Types of Motorcycle Handlebars and Descriptions, 2017

SM Asrar Ahmad
November 15, 2017

All the motorcycle companies give handlebar with the bike which we call as stock handlebar. But the stock handle bars can’t satisfy the users in several cases as all individual human beings have different perspective and taste. So today we will discuss on the types of motorcycle handlebars so we can know about the existing types and also can compare our needs with the characteristics of the types. This will help us to choose our desired handlebar also if we are not satisfied with the stock handlebar. Now let’s check out the handlebar types and the characteristics they bear.

At first let us be sure about what is a stock handlebar. As we have said before the handlebar which is situated in the bike when you buy it from the company or dealer is called the stock handlebar and it can be of any type of handlebar. Stock handlebar is just a term to name the given handlebar and not a name of type. Now we will directly go through the types of handlebar and will help you guys having clarified conceptions on them.

Beach Bar (Copy)

Types of Motorcycle Handlebars – Beach Bars

This handlebar is very much similar to the handlebars of cruiser bikes as it slopes back towards the rider to help the rider gather great comfortable experiences.

Clip Ons 2 (Copy)

Types of Motorcycle Handlebars – Clip-Ons

This is a well-known type of handlebar which is mainly being used in sports biLS

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