (Approx)

6. Electricals
Battery Type

Maintenance free battery

7. Features


Seat type



72v 20ah



Input Voltage

AC 110/220V

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