Top Five Motorcycle In Bangladesh By Bangladeshi Manufacturer

Suvro SenDecember 17, 2013

There are at best as seven motorcycle manufacturer in Bangladesh & today we going to discuss about Top Five Motorcycle In Bangladesh By Bangladeshi Manufacturer. who are trying to do what company like Bajaj, Honda, Hero and TVS did many years back, made a name of themselves among the local customers. Walton and Runner are the two most popular manufacturers in Bangladesh while new company like HPM, Singer, HNS and Lifan are trying to have a tough fight with them.

What this manufacturer does is they bring parts from various source and then assemble the bikes in Bangladesh. Many a times some parts are manufactured by them or obtained from the local market. But usually the engine parts or the engine are imported from China.

So the question is are they good?? Well almost all of them give an engine warranty of 2 years or 20000 km, the bikes are not as powerful as the counterpart but they are cheap and many a times they don’t LOOK that good. But to be honest I owned one bike and have seen many used I can say that it is not BAD. And the most important thing is that they are providing the bikes to the customer in installments.

Today am going to put down the Top Five Motorcycle In Bangladesh By Bangladeshi Manufacturer, something for the people who wants to buy them can have a look at.

singer motorcycle bangladesh

5. SINGER SM 100

Engine: 100cc

Maximum Power : 7.2 BHP / 8500 rpm

Maximum Torque : 6.3 Nm / 7500 rpm

Price: 65000 BDT

Singer SM 100 Full Specification

Yes I know that you people is a bit surprise about it but the reality is LOOK at the price. Who have had predited that in a country where the MOST EXPENSIVE bike of all Yamaha R15 V2 cost 5 lac this is the cheapest bike that is currently aviable in BD. This bike has a electric start and I think this is a complete bike for my bad who rides 25 km per day to his office. People will have doubt about it’s reliability but if you use this bike one handed and take proper daily maintaince then I don’t think there will be too much problem with it.

It turns good mileage of 50km/l and then the though there is some vibration but you can cruise at a good speed of 50-60 km/h in Dhaka city. This is a bike that you need to have to work, this is not the bike which you want to buy to race.

walton motorcycle bangladesh

4. Walton Fusion EX

Engine: 125cc

Maximum Power : 12 BHP / 7500 rpm

Maximum Torque : 8.8 Nm / 7500 rpm

Price:  1,17,000 BDT

Walton Fusion EX Full Specification

When I first saw this bike 4-5 months back I was astonished that WAS IT REALLY WALTON? I have used one Walton bike in my life and I loved it but  I never found that Walton design good looking bikes until Fusion EX. Like the Standard Fusion this has the same engine and power but unlike the standard Fusion this looks better and a bit interesting.

There is a digital speedometer, the fuel tank is big, suspension system is good enough for BD roads and the power is just too good. Once I had a drag race with a Fusion and boy for the first few gears my Hero Honda Glamour was left memorized by the sheer power of the bike. I really like this bike. It has a big fuel tank, yes there are some vibration but you can let go of it. I would have prefer a bit wider rear tyre.

dayang motorcycle bangladesh

3. Runner Bullet

Engine: 100cc

Maximum Power : 7. BHP / 8000 rpm

Maximum Torque : 7.5 Nm / 5500 rpm

Price:  97,000 BDT.

Runner Bullet Full Specification

If there was ever a contest that vote for the best looking BD manufactured bike then for sure this bike would have been in the race. I like this bike, it is slick and small with the small engine the bikes never seems to feel like that it lacks power. When I rode it not for a moment I felt that there should have been more power in the bike.

The bike is well equipped, it has a front disc brake, has good electrical switches, engine kill, and a REV counter. The thing which surprises me the most that the company claim that it will do around 55+ kmpl in Dhaka city, even if it does 50 the  it’s 16 litre fuel tank will last for 800 km!!!!!!. The is the exact up and down tour distance between Dhaka- Cox’s Bazar- Dhaka. Speed isn’t too much as the bike I rode recently was just 7 days old but manages to do 70 km/h.

I like the suspension and I think this is probably the best bike in Bangladesh under 1 lac BDT price tag. The only complain I have about this bike that sometimes it lacks low end torque but again this is a bike for enjoying the rides not for racing. My dad is planning to buy a new bike early January next year for him go that he can move from home to office which is 12 km away, usually his work is at desk, so I think I will ask him to buy this bike as his budget is not too much.

lifan motorcycle bangladesh

2. Lifan KP 150

Engine: 150cc

Maximum Power : 13.1  BHP / 7500 rpm

Maximum Torque : 13.0 Nm / 5500 rpm

Price:  1,55,000 BDT

Lifan Kp 150 Specification Details

lifan motorcycle

This is the surprise package on my list, to be honest this wasn’t even on my list in first place but after I rode it I would have felt sorry for not having it. It has a aggressive look which makes it even good. But the probably the most important thing about the bikes is that it was a standard rear disc brake.

lifan kp 150

The speed is good too, I managed to clock 115 km/h and even with that it returns a good mileage of 45 kmpl in Dhaka city. The rear disc brake is a bit slippery at off road but the front brake is good, so are the suspension. I like it’s speedometer and the key entry which like Hero Honda CBZ Xtreme is complicated but safe. The silencers looks good, and to be honest I can’t find anything wrong with the bike, yes it vibrates at the lower end torque but after 3 k rpm its remind me the refine engine smoothness of Bajaj Discover 150.

freedom runner turbo

1.Runner Turbo

Engine: 150cc

Maximum Power : 11.4  BHP / 7000 rpm

Maximum Torque : 11.5 Nm / 5500 rpm

Price:  1,35,000 BDT

Runner Turbo Full Specification

With all the motorcycle in Bangladesh , they all concentrate on how fast you can go in a corner, not how much FUN you can have in doing so. I really really LIKE this bike, in fact if I ever sell my bike and go for any bike from Bangladesh then this is the one to choose for me. Yes it is not that good looking neither it has too many horse power but it has that single most thing that I look in a bike, does it makes you HAPPY?? And for sure this does.

It is fantastic bike and it will even return 45-50 kmpl. I powered on this and just managed to do 90km/h until I ran out of road. It’s handles well, the suspension is a bit soft but I have no complain about it. The electrical switches are good quality as well and more on that you get a 3 years warranty from Runner.

Points to be NOTED:

1. Before buying bikes do make sure you know about the warranty and free service.

2. All the price given here were last updated on October 1st, so price may vary now

3. The engine specification are taken from each bikes respective websites.

Like to see some of your valuable comments about this  Top Five Motorcycle In Bangladesh By Bangladeshi Manufacturer.

By Wasif  Anower 


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