Valentino Rossi : King of The MotoGP

When it come to MotoGP the first name that come in our mind is Valentino Rossi. The 7 times MotoGP World Championship who has won 79 races in the MotoGP class only one person has more wins & World Championship then him. He is one of the most successful motorcycle racers of all time. When he was 5 years old he started his racing career with a 60 cc go kart in an armature karting competition. In 1993, with help from his father, he rode a Cagiva Mito 125cc motorcycle, which he damaged in a first-corner crash no more than a hundred meters from the pit lane.He finished ninth that race weekend.

valentino rossi

The inaugural year for the MotoGP bikes was 2002, when riders experienced teething problems getting used to the new bikes. Rossi won the first race and went on to win eight of the first nine races of the season, eventually claiming 11 victories in total. In 11 years in MotoGP he has raced with 3 of the top teams in the category Honda, Yamaha & Ducati.No other bike rider came close in achieving the fame he archived. Outside the MotoGP paddock he is a very humble character whenever the camera is focused on him no matter whatever his mood is he never forgets to wave the crowd.

Which bring me to the subject of the tropic, what two things comes in your mind when you think of Rossi?? His bike number ‘46’ & ???????

valentino rossi

‘his crouch down and hold the right-side foot-peg of his bike before he starts riding his bike’. But there are many more ritual which he performs. Rossi is very superstitious about his riding .

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Prior to riding (whether racing, qualifying, or practice), he will start his personal ritual by stopping about 2 metres from his bike, bending over and reaching for his boots. Then, when arriving at his bike, he will crouch down and hold the right-side foot-peg, with his head bowed. When asked by journalist why he does that he said that he takes some times to focus & ‘talk’ to his bike, how many of us ever done that? He also adjusts the fit of his leathers by standing straight up on the foot-pegs, whilst riding down the pit-lane before the start of race or practice. He  always puts one boot on before the other, one glove on before the other, and he always gets on the bike the same way as he also gets off the bike in the same way, swinging his right leg over the front of the bike.

valentino rossi

You will see many times that he is called ‘the doctor’ & that is often written on his racing overalls  & that is because he has a Doctorate degree  in Communications from the University of Urbino. One of the most popular members of the paddock, ‘The Doctor` has a wide fan base all over the world. When it come to MotoGP the first name that come in our mind is Valentino Rossi is a keen supporter of Inter Milan football club and also an accomplished rally driver.

-By Wasif Anowar

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