Walton Stylex Ownership Review By Masum

Hello to all of the readers of  BikeBD. I am masum, i am here to tell about my walton motorcycle review. I am a businessman in profession. The bike i recently bought was walton stylex. This is a small bike only 100 cc. I needed this bike to travel to my workplace and then visit other places within the city.
walton motorcycle review

I asked around many people and most suggested a lot of bikes but the price range was a bit short so i went with walton. Walton Is the first company in Bangladesh to assemble and create bikes right here in Bangladesh.

The price of the bike was BDT 78,800 and i took the bike from walton showrooms. They Provide one year warranty and free servicing. It has a 100 cc engine,which heats up very fast in the in city traffic and more in the long roads.But in the mid range it has a better speed performance.The design of the bike is the most basic. Any old bike would look like the currently designed stylex.

walton motorcycle review

I have only bought the bike for only a short time and within the short time the bike has not shown any problem or any other symptom . But the mileage is very poor compared to other bikes in this region. Coming from a normal point of view, a 100 cc bike from the bajaj or any other indian group should do 50-60 kmpl. But the stylex does only 45 at most. This makes it a very ineffective riding bike inside Dhaka city.

The bike is a small one which enables fast turns and easy to handle in the jams or tight spots in Dhaka city.Also easy parking and lightweight design make it good to handle.The drum brakes are also fine but would have helped if were given disk brakes like the other models.

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But the negative side also quite a bit long.Low fuel efficiency, tire tube is not durable, light-wet body, not suitable for long ride, no fuel meter.

walton motorcycle review

At last all i can say about this bike is that this is a small bike and relatively cheap one so don’t hope the performance of a Bajaj pulsar from it,as the saying goes that you get what you par for.It would have been a lot better if the bike was a little bit more fuel efficient and a little bit of more weight would have helped also.

This all i get from my walton stylex. In true word i explain my walton motorcycle review to the BikeBD readers. I appreciate BikeBD readers valuable comment about this walton stylex bike.


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