TVS Auto Boishaki Offer 1425

Wasif Anowar
April 16, 2018

TVS Auto Bangladesh Ltd is giving away TVS Auto Boishaki Offer 1425 on their motorcycles. The offer will be valid from 14th April  till 30th April 2018. . The offer is only valid across all TVS authorized dealers & showroom.

tvs auto boishaki offer 1425

Under the new offer if you buy a brand new TVS motorcycle then you can get up to 8000 BDT discount. Below we have given the current price chart of the bikes after the offer.

ModelOriginal PriceOffer price till 30th April 2018
RTR160 ( Duel Disc)186,900179,900
RTR160 (Single Disc)177,900172,900
RTR150 (Single Disc)172,900164,900
Styker 125129,000124,900
Metro Plus (Disc)123,900118,900
Metro Plus (Drum)118,900113,900
Metro (Self Starter)104,90099,900
Metro (Kick Starter)95,90090,900

Under the TVS Auto boishaki offer 1425 they have reduced the price of 100-125 cc bikes of around 5000 BDT, while the price of XL 100 went down by 2000 BDT. The biggest price change came under RTR series. In RTR150 they are giving 8000 BDT discount.

>>Click To See The TVS Apache RTR 160 First Impression<<

At January of this year TVS Auto Bangladesh launched TVS Apache RTR160 in Bangladesh. In terms of design frame Apache RTR160 is exactly the same as Apache RTR150. The major difference is the engine. As now the new engine is 160cc & it produces 15.2 BHP & 13.1 NM of Torque. They say that the new bike will have a 0-60 kmph time of 4.8 seconds.

tvs apache rtr160 in bangladesh

The new bike still weighs 137 kg & has 90 front specification tyre & 110 specification rear tyre. The tyres are tubeless & the wheels have alloy wheels. The bike carries a 270 mm petal disc brake up front followed by 130 mm rear drum brake. Just few days back they launched the rear disc brake version of the bike.

Another bike which is getting popular in Bangladesh is TVS XL100. This is a moped motorcycle but this is the cheapest two wheeler in Bangladesh currently. It features a 100 cc air cooled engine which produces only 4.3 BHP but 6.5 NM of Torque. The motorcycle is usually built to carry two people or a rider & lots of goods.

tvs xl 100 price

It has just one speed gearbox, drum brakes, spoke wheels, very thin tyres & a carrying capacity of 130 kg on the front of the bike. TVS claims that it will give a mileage of 67 km/l & currently this bike is in use widely for delivery services in Dhaka & other metropolitan city.

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Ans- TVS Auto Bangladesh Limited.

Ans- 150cc.

Ans- TVS Apache RTR 160 4V.

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