Coming Soon: Yamaha Riding Fiesta 2018 At Khulna

ACI Motor LTD who are the solo distributor of Yamaha Motorcycle  in Bangladesh. They are going to arrange a two days program of ” Yamaha Riding Fiesta 2018 ” at Khulna. The program will be held on 26th and 27th October 2018 at Khulna Provati Secondary School field, Khalishpur, Khulna.
yamaha riding fiesta 2018 in bd

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At first ACI Motors arranged this event on Dhaka on 1st to 3rd October. Now at the end of the month they are going to arrange another Yamaha Riding Fiesta at Khulna. In Dhaka event we saw that they arranged Test ride and Gymkhana for bikers. As the same in Khulna they will give opportunities to bikers so that they can test ride Yamaha bikes.

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Bikers will test drive Yamaha FZS Dual Disc and Yamaha Saluto 125cc. But in Dhaka we saw that bikers had a chance to test ride the Yamaha R15 V3 and their scooter Yamaha Ray-ZR. To participate in the Test Ride event the biker must have valid driving license and must wear helmet for safety.
aci motors ltd yamaha riding fiesta 2018 in bangladesh
In these two days event they will arrange DJ show, Dance show and concert for bikers. There will be Yamaha Riders Club(YRC) stall, cafeteria, photo booth and many more thing. Bikers and everyone are cordially invited on this program as this is an open air event. Program will start at 2:30 pm to 9:00 pm for the two days.

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Bikers who wants to test ride they have to registered first. You can register yourself at the Rins Consortia, Khulna, M/S Khan Auto, Jossore and Prestige Auto, Shatkhira who are the dealers of ACI Motors Ltd. Bikers who will register online and dealers point they will get t-shirts.
yamaha riding fiesta 2018 khulna
BikeBD will have a small pavilion in the Yamaha Riding Fiesta 2018 program premises from where Bikers can collect BikeBD Stickers & also some lucky bikers will get BikeBD branded T Shirt for FREE from Yamaha Riding Fiesta 2018.
In the past 2 years Yamaha organized many open air event for bikers. But mostly restricted for the bikers in Dhaka city. Now they are going to arrange Yamaha Riding Fiesta 2018 at Khulna. We hope in the near future Yamaha will do program in bigger divisional cities like Chittagong, Sylhet, & other parts of Bangladesh.

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