TVS Auto Bangladesh Ltd Reduced Price of TVS Motorcycles price in Bangladesh October,2017

TVS Auto Bangladesh Ltd reduced the price of motorcycles in Bangladesh. The new price will be valid across all authorized dealership in Bangladesh from today. Just last month they gave an official discount on TVS Metro & TVS Apache RTR but now the new price reduction came on 6 motorcycles models for the Bangladeshi market.
tvs auto bangladesh
This price reduction came to us as a surprise as most companies these days are giving away special cash back offer, even something TVS too gave last month. The price reduction should help the market & in the same way it will also spice up the competition.

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Here are the new prices of the Motorcycles from TVS, all price amount are in BDT.

Model Name Old Price New Price
XL100 64,900 59,900
Metro 100 (Kick Starter) 99,900 95,900
Metro 100 (Self Starter) 109,900 1,04,900
Metro Plus 110 (Drum Brake) 123,900 1,18,900
Metor Plus 110 (Disc Brake) 132,900 1,23,900
Stryker 125 1,37,900 1,29,900
Apache RTR Matt Series 1,84,900 1,76,900
Apache RTR (Single Disc) 179,500 1,72,900
Apache RTR (Duel Disc) 1,98,500 1,85,900

TVS Apache RTR150 VS TVS Apache RTR160

As we can see from the table that they reduced the price of most 100-110 cc motorcycles by 5000 BDT. They reduced the price of TVS Stryker 125 by 8,000 BDT. Apache RTR series didn’t get too much hit as model wise they reduced the price between 6,000 – 8,000 BDT. To our surprise, they didn’t announce any price reduction on scooters which is sad.
tvs metro reiview
TVS is one of the ever growing motorcycle companies in Bangladesh. By our maths (unofficial data) TVS Auto Bangladesh Ltd is the 2nd largest motorcycle company in Bangladesh after Bajaj. Their top models TVS Apache RTR is taking the 150cc segment by storm, followed by TVS Metro which these days is one of the best commuting motorcycle in Bangladesh.
Most people will be asking updates about TVS Apache RTR160, the update we have so far is this bike will be launch in Bangladesh this year but we are not sure about the exact time or the price of the bike but do tune in at our website or Youtube channel for the latest update.

TVS Apache RTR 160 Feature Review 

tvs auto apache rtr discount offer
TVS Auto Bangladesh Ltd reduced the price of motorcycles in Bangladesh is a good surprise for most of us (Source). Currently the competition among the 3 Indian motorcycle giants is very hard. Bajaj reduced their price of few models 2 months back while Hero is giving away month long discount offer. I do wonder this chain of events will continue for some good time & side by side the Japanese manufacturer too will come & join the party.

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