How To Solve Yamaha Fuel Injection Motorcycle Sound Differences?

Fuel Injection is something new in our country. To be honest, most of the people are novice in terms of fuel injection. There has been many hypes and curiosity about this new technology, and also, many questions. But first, let’s learn why the sound of a fuel injection engine is different than the other types of engines.

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Truth be told is that the only reason the fuel injected engines sounds different is because of the difference between Fuel Injection system and carburetor system. That’s why the engine note sounds different than the carburetor engines. Many people ask if that is a problem, and the answer is, no, It’s not.

Reasons Why the Engine Sound Could Change

1/ If there is extra gap in tappet clearance or valve clearance

2/ If the timing chain adjustment is not accurate.

3/ If the rubber in the clutch becomes weak ( it needs to be adjusted after 10 thousand kms )

4/ If the fuel injected engine over heats, it may sound different till it cools down.

5/ If there is any mud or dust or junk inside the silencer pipe.

6/ If the rpm is over revved or under revved.

7/ If the engine is not cleaned by the fuel injector in due time.

8/ If the speed and the rpm doesn’t match with the gear combination.

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What to do to avoid extra engine noise?

1/ Use Yamalube 10W40 (mineral) in FI engines.

2/ Clean the fuel injection system with the fuel injector cleaner in every 4000 kms.


 – Written By

Mr. Robiul Haque

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