Way To Go Faster: Motorcycle Turbonator

Since the invention of motorbikes people have always tried to go faster that’s our world have race tracks. Speed never seems enough for any biker unless he is 40yrs old and lazy. Anyway for bikers of Bangladesh doing something different is hilarious.

People who do fantastic stunts are taken as mad but little do they recognize that it’s a skill they are trying to express. No one seems to understand the very purpose of this adrenaline but no worries we will always be different and do our thing whatever that might be no matter what some people think.

Now I have always been the human who was taken as mad and fool just because I spend most of my time trying to do something with whatever resources I have in my hand. So after doing research, many modifications and many test drives to my bike I found something that might be useful to bikers who likes to go fast even with the tiniest engine. It can increase a 40% rise in bhp even a 125cc bike. It’s hard to believe so let me tell you with facts and you can test drive my 125cc Yamaha Enticer.

A usual four-stroke engine dedicates one stroke to the process of air intake. There are three steps in this process. First the piston moves down, second this movement creates a vacuum and the third the air at atmospheric pressure is sucked into the combustion chamber.


Once air is drawn into the engine, it must be combined with fuel to form the charge — an energy that can be turned into useful kinetic energy through a chemical reaction between air and fuel known as combustion. The spark plug initiates this chemical reaction by igniting.  As the combustion happens, a great deal of energy is released.

The power of this explosion, concentrated above the cylinder head, drives the piston down and creates a motion that is eventually transferred to the wheels.

Getting more fuel would make for a more powerful explosion. But you can’t simply pump more fuel into the engine because an exact amount of air is required to burn an exact amount of fuel. This chemically correct mixture is necessary for an engine to function efficiently so you need an expert.

Superchargers increase intake by compressing air above atmospheric pressure, without creating a vacuum. This forces more air into the engine, providing a “boost.” With the additional air in the boost, more fuel can be added to the charge, and the power of the engine is increased.

Supercharging adds an average of 46 percent more horsepower and 31 percent more torque.  Plain English: To put in more fuel, you have to put in more air. This particular thing is usually available for cars but it can work in a motorbike.

So what I have said above is the job of the supercharger. Now this is the deal that you can use if you are hungry for more speed without destroying any parts of your bike. I have done this to my bike and it is wonderful.

It increased the whole performance level. I would love to share it to all the bikers if given the opportunity out there because as we are not allowed to ride anything in our country above 155cc so why not get the best out of that engine.


You can easily buy the products which is an air filter and a Motorcycle turbonator that you would require to make that happen but trust me it will not work cause this whole  process to work properly you need someone who can work on the camshaft and heads otherwise simply putting it together will destroy your  piston and gear ratio.

By Emtiaz Rahman.

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