Why Motorcycle Drive Chain Needed To Be Clean & Aligned?

Expert says motorcycle drive chain should keep clean and aligned always. But why, what’s the reason? Yes, definitely there is numerous reasons work behind this advice. Hence highlighting those here we are under the heading “Why Motorcycle Drive Chain Needed To Be Clean & Aligned”? Let’s get in the details.


Motorcycle Drive Chain – Why Need To Be Clean & Aligned

Motorcycle drive chain is the external and fast moving part of the motorcycle. This is the final drive which finally delivers the engine drive to the rear wheel. It’s a very important part like the internal moving part of the engine. But it placed external and have no protection like other moving part inside the engine crankcase.

Furthermore, the drive chain caries quite the same importance like the other engine part in terms of power delivery. Hence it needs regular maintenance and caring to ensure optimum performance of the motorcycle. Accordingly here we have the core reasons to keep motorcycle drive chain neat & clean therefore well maintained.


Before explaining the reasons we should make the term “caring or maintaining the drive chain” understandable. It means not only cleaning the chain from dirt or dust but keep it wet with lube and keep aligned. Therefore a motorbike chain should align properly hence altogether called drive chain maintenance.

A well maintained drive chain is not only neat & clean of dirt but also should lube accordingly. Again after lubing the chain with proper grade of lubricants of course should wipe off the excess with cotton rag. It helps to remain lubed inside but doesn’t allow catching the dirt or dusting fast. Therefore it remains clean and workable for long time.

Coming to the reasons to keep the chain clean and well maintained here is the three core reasons.


Ensuring Optimum & Efficient Power Delivery

The first and foremost reason keeping the chain clean & aligned is to ensure optimum and efficient delivery of power. The motorcycle drive chain is the final drive which delivers the end power to the rear wheel. So minimal friction of drive chain can cause notable lose of power.

Hence when the drive chain neat, clean, lubed and aligned therefore well maintained it operates free. All the moving part of the chain like roller, link, side plate everything moves free and fast. Therefore the friction lose through the chain reduces in optimum level. Thus it ensures maximum efficiency of power delivery from engine gear shaft.


Protecting From Wear & Ensuring Longer Life

The second most important reason keeping the chain clean and well maintained is giving the chain a longer life. A neat & clean drive chain lasts long and doesn’t wear so quickly like a dirty one. It ensures longer service life not only to the chain hence accordingly the both sprockets get more running life.

The subsidiary impact of a clean & maintained chain it reduces the pressure on engine dramatically. Reducing friction therefore regression it allows free delivery of power. Hence the engine gets released from excess pressure from the chain thus every part wear delayed. Consequently it makes good impact over the engine parts and it get comparatively longer life.

motorcycle drive chain

Ensuring Noise Free Smooth Operation

The third most convenient reason keeping the chain well maintained is to comfort the rider with a smoother operation. A clean and well maintained chain sprocket set operates noise free, silent and smooth.

Therefore riding a free, noiseless and uninterrupted machine brings that joy which can’t be compared with anything. It gives inner comforts to rider and also has huge benefit on the machines.


So these are the core benefits of keeping the motorcycle chain drive neat, clean and well maintained. So riders take the issue seriously and get the benefits right away. It definitely will give you a riding pleasure accelerating quick and cruising free in high speed.

Hence have more fun and stay safe. Therefore thanks to you all for your perception with our Why Motorcycle Drive Chain Needed To Be Clean & Aligned”.

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