TVS Apache RTR 2016 Matt Blue Edition In Bangladesh,Review,Features

Saleh Md. HassanApril 5, 2016

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Very recently TVS Auto Bangladesh Ltd. has released six new products in Bangladesh with a gorgeous launching event. The new blue TVS Apache RTR also was included in that row of launching. TVS Auto Bangladesh has introduced the new matt blue colored mule as Apache RTR 2016 edition in our market. Hence interest swells what really added with the new addition. So let’s try to figure out the new Apache RTR with Apache RTR 2016 Matt Blue edition in Bangladesh.

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You know in Bangladesh TVS Apache RTR is available with only 150cc variation which comes with a 147.6cc four stroke air cooled engine. Due to cc restrictions other higher capacity versions of Apache are not legally available in our country. But very unfortunately the 150cc variation is not available in the official website of TVS Motor, India. Only 160cc, 180cc and 200cc version is showcased at their website.

So to be précised and to avoid misconceives here I had to omit the discussion on engine and engine related technical sides. You know TVS produces this 150cc capacity mule especially for Bangladesh and maybe for some other country like us. Consequently the new release of Apache RTR for BD is also comes with 150cc engine which is same like previous. TVS Auto Bangladesh also has not specialized anything at their campaign related with engine. Therefore our discussion is on the rests.


TVS Apache RTR 2016 With New Complexion

As per TVS Auto Bangladesh the new Apache RTR Matt Blue edition came with some revised features which will help the users experiencing better performance than previous. We also tried to get the detail of each segment of revision but found a little. Whatsoever let’s try to enlighten the features.

The new Apache RTR comes with new body styling with new body graphics. The cosmetic changes really look gorgeous and make a different appeal in the crowd. You may argue as the number of changes is very few. But sometime quantity is not a matter but their attraction is. More over the matt blue color scheme enhances the overall appeal.


The fuel tank got completely a new graphics with a new 3D badge Apache on its both side of its shoulder. This badge is like the center of attraction of new Apache RTR Matt Blue edition. Currently in Bangladesh only new blue colored Apache carries this new complexion. But the showroom people expecting this graphics and complexion will be available with other colors soon. I am not sure about of that but in behalf of their expectation here I should mention the new complexion available on new RTR is directly copied from the 180cc model of Apache. So for Bangladesh it could be available with other colors.


The rear panel of the bike also got new neat & clean look with solid color scheme. The alloy wheel rims also got fluorescent reflective lining. It nicely grabs attention in the low light situation. You will find the front shock absorbers with new golden color scheme where the brake calipers are also schemed with same golden finish.

Other than color and sticker job, we also expected the white analog rev counter to be changed with some eye catching gradient but unfortunately this part remain unchanged. The rest of the parts of the exteriors are also still unchanged. But at a glance the overall looks and appearance of new Apache RTR is very much appealing which give the impression of refreshment and confidence also.

TVS Apache RTR 2016 With New Features

As per TVS Auto Bangladesh they have also revised some features which developed the new Apache RTR on road characteristics. The chassis of Apache RTR is now more synchronized which they called as Synchronized Stiff Chassis. This chassis increased its riding and controlling stability. It also enhanced the capability of dealing extreme conditions.


They developed the braking assembly of new Apache RTR. This will be more efficient to deal with hard core situations on the road. Within our observation they have not changed the braking assembly. But it might be refreshed by quality pad or developing the mechanism to be more efficient or in some other way.


Both suspension are still remaining same like previous as you know all the changes are only cosmetic and only few are re-tuning or refining on old flesh and bones, that it. One of mentionable addition is TVS is now using some quality tires on their new products. The new TVS Remora tires we think will be more effective on controlling and safety features.

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So readers those were all from our observation on new release of Apache RTR 2016 Matt Blue edition. Though we have not tested the new mule on the road, but we hope the new edition to be more capable than the previous. As per our observation we would like to rely on the retuned chassis, brake assembly and also the quality tires. Hope to share the real test ride experience of new Apache RTR with you very soon. Till then stay tuned with us, thank you all.

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