Uttara Motors Announce Special Discount on Bajaj Motorcycle In BD

Uttara Motors the distributors of Bajaj Motorcycles in Bangladesh has recently announced that they will give special discount on few of their models until further notice. Bajaj Motorcycles are giving special discount on their bikes in Bangladesh, which is very good news for the riders in BD as Bajaj is the most popular motorcycles brand in Bangladesh over the past 10 years.

uttara motors

While back after the 2015-2016 Budget was announced Uttara Motors increased the price of many of their bikes, Bajaj is the most popular motorcycle brand in Bangladesh. There are more BAJAJ brand motorcycles in Bangladesh than any other brand motorcycles on the road. Bikes like PULSAR and DISCOVER are very popular. One of the biggest reasons of why Bajaj motorcycles are so popular is for its look. Most people who bought 150cc naked air cooled bike say that PULSAR is the best looking 150cc bike in Bangladesh.

Another big reason for why Bajaj is so popular is that they have many sales and service center all over Bangladesh. Just in Dhaka they have around 20 dealers and most of them have service center and spare parts with the sales center something that is needed so that bikers don’t have to travel too far to service their machines.

new bajaj pulsar price in bangladesh

A week back Uttara Motors mailed us stating that they will give special discount on 5 of their current models.

Model Name Previous Price Current Price
Bajaj Pulsar 150 2,08,000 TK 1,99,500 TK
Bajaj Discover 125 1,70,000 TK 1,68,000 TK
Bajaj Discover 100 1,52,000 TK 1,45,000 TK
Bajaj Platina 100 1,25,000 TK 1,25,000 TK
Bajaj CT 100 1,18,500 TK 1,13,000 TK

In the new price list the cost of Pulsar & Discovers is stated like it was before the 2015-2016 Budget, we are still not sure why within a month after announcing the price hike of their bikes they reduced it again back to its old form! I believe that the main reason for doing this is they are clearing space for Bajaj PULSAR 150AS!

bajaj pulsar 150as price bd 2015

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We have some inside news stating that Uttara Motors are planning to bring Pulsar 150AS before the Eid in September, which does explain why they are giving away a discount of 8000 BDT on their core product Bajaj Pulsar 150!

These days it is nice to see that some bikes companies are thinking about the bikers & are giving away special discount offer to the riders, small or big but they are doing it in good measures. We saw that Hero decreased the price of 2 of their 100cc bikes after the budget and now Bajaj are coming up with some special discounts.

It will be very interesting to see whether any more companies come forward or not and when rather than if Uttara Motors will bring Bajaj Pulsar 150AS in BD!

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