Yamaha Rev Up Even This New Year Offer 2020

At the starting of the new year 2020, with a blast of Yamaha Rev Up Even This New Year Offer. In this new year, ACI Motors LTD starting the journey with this blasting offer for the bikers. This offer will continue from 1st January and till 31st January.
yamaha offer 2020
In, Yamaha Rev Up Even This New Year Offer Yamaha is giving cashback on their popular and premium motorcycles. With this offer Yamaha also giving exciting gifts for free to the bikers who will buy motorcycles during this long January month.

Yamaha Rev Up Even Offer – 2020

Type of Accidental Hospitalization/ Emergency TreatmentMaximum benefit amount
Severe Head Injuries50,000 BDT
Chest Injuries, broken ribs/internal injuries etc.25,000 BDT
Fractures, Dislocation, Scrapes and Cuts12,500 BDT
Soft tissue injuries5,000 BDT
Yamaha giving a maximum of 16,000/- BDT cashback on R15 Monster, R15 V3, MT15, Fazer, FZS V3, FZ V3, FZ-S V2, and NMax. Yamaha also giving cashback on commuter motorcycle Yamaha Saluto, they are giving 6,037/- BDT cashback on Saluto and Saluto SE motorcycle.
In scooter segment Yamaha is giving 3,060/- BDT cashback on Yamaha Ray ZR Street Rally.
yamaha rev up even this new year offer
With this offer Yamaha also giving gifts with their motorcycles. If anyone buys R15 V3 or R15 Monster edition he will get a Riding suit for free. Without these customers who will buy N-MAX, MT-15, Fazer V2, FZ-S DD, FZ-S V3, FZ V3, RAY ZR, Saluto & Saluto SE they will get a Windbreaker for free.

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Before the offer announced Yamaha also create an event for the Bikers Get Together. This event host by the Yamaha Riders Club Bangladesh. This will be their first event in 2020. This event is for winter get together for bikers which is host by Yamaha Riding Club (YRC). The place for the event will take at 300ft balur bridge.
bikers winter get together yrc
This event will happen on 3rd January 2020. For this event, bikers have to register themselves into online registration. For registration, bikers have to pay the registration fees. The registration fee will be for solo 300/- BDT and a couple 500/- BDT. But this time Yamaha doing something out of the box. They are giving privilege to the Yamaha RX100 user.
Yamaha RX100 users can join this event with a minimum registration fee. RX100 user can Join this event with guest and the registration fees for them is 100/- BDT. In this event, there will be sports, cultural programs, dinner, and the lottery.
Now ACI Motors start this year with the blasting offers and events. Let’s see what’s coming next for this year. It will an exciting year for bike companies and bikers. Hope for the best. Thank You.

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