Tourino Commuter Motorcycle Tire & Feature

Tourino Tire is producing different type of tires for motorcycles. Hence they have dedicated tire products featuring for commuter motorcycles. Therefore sorting out the tires with detail here we are with Tourino Commuter Motorcycle Tire & Feature.

In the commuter motorcycle tire category Tourino Tire has versatile pattern compatible with the different model of motorcycle. Hence in same wheel size or dimension, they have number of options. Moreover, they have both tube type and tubeless tires for the commuter motorcycles. Hence those tire models are sorted out here with few briefs.

Tourino Commuter Motorcycle Tire – Tubeless Type

  1. ARROW / ARROW-Y are the popular motorcycle tire pattern from Tourino. The pattern is featured for commuter motorcycles. IT featured with speed, mileage, and better grips. The tires are designed for both front and rear wheel use. Moreover it available both with tubeless and tubeless type. Hence the tire available with the dimension of 80/100-17 49P, 90/90- 17 49P and 80/100-18 62P.
  2. ARROW-C is another tire pattern for the commuter motorcycles from Tourino. It comes with the dimension of 100/90-17 55P, 110/80-17 52P, 120/80-17 61P. Its rear wheel dedicated tire that developed on the pattern of ARROW /ARROW-C. But the tire is featured for sports commuters and it available both in tubeless and tube type.
  3. RACETECH is 3.00-17, 2.75-18, 3.00-18, 100/90-18 56P dimension tire designed for commuter motorcycles rear wheel. The tire comes with a tremendous grip pattern that compatible both for on-road and off-road. Furthermore the tire available both with tubeless and tube type.
  4. CROSSROAD is the rear wheel dedicated commuter motorcycle tire. It comes with the dimension of 100/90-17 55P and 100/90-18 56P.  The tire is also featured with superior grip. Hence the model is available with tubeless and tube types.
  5. SOLDIER is rear wheel dedicated 100/90-17 55P dimension tire for the commuter motorcycle. It also available in tubeless and tube types.
  6. ARENA is front wheel dedicated tire for commuter motorcycles. It’s available only in tubeless type and the dimension is 80/100-17 43P.
  7. JOURNEY is 100/90-17 55P dimension rear wheel dedicated tire. It also available only in tubeless types.

tourino commuter motorcycle tire feature

Tourino Commuter Motorcycle Tire – Tube Type Tires

In the tube type tires category Tourino Tire has some solid commuter motorcycle tires. Here the listed tires are dedicated for most entry-level commuter motorcycles.

  1. HT RANGER is 18-inch commuter rear wheel tire. Its tube type and comes with 3.00-10, 3.00-18, 3.25-18 52P dimensions. So it also compatible with 10-inch scooter wheels.
  2. CYCLONE comes with a superb grip pattern. It comes with 3.00-18, 3.00-17 sizes dedicating to commuter rear wheels.
  3. RHINO is another super grip featured tire from Tourino. The tire available dimension for commuter motorcycle are 2.50-17, 3.00-17but also has 3.00-12 size tires for the scooter.
  4. CHEETAH designed for grip, speed, and mileage. It comes with 3.00-18 size and it dedicated for rear wheel use only.
  5. HT TIGER is a regular pattern tube type rear wheel tire. It comes with the dimensions of 2.50-17, 2.75-17, 3.00-17, 2.75-18, 3.00-18.
  6. GENIUS is 3.00-18 size tire for the commuter motorcycle. Its rear wheel use tire that designed for grip, speed, and mileage in all terrain.
  7. HT EAGLE is 2.50-17 size tire for the basic type of commuter motorcycles. Its rear wheel use tire and its tube type.
  8. Tourino LION series is designed for basic type commuter motorcycle front wheels. The HT LION, HT LION-R, LION SPEED all are front wheel dedicated tube type tire. The tires are available in dimension of 2.50-17, 2.75-17, 2.50-18, 2.75-18, 3.00-18 PR-6.
  9. HT AGNI is also front wheel dedicated tube type tire. It comes with the dimension of 2.25-17. The tire treads quite similar to the LION series but it’s like an option.

So readers, those are quite a short list of the Tourino Commuter Motorcycle Tire. Hope this list will help you to get your desired tire. Hence keep tuned with us. Ride safe and stay safe. Thanks everyone.

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