Suvro Sen, Founder & Editor-in-Chief

Hi greetings to everyone, I am Suvro a motorcycle lover.  From my childhood, I am so much enthusiastic about the motorcycle. When I hear a motorcycle engine sound around my home, I always run to see that motorcycle.

suvro sen

In my mind there are lots of question then, why engine sound of a motorcycle different from one another? We friends play with each other with on going bike beside the road of school class room about, Honda CDI vs Yamaha RX 100 engine sound.

In 2009, after lots of bargain my father agreed to buy me a motorcycle. Then I little bit confused what bike should I buy? I asked everyone one of my friends & relatives who have a owner and experience in this field. They are confused me by giving  choice between Hero Honda & Bajaj.

Then I sneaking around the internet for the best bike to buy in my budget. As we know maximum motorcycle in Bangladesh import from India so I sneak around the Indian motorcycle blogs & website. YouTube also help me a lot. Then I bought my Bike Hero Honda Hunk.

I found that Indian people discuss with each other about bike review, problems, used bike buying suggestion ,bike care tips, problem solution in various blog, forums website. But in Bangladesh there are no such platform. Then I think to build a website about all Bangladeshi peoples motorcycle related topics.

In the year of 2011 about 1,12,723 bike sold in Bangladesh.  It’s a growing industry, people now a days prefer bike because of traffic jam &  low maintaining cost.

After 2 years of research & planning I create this blog. My goal is to help the Bangladeshi people to get the right knowledge about bike and biking.

Always ride safely, Happy Biking (><)

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MD. Asad Iqbal, Web Admin


Hi bikers, I am Asad Iqbal, a computer programmer by profession & bike maniac by heart. Like so many I was a regular reader of some foreign bike blogs. But I always tried to find some flavor of Bangladesh motorcycle scenario at there.MD. Asad Iqbal

But unfortunately, they only talked about bikes which are available there. It was a feeling that we are far behind from foreign countries. Even comparing with some neighbor countries we are little bit backward though the climate and roads are almost same.

So to get the flavor of Bangladesh motorcycle scenario I always fantasized to build such a blog which will express what do we enjoy here. But for my profession I was too busy. Suddenly the day at 1st November I see the BikeBd.

I was pretty amazed with some mixed feelings. Firstly, someone started something new in Bangladesh & secondly, the website look was not so professional. As a professional, I can’t accept the website quality.

I directly express my opinion to Suvro sen. He then asks for my help. I am a Biker & I love my country. As BikeBD is going to represent the Bangladesh motorcycle scenario to the world I want to represent it by a professionally developed website.

Then I started my work and after four months of hard work, I developed the BikeBD English website, BikeBD Bangla Version. I appreciate if you, the readers will give your valuable opinion after visiting the website. And I’m trying my best to add some new features day by day.



Wasif Anowar,  Editor & Test Rider

To me biking is freeing your SOUL which can FLY with the wind &  what about a bike that doesn’t have a SOUL.  Hi I am Wasif Anowar, started life at BikeBD as an author back on early 2013 & later is now promoted as the Test Rider for the organization.

Since early days I used to write articles on Formula 1, MotoGP & cars for different international blogs & seeing Suvro Sen’s effort for the Bangladesh biker’s community I thought to give my small effort for this blog where I post news & review about the motorcycles available in our market.

All though these 5 years I was lucky to have the opportunity to test some of the best bikes in our market. I started to learn riding motorcycle with a Bajaj Discover 135, although my first bike was a Walton Leo back in 2011.

I love to explore Bangladesh with motorcycle. Had the chance to travel to many different & beautiful places in Bangladesh. Am really thankful to all the bikers who supported us in this long journey & we also hope to carry our momentum to make BikeBD the best online web portal on motorcycle in Bangladesh.



Saleh Md Hassan, Author

Riderz, this is Saleh Md. Hassan from Rangpur, a simple bike user rather then a road maniac. But some obsessions are inevitably inseparable to me and Motorbike is just one of them. Sometime it simply revs inside me to release my inner ascetic where it gets language when I ride my stallion toward the wide & unseen. Yes! Bike is like a stallion to me where I am the outlaw when riding on him. I dream to trailing toward the endless, riding on my beast.
saleh md hasan

I started to ride on the wheels from 1992 when I was the student of seventh class. I have passed 21 years long splendid period till 2011 with my fathers silver stallion Honda H100S CDI (where the first one was ‘Yamaha YBR’ 100cc). And that was a really silver line of my life. At 2010 we included another stallion Yamaha Fazer 153 in our stable. After getting him, some unseen trail unfolded before me.

My bike is the significant part of me so I understand its value. To me he is like a living being, and so I call it as stallion. I always tried to know my companions every detail. And it always responded to my interest. So here I am attached with Suvro Sen & Team BikeBD.

Here we are incited to give possible maximum support to the numerous bike maniac, lover, and riders and especially to the mass common bike user of our country. We the Team BikeBD is working especially for our Bangladeshi users. We hope you guys are always with us to swallow yourselves by our bike digests. Keep riding & ride safe on your trail. Thank you all.

Md. Mithun Mridha, Adviser

team bikebd
Md. Mithun Mridha

My name is Md. Mithun Mridha. I’m extremely passionate about bikes.

This passion grew up inside me since my childhood when I used to ride my father’s bike. Suddenly the passion towards biking turned into stunting right after getting my own bike.

I have been associated with from its very beginning as a advisor. A biker from heart in the world of student in profession, motorcycle is part of 6 years of my life.

My wish to do something new and extra-ordinary with my passion and a habit of experimenting with new things was the major reason why I choose Stunting. I started stunting right after getting my own bike in 2007.

After starting the motorcycle stunting I become popular in my area & bikers among the Dhaka city. That’s why I was interviewed in several TV programs. I love to spent my leisure times by traveling. Of course love to travel with my bike.

We some friends Create a Motorcycle group named Haunt Riderz ( HRZ) in 2007. I am a admin of this group HRz. My team HRz basically promotes stunting. apart from that we like to take part in various events which deal with motorcycling. the latest task we have done is the Velocita Generation Next, which is the first motorcycle racing event. I’m proud of my team and my team members that we could take the 1st initiative of Motorcycle racing in Bangladesh.

I love to read about Bikes. I spent a lot of time in doing this. With proper Knowledge I write reviews which aim to help the bikers of Bangladesh.
I want your support about my advisory role & would be happy to be accepted by you all.
Thank you..

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