Top 10 Reasons Not To Ride A Bike

Guyz, can you leave off bike riding forever? Frantically you can over through a question to me why should I leave off bike riding? You can show hundreds of reasons in favor of riding a bike. But disappointingly I am herewith Top 10 Reasons Not to Ride a Bike. Maybe some of you will not agree with me but you can’t deny the reasons. Whatever let’s search for the reasons for disappointment.


Top 10 Reasons Not To Ride A Bike

  1. You should leave bike riding if you are with high power of spectacles to see to the long view. For a safe ride on the road, the rider must have the sound capability of eye-sight. If you are unable to see without spectacles I am rudely saying bike riding is not for you.
  2. Leave just now the bike if you are at least a little deaf. If so & you are not leaving, other vehicles will make you leave the road forever.
  3. You have to forget your loving bike if you’re continuously suffering from extreme backbone or hip joint pain. Bike riding is very much liable for such injuries. If you don’t care about it you will face a fatal injury in near future.
  4. You should leave bike riding if you are a serious diabetic. It is very frequent to get scratched anytime while riding a bike in the city or highway which is very dangerous for a diabetic person.
  5. It will very nice for you not to ride a bike if you are a heart patient. I think here it does not need any explanation for leaving the bike riding.
  6. Leave the bike just now if you have not a minimum knowledge of the general laws of riding on the road. People like you are the main hazard on the road both for you and other riders. It will better leave the bike if you are not getting knowledge & carry on the general rules on the road.
  7. Leave your bike if it is not fit for the road for the reasons like breaking, lighting signaling, or an engine problem. If you are not leaving such a bike traffic sergeant & possibly other people will make you leave the bike.
  8. Leave your bike if you have a large number of dependent on you and you are the only earning person. It will be the best conscientious decision for you & your loving family.
  9. If you are a full-time politician just leave your bike. I think you better understand why you should leave off riding your loving bike.
  10. Leave your bike just right now if you are a drug addict. People like you have no right to ride a bike. 

We all here love to ride bikes. But sometimes this is better to not ride a bike. Hope all take this “Top 10 Reasons Not to Ride a Bike” into consideration.

Saleh Mohammad

it's Saleh, a homebound stranger; sometimes unleashes the inner ascetic to trail like an outlaw...

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