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Why Should Not Ride A Motorcycle In The Rain – 10 Reasons

Why Should Not Ride A Motorcycle In The Rain – 10 Reasons. There is a quote that is if you don’t love to ride in the rain you don’t love to ride. So, many motorcyclists enjoy and love to ride in the rain. But obviously many motorcyclists perhaps the larger number of the folk don’t like this as unavoidably it needs to deal with so many hassles riding in the rain. So here we have the 10 reasons why should not ride a motorcycle in the rain; you can look at those.


Why Should Not Ride A Motorcycle In The Rain – 10 Reasons

  1. Rainy days are usually wet and comparatively cold. Sometimes high humidity and sultriness after the rain just vaporize the comfort of the day. Hence riding in such constantly changing weather really is uncomfortable for most motorcycle riders. Thus many of the riders not intended to ride in the rain.
  2. Riding in the rain it needs to wear quite a specific type of apparel to stay comfortable and the rider also needs to wear a waterproof rain suit to stay dry in the rain. Furthermore, a rider may wear some other protective gear according to the type of riding. So it obviously much more hassles that need to deal with riding in the rain.
  3. Riding in the rain the motorcyclists need to carry extra gears considering the rain and dry time. It’s just a hassle to carry a number of belonging within, wear it again while it raining, and put off it again after the rain in the pack. So many of the riders avoid riding in the rain.
  4. Riding on rainy days is obviously much more uncomfortable than any other time of the year. The continuous change of weather, temperature, and humidity is just too irritating those impacts both on body and mind. To be straight riding in the rain for a prolonged time can easily catch the sickness.
  5. Roads and surfaces are much riskier in the rain. Literally wet and muddy surfaces are slippery that can’t give a sufficient level of grip and traction to the bikes and also same to other vehicles. Hence the situation is riskier on rainy days than at any other time of the year. Therefore often motorcycle riders avoid riding in the rain.
  6. Riding in the rain a rider obviously feels lesser control over the bike in terms of road traction, braking efficiency, and also visibility. Definitely other vehicles on the road experience the same. So you can understand the risk level; hence it’s a reason why shouldn’t ride a motorcycle in the rain.
  7. In heavy rain visibility range of a motorcycle rider is reduced to a critical margin that literally too dangerous in the busy traffic condition or in the narrow or hilly road conditions. Hence it’s wise to avoid riding in such conditions.
  8. Riding in the rain reduces quickly the working life of the controlling parts of a bike. The controlling cables, lever pivots, brake shoes, bearings wear faster in the rainy days due to degreasing, dirt deposits, and moisture build-up. So frequently riding in the rain definitely reduces the smooth workability of a bike.
  9. On rainy days frequent riding a motorcycle requires quite a higher frequency of maintenance. Many of the bike parts wear and corrode faster than any other time. Hence the motorcycle needs very frequent maintenance and cautious care in the rainy season. Hence this is another discouraging part of riding in the rain.
  10. And in the last clause of today’s feed, riding in the rain is like dealing the toughest time over the year. Commonly, a motorcycle rider never deals with so many hassles as faces in the rainy season. It just ruins the riding comfort and makes everything dirty. So many of the riders avoid motorcycling on rainy days or just reduce the frequency of riding in the monsoon. So here are the reasons why should not ride a motorcycle in the rain.

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