The First Steps To Riding A Motorcycle

If you have brought a new motorcycle for you than there are few steps that you have to follow before riding a motorcycle. Everyone cannot be an expert rider just by watching others riding a motorcycle or just by watching it in television.

I would like to discuss the steps that you should follow for riding a motorcycle.

  • One of the most important steps for riding a motorcycle is to have a safety gear. Motorcycling is not a very easy work in fact it is a very risky job. And new riders are vulnerable so you must have a safety gear for yourself though it will cost you and you must plan it while planning the budget for your bike. Because getting down and hurting you on a bike accident are really painful. So you must try to get gloves, armored clothing, boots and a helmet is a must.

riding a motorcycle

  • You must have made up your mind that you will practice riding your motorcycle in your parking lot. But to get better experience you must try on taking several courses from places where courses are done. It will give you very good skills and these skills will work for you in your entire lifetime. It will always work for you.
  • Everyone make mistakes when they are about to do something new. But we all know that people learn from their mistakes. So you will have to keep patience and then you will have to learn motorcycling because it is a matter of practice.
  • There are different types of traffic rules for motorcycles in every country you will have to know about the motorcycle rules of your country and you will have to follow those rules.
  • You must take a license of your motorcycle or else you will still be illegal on any country you ride.
  • You must think about your height and the height of your motorcycle. There is a way of sitting over a motorcycle. At first you will have to give your whole attention to the left side of your motorcycle. You will have to stable your balance by leaning against the handlebars and the tanks. While lifting your right leg up, you must give your whole weight to your left leg. Be careful while lifting your legs as they can get stuck.
  • While sitting on the bike you can check some of the facts about your bikes, you can check if your mirrors are adjusted properly or not.
  • You can adjust yourself with footpeg position and also the location of horn, turn signals, and lights.
  • Make yourself familiar with key controls like brakes, throttles, clutch and shift pedals.
  • The right hand and foot plays very important role in riding a motorcycle, because right hand always controls the acceleration and brakes and the right foot does the rear brake, so you must learn all this before riding a motorcycle.
  • If you are riding a sports bikes than your two fingers are enough to deal with the clutch but if you are riding a cruiser, or touring bikes than you will have to use your whole hand. You will have to practice to use the clutch with your left hand.
  • There are few motorcycle shifts which are different than the shift of the car you will have to know about those shifts, and those shifts are controlled by the left foot. Motorcycle shifts are – 6th gear, 5th gear, 4th gear, 3rd gear, 2nd gear, neutral and 1st gear. For shifting you will have to do 3 things, at first you will have to disengage the clutch using your left hand, than shift using your left foot, and then engage the clutch.
  • After you have known all the functions of your motorcycles, than now it’s time that you can start your motorcycle and your motorcycle will start electrically, and you won’t have to give the kick start. You will have to on the kick switch before starting your motorcycle and only then it will start. Than you must turn your key to ignition position and your motorcycle might give itself a check than after the checking is complete it might start properly and you must keep it in neutral mode. you will have to press the start button in order to start the engine.
  • Most of the modern bikes automatically shut off the stand when the bike is in gear and if you do not have this feature in your motorcycle than you must retract the kickstand by kicking it up with your left hand.
  • After you are prepared with all the functions, you will have to recall the throttle, clutch, brakes and shifting and you will have to develop a relationship between them. You will have to pull the clutch lever, and then press the shifter down to the gear, and then you will have to release your clutch slowly and you will see that your motorcycle is moving forward.

Well here are the few steps that you need to know and follow before riding a motorcycle. Reading the steps and analyzing them can make you go crazy or make you very confuse, but motorcycling is not that much hard to do and also it’s just a matter of practice.

The total thing depends on your practice and confident. You will have to believe in yourself first before going for a ride in motorcycle. Because if you get nervous before riding on a motorcycle than you might end up in facing a severe accident.

You must also get a insurance if it is available in your country so that it can save you from the harm of your bike and also from your harm.

Well never get into a serious ride before you have practice a lot and lot. Because practicing in an empty space and riding between the roads are really different from each other.

In this point, you can practice in the roads before serious riding, and for that you can take one of your friends to ride in the roads and you can follow your friend for riding in the road.

And make sure that you also took different courses from the place where motorcycling is taught, because they will not only give you good skills but they will also give make you and expert rider in motorcycle.

All I want to say is, I hope these steps will help you to ride your motorcycle in the best way, just take it easy because motorcycling is not that hard, give your time to it and it will also give its best for you.

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