Yamaha Cash Back Offer For Month Of September 2018

Yamaha is one of the motorcycle company who are popular for their premium quality motorcycle. Yamaha always think about their quality and service. Yamaha always think about their customer service. Yamaha giving “Cash Back Offer” for the month of September 2018.
yamaha cash back offer september 2018

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Yamaha Cash Back Offer September 2018

Model Price Cash Back
R15S 4,15,000 16,000
FZS Fi 2,49,000 5,000
Fazer Fi 2,75,000 5,000
SZ-RR V2 1,85,000 5,000
Saluto 1,46,000 4,000

In this offer yamaha giving maximum 16,000 cash back on Yamaha R15S and 4,000/- BDT on yamaha Saluto. This offer will not be applicable on FZS duoble disc and yamaha r15 v3.
yamaha fazer-fi v2 price
Yamaha Fazer Fi is one of the stylish bike from yamaha. It is a 150cc, four stroke, single cylinder, 2- valve engine. This engine can produced about 13.1 ps @ 8000 RPM and 12.8 NM torque @ 6000 RPM. Five speed gear attached with the gear box for transmission.

yamaha fzs fi v2
FZ-S Fi is on of the balanced bike in Bangladesh. This bike used for stunt mostly. Its breaking and balance is so much good. Right now yamaha also have its double disc version. In 150cc segment this bike is one of the popular bike. This new Yamaha FZS Fi V2 has a new engine which is 150cc, four stroke, single cylinder engine. Its about to produce 13.2 ps @ 8000 RPM and 12.8 NM torque @ 6000 RPM power.
yamaha sz-rr
In commuter segment Yamaha have two stylish bike one is 150cc segment Yamaha SZ-RR V2 and other one 125cc Yamaha Saluto. We tested this two bike. You can read about this for more detail. Recently We published Yamaha SZ-RR V2 Test Ride Review. Very soon we will publish video review.

Yamaha sale all the bikes in CBU condition. Customer have complain about the price. But ACI motors tries to give the best they have. So Yamaha giving this offer for their customer. This Cash Back Offer Will be available for the month of September 2018. This will be valid to 30th September.  For more update keep eye on our youtube channel and vist our website.

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