Race GSR125 Feature Review By Team BikeBD

Wasif AnowarJuly 29, 2017

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Race Motorbikes is a sister concern of Rangs Group, which is a premium brand that promises lifestyle through outstanding quality bikes with latest features & unique design. Race Motorbikes are the importer & distributor of some of the most exclusive motorcycles from China & South Korea. Among them, GSR125 grabbed the attention of many hence we present Feature Review of Race GSR125.

race gsr125

Race Motorbikes started their journey in the fall of 2015. Their most popular bike Race Fiero 150FR has been gaining some popularity among the bikers, and for the people who still want to know more, they can read our test ride review article at our website. Race GSR125 similarly grabbing the attention of the people due to its design & mostly because of the DNA.

From outside, Race GSR125 looks exactly like Derbi GPR125 & some people get confused whether it is a cheap Chinese quality bike or not. So let me try to clear out that confusion.

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race gsr125 review

Piaggio is one of the leading two wheeler company from Italy, they also own brands like Aprilia, Vespa, Derbi, Gilera & Moto Guzzi. Nowadays, most European or Japanese motorcycle companies who are trying to get into the Chinese motorcycle market, need to have a joint collaboration of one of the local Chinese motorcycle companies.

Lifan has collaboration with MV Augusta, Keeway with Benelli, Haojue with Suzuki & many other renowned European or Japanese brands (if you have a doubt over my words you are most welcome to GOOGLE it).

In the same way, ZongshenMotorcycle Company has a technical collaboration with Piaggio. They work with the sports bike segmented known as ZONGSHEN PIAGGIO FOSHAN MOTORCYCLE CO. LTD. Hence, we can see the similarity between Derbi GPR125 & Race GSR125.

Now based on their collaboration, they made this bike in China which is known as APR125 & here in Bangladesh Race Motorbikes rebranded that as Race GSR125. (Just like they rebranded CF Moto 150NK as Race Fiero 150FR)

race gsr125 specification

So let’s move on and talk more about the bike! GSR125 is a full sports bike which is loaded with lots of interesting features. The engine for an instant is a 125 cc unit; it features a single cylinder, double overhead camshaft engine and it has 4 valves. The engine also has inner stability balance shaft technology, which helps in reducing engine vibration. It is Euro III spec engine which also has water cooling system.

race gsr125 price in bangladesh

The engine matted with a 6-speed gearbox. The engine also featured with abnormity fuel combustion, secondary double filter system, and duel oil pump separately chamber lubrication. All these to make the bike run smooth.

For the people who might be looking for the missing link, yes the engine is also loaded with EFI Marelli system, with accurate MIU electrical control unit which adjusts the fuel injection volume very accurately. The whole EFI system is calibrated to give a good combination of power & fuel economy.

The engine has a higher compression ratio of 12:1, so from its 125 cc motor it breaths out 15.8 BHP & 12 NM of Torque. Race Motorbikes claims that it will have a top speed of 134 km/h & will return a mileage of 35 km/l. The engine can rev up to 9250 rpm, something you don’t see too often in 125cc motors in Bangladesh.

race gsr125 mileage

Now let’s talk about the beautiful design of the bike. As I said earlier, this is a full sports bike. So the handle position is full sporty which might be a bit mental & physical hassle for the people who are not habituated with sports bikes. The bike feature dual front halogen headlights. It has 300 mm front disc brake & 220 mm rear disc brake.

race gsr suspension

The bike features twin spar aluminum beam with double sided swing arm.  The bike’s front tire size is 100/80-17 & rear tire is 130/70-17. The front suspension of the bike is featured with a USD unit with dual hydraulic stroke damper, while the rears are single coil hydraulic damper with helicoidally spring.

race gsr125 brakes

The bike features huge rear chain sprocket, the split seat like R15V2, under body rear grab rail, LED rear tail light, standard switch gears &a digital speedometer with many features. Overall the build quality of Race GSR125 is very good, and in some cases, it’s better than Race Fiero 150FR.

The bike is heavy too. It has a dry weight of 148 kg which is a lot in this segments given that the frame of the bike is made of aluminum. It also has a huge fuel tank of 15+ liter to make long distance ride easy. Even though in the picture it might seem that the bike is shorter in height but trust me it isn’t.

race gsr top speed

We are not sure about the true performance or the reliability of the bike as we are yet to Test Ride the machine on road. Looking so far at the brochure, I think Race GSR125 is for those people who want a Quality sports bike but can’t afford a Yamaha R15 V2 or Honda CBR150R. Yes, the bike doesn’t seem to be practical in the real world but a very interesting thing to live up with.

race gsr125 test ride

So here we present you the Feature Review of Race GSR125 & we also hope that very soon we will be able to present you with the Test Ride Review of Race GSR125. The bike is now available in three different colors in the name of Pearl White, Red & Matt Black & regular price of each unit of Race GSR125 is 250,000 BDT, but currently Race Motorbikes are offering in 2,35,000 BDT with a free DOT & ECE approved Helmet, a waterproof Backpack with Helmet carrier and a Shoe protector.

race gsr colors

Model: RACE GSR125
Origin: Developed by Aprilia-Piaggio group, ITALY and manufactured for worldwide distribution by PIAGGIO-ZONGSHEN, China.
Available Colors: Pearl White, Red, Matte Black
Type: Water cooled DOHC
Displacement: 125 CC
Bore x Stroke: 58 x 47 mm
Compression Ratio: 12: 1
Top Speed: 134 KM/H

Mileage: 35-38 KM/L
Max Power: 15.81 BHP @ 9280 RPM
Max Torque: 12 Nm @ 8000 RPM
Fuel System: EFI
Clutch: Wet, Multiplate
Gear: 6 speed
Final Drive: Chain
Overall Length: 1950 mm (76.77 in)
Overall Height: 1110 mm (43.31 in)
Overall Width: 770 mm (30.31 in)
Wheel Base: 1345 mm (52.95 in)
Ground Clearance: 115 mm (4.35 in)
Seat Height: 820 mm (32.28 in)
Brake: F: Radioactive calipers, Disc brake; Diameter 300mm
R: Disc brake; Diameter 218mm
Suspension: F: Upside Down (Inverted), Dual hydraulic damping front shock absorber, Stroke 114mm
R: Mid Positioned, Mono Shock; Stroke 36mm
Tire: F: 100/80 -17
R: 130/70 -17
Fuel Tank Capacity: 15.4 L
Curb weight: 148 KG

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To me biking is freeing your SOUL which can FLY with the wind. Bike riding is my PASSION & Touring is my HOBBY. The main goal is to update the bikers of Bangladesh with the latest news and reviews of motorcycles in Bangladesh.
One of the craziest things I ever did was riding 1150 km for 24 hours; it was just to replicate how it feels to go though Lemans 24 hrs.

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Rancon Accessories – Race : New Motorcycle Accessories Brand In Bangladesh

Wasif AnowarJune 20, 2017

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Race is a concern of Rangs Group which is a premier brand that promises a lifestyle through outstanding quality motorbikes & accessories with latest features & unique design at an affordable price in Bangladesh.  Under the umbrella of RACE Race Global Ltd has unique line of motorcycles & Rancon Accessories Ltd brought safety gears and Race Accessories for motorcycle riders. In our previous article we talked about their motorcycle line up today we will talk about the Rancon Accessories Ltd.

race accessories

RACE, a concern of the biggest conglomerate RANGS group, is a product first of its kind as a registered brand in Bangladesh, intends to expand into the vast Motorcycle Market of Asia and beyond. RACE, with its global experience & marketing acts intends to promote these markets by providing one stop solutions for Motorcycle riders for comfort, safety and above all a lifestyle carrier.

race motorcycles bangladesh

RACE – promises an outstanding lifestyle for Motorbike enthusiasts and boosts up their confidence to the upmost peak. Products of different varieties come with latest features and unique design at an affordable price in Bangladesh. Driven by the sheer passion to be the best and with a team of unique professionals, they bring the best quality products from all around the world within reach of everyone, especially for the bikers’ community. Safety, Trend and Lifestyle– all three combine made the equity of RACE as a brand.

motorcycle helmet in bangladesh

RACE helmets passed the DOT and ECE22.05 safety standards which are of the highest standard ensures motor biker’s road safety and a solution to reduce the chances of fatal injuries. Features contain Federal Government’s Department of Transportation (DOT) which sets minimum standards that all helmets sold for motorcycling on public streets must meet.

The standard is Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 218 (FMVSS 218) and is known commonly as the DOT helmet standard and ECE22.05 stands for “Economic Commission for Europe,” which was created under a United Nations agreement in 1958.  The 22.05 part refers to the specific regulation that the standards for testing are described in.

rancon accessories

In terms of Trend and Lifestyle, RACE motorbikes and safety accessories has the best designs fallen in each and every category. Not just the mainstream, RACE, in accordance with the current style, image and demand of bikers in mind provide fashionable solutions too.

motorcycle riding guards in bangladesh

A biker has no definition if he doesn’t ride his bike with proper safety gears. Helmet is a must, added with gloves to protect his hand from the dust & for maximum safety a jacket won’t be a bad idea along with some protective shield on his knees & elbows.

shoe cover in bangladesh

These days many bikers go for long tour & a small saddle back is his first choice to have carry all the necessary belongings Rancon Accessories Ltd.is a place where you can find all these gears & accessories in a lucrative price with the best quality to ensure not only your safety but also gives a fashion statement of a biker.

riding jacket in bangladesh

Rancon Accessories Ltd.has a wide range of accessories to fulfill a biker’s need. They bring all their safety gears & accessories from China. Here are the lists of products which Rancon Accessories Ltd. is currently offering to the bikers:

  • Helmet
  • Jacket
  • Winter Liner
  • Gloves(Full hand & Half)
  • Elbow & knee protector
  • Riding Boot
  • Backpack
  • Safety Lock, Chain lock & U lock
  • Gear Shift Pad / Shoe Protector
  • Rain Coat
  • Dust Cover

Price of helmet range between 1200 – 5000 BDT. They have a wide range of open face helmet, modular & also full face helmets. There are also helmets for female riders for their convenient. Except for two models the rest 8 models helmets are DOT or ECE Approve to maintain a standard quality & safety.

waterproof bag in bangladesh

Personally for me the best thing about Rancon Accessories Ltd products is the Backpack; which is a bit expensive but useful as you can carry important things in it & it is reflective & comes with a rain cover & a helmet carrier. Price of the backpack is 3300 BDT.

moduler helmets in bangladesh

For the last few years, after purchasing a motorcycle with 2 lac, a motor biker used to buy a Helmet worth BDT 800 – 1000 .. Now, bikers became more conscious about being safe and they desire to be a style icon within their community.

riding shoe in bangladesh

With an exclusive motorbike, bikers prefer to buy safety accessories like Helmet, Jacket, Gloves & etc. worth 10-15 thousand. If you are looking forward to be protected from small to fatal injuries or fond of buying safety & useful gears with your ride, then Rancon Accessories Ltd is one of the best place to search for.

motorcycle half gloves in bangladesh

To see or know more details about their products please contact at their showroom:

Race Showroom Address: 44, South Avenue, Gulshan 1, Road 134 (Badda Link Road).Dhaka, Bangladesh

Race  – Rancon Accessories Hotline:Call 01755-667000

Race – Rancon Accessories Mailing Address:[email protected]

To me biking is freeing your SOUL which can FLY with the wind. Bike riding is my PASSION & Touring is my HOBBY. The main goal is to update the bikers of Bangladesh with the latest news and reviews of motorcycles in Bangladesh.
One of the craziest things I ever did was riding 1150 km for 24 hours; it was just to replicate how it feels to go though Lemans 24 hrs.

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Race Fiero 150FR Test Ride Review By Team BikeBD

Wasif AnowarMay 25, 2017

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Motorcycle market in Bangladesh is mostly shared by Indian motorcycle companies, a very small part is into the hands of Chinese motorcycle companies whose market share is growing day by day & among all the Chinese motorcycle companies Race Fiero 150FR is one of the top model. After extensive testing for 3 months & riding it over 3000 km we thereby present you Test Ride Review of Race Fiero 150FR.

Click Here For Race Fiero Test Ride Video Review

naked sports bike in bangladesh

In the past we used to test a bike for 700-1000 km & then post an article on the bikes but with suggestion from BikeBD fans we speeded it up & from this year we will post articles on motorcycles which we will test for 2500 km at minimum so that we can collect more data about the bike & elaborate it more among the Bikers in Bangladesh.

Let’s introduce you to all to Race Fiero 150FR. The bike is actually CF Moto 150NK, which is rebranded in Bangladesh as Race Fiero 150FR, so for the people who think that this is a Chinese low quality version of a Chinese good quality bike is absolutely wrong.

race fiero specification

CF Moto is one of the top branded Chinese motorcycle company, their design team Kiska design most of their bikes most notably CF Moto 150 NK & 400 NK. Kiska is the same company who designed motorcycles for KTM so you may find some similarities in design between a KTM Duke 125 (2015) & Race Fiero 150F. So let’s get into the bike and see more details about the test ride review of Race Fiero 150FR.

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cfmoto fiero price in bangladesh


Design of the bike is aggressive, as stated you will find some similarities with KTM Duke and here they start with. The headlight resembles the face of a predator, the LED parking lights gives angry looks while the shape of the headlight always asking for a launching attack. Headlight of the bike always stays ON. Indicators are LED units and have rubber attach to them so that in case of a collision it will bend first to avoid not breaking it instantly.

race fiero 150fr taillight

Tail light is a bit compact & is a complete LED unit. Handle bar of the bike is a straight rod unit with chrome color.To compare the design it is more like Yamaha M Slaz, but just the fact Fiero 150FR have a better pillion seat with grab rail. The front upside down suspension does give the bike very good looks. Ignition key is featured on the fuel tank like most street bikes in Bangladesh.

cfmoto 150nk price in bangladesh


This bike is loaded with some very unique features which you won’t find in any other Chinese or Indian motorcycles in Bangladesh:

  • 150cc water cooled EFI engine
  • 6 speed gearbox
  • Two riding mode: ECO or SPORTS
  • Upside down front suspension
  • 292 mm front disc brake& 220 mm rear disc brake
  • 130 cross section rear tyres
  • Speedometer with lots of features.
  • Short exhaust.
  • Grab Rail for the pillion rider.

race fiero 150fr top speed in bangladesh

Speedometer of the bike is needed to be mention separately. It has an analog rev counter with a digital speedometer. It also has digital odometer, temperature gauge of engine, fuel indicator, battery indicator, and clock & lap timer. It also has a REDLINE light which can be adjusted so if you want to ride in pleasure you can set up the bike which will let it show the REDLINE LIGHT @ 6000 RPM!

Click Here to See The Full Specification of Race Fiero 150FR

race motorcycle

It also has a safety device which won’t let you to start the bike if the side stand is down if the bike is in gear. Even though it starts during Neutral but once you put the gear with the side stand ON the engine will shut down the power. You can control the light of the speedometer display from the buttons.

Switch gears of the bike is good but given the overall bike it could have been better. Because this bike is fitted with AHO so there is no Headlight OFF button. Headlight is good enough powerful for night ride, we tested the headlights on the hill tracks of Bangladesh and found that they illuminate enough light intensity for riding fast.

motorcycle starting method


RaceFiero 150FR have water cooled EFI engine. The engine is a 150cc single cylinder with 2 valves. The engine produces only 11.8 BHP & 10.7 NM of Torque, which is very less as these days most 125cc sports bike produces around 14-15 BHP! CF Moto says that this bike wasn’t design for SPEED instead it was design for cruising & comfort. We think we will praise this bike more for its build quality & comfort rather than its speed.

race motorcycle showrooms in bangladesh

The bike have two riding mode, in ECO mode you save good amount of fuel as in this mode the bike doesn’t accelerates too fast & ECU is programmed to save most amount of fuel. With the press of a RED button on the switch gear of the bike it turns into SPORTS mode. In this mode the bikes engine revs faster than normal and consume most amount of fuel. Difference between the two mode is minute & the only thing it does it helps the bike to touch the redline faster.

Although I like the short exhaust of the bike but not a fan of the exhaust noise, unlike Honda motorcycle it isn’t quiet but instead it makes a dirty noise like a muscle car. Gear ratio is good but initially for the first 1500 km the gear changes are hard. Engine carries 1200 ml of engine oil which is a lot so on average you have to buy two engine oil at a time & always fill it with 20w40 Grade engine oil.

race fiero braking system

Suspensions & Brakes:

As we talked before the bike have an inverted front suspension while the rear suspension is mono shock absorber. The front suspension alone with the brakes and weight distribution offers a fantastic combination for a Stunt Rider to perform a stoppie.

According to HRZ Stunt Rider Kayum Bhai, this bike can perform very beautiful stoppie but due to lack of power performing a chain wheelie is difficult. It takes around 1000-1200 km for the suspensions of the bike to work perfectly.

race fiero top speed

But one of the biggest problems with the bike is the rear suspension, the damper doesn’t works well in the bad road and also in the corners it slides around a lot. Something which is dangerous for a new bikers but I found it AMAZING!

comfortable motorcycles in bangladesh

For few times I thought that may be the rear suspension is not bolted properly but later I found out that it is the characterized of the bike which wants it to drift on high speed corning.This is a bike which is not recommended for all & not all will enjoy riding this bike.

upside down suspension in bangladesh

Riding & Performance

Seating position of the bike is straight upright & comfortable for long distance ride & also for city ride, but the pillion seat is not comfortable at all for long distance ride. Due to very big turning radius in the congested city traffic is it difficult to move the bike. Sometimes going between gaps become very hard due to the size of the bike.

race motorcycles price in bangladesh

Riding on an open road is fun with the bike;it has good braking and suspension. Rear tyre isn’t the best for wet weather ride or riding off road which has full of dust or sand. Headlight is powerful enough for highway ride, but I miss the dilemma of not having a LED Headlight as this is a new bike from this era.

Brakes of the bikes are top class, just as the build quality of the bike but if they could have fitted a better rear tyre it would have been better for high speed corning and braking in the wet or dust. The full rear end geometry is a mystery to me on how it performs on the corners!

One of the biggest questions you people will ask whether or not the SPORTS MODE & ECO MODE works? The major change is that it revs the engine and gear changes becomes more fast. Sports mode doesn’t add any extra power to the bike.

The brakes of the bike are very good, front unit it is a 292 mm twin piston unit & the rear 220 mm single piston brake unit. Am really impressed with the braking system of the bike. Corning ability of the bike is good too but I won’t suggest anyone to do high speed corning with this bike on wet or dirty track.

motorcycle cornering

Engine response isn’t high as it doesn’t have Ready pickup but the mid range of the bike is good. The bike isn’t REV happy, but it has a good attitude of cruising at 90-100 km/h. Fuel tank of the bike is just 10 litres which isn’t good for long distance ride & because it needs RON93 grade fuel which is impossible to find in Bangladesh.  You always need to get the best quality fuel or performance of the bike drops massively. Even with bad quality fuel the bike creates some problem at starting the bike.

There is engine vibration at high rpm but the ride is smooth in lower RPM, the bike doesn’t have any ready pick up but the mid range torque of the bike is good. Although it is a sports type of bike but in the real world it is made for long distance ride.

cfmoto fiero braking system

Performance Chart

Top Speed: 120 km/h.

Mileage: 32-35 km/l in Dhaka city

Highway: 38-40 km/l on the highway

race fiero price in bangladesh


I tested the bike for 3000 km & to be honest during the test I started to grow a bit of a soft corner for the bike, the way it looks like a predator, the way it sing a dirty sound from the exhaust & they way slip & slides on the corners but then I realize that this is not a everyday use bike for an average bikers, this is a bike that is made for people who enjoy riding a bike on the edge of a cliff and wants to fight with the bike rather than keep it in their garage & adore it.

race fiero 150fr review
Team BikeBD Editor & Test Rider Wasif Anowar

Most bikes these days in the price bracket of 2 lacs feels boring, they are good for commuting, they save fuel & more practical some of the key features which Race Fiero 150FR lacks neither it is so good for SPEED but I really respect the bike for its build quality, for it’s awesome braking system & most important for me it’s lunatic performance on the corners, the way it’s drift about tells me that this bike is truly alive. This is the Team BikeBD review of  Race Fiero 150FR & we hope to bring more details about the bike in our future testing.

To me biking is freeing your SOUL which can FLY with the wind. Bike riding is my PASSION & Touring is my HOBBY. The main goal is to update the bikers of Bangladesh with the latest news and reviews of motorcycles in Bangladesh.
One of the craziest things I ever did was riding 1150 km for 24 hours; it was just to replicate how it feels to go though Lemans 24 hrs.

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Race MotorBikes – Emerging Brand In Bangladesh

Wasif AnowarMay 4, 2017

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RACE MOTORBIKES is a new concern of Rangs Group which is a premier brand that promises a lifestyle through outstanding quality bikes with latest features and unique design at an affordable price in Bangladesh.

Click Here For Race Fiero Test Ride Video Review

race motorbikes

Company Profile

RACE MOTORBIKES started its journey as a single business unit in the fall of 2015. To achieve its vision and guided by a relentless focus on values, the company maintains close relations with its foreign partners thereby promising quality products, with genuine parts and efficient after sales service to their valued customers.

The company is driven by the sheer passion to be the best in the business; RACE MOTORBIKES promises to bring only the best quality of products from all around the world within the reach of everyone.

RACE MOTORBIKES believes in delivering operational excellence to meet commitments. With diversification and a rich variation of products it has the potential to earn repute among everyone as the distributor of premium quality brands and services. Currently they are the distributor of Hyosung & Race motorcycles (their own brand) in Bangladesh. Their motorcycles are of top quality which comes from Korea & China.

hyosung gtr 125 price in bangladesh

RACE Hyosung

KR Motors is a South Korean motorcycle company which was founded back in 1978 under Hyosung group of Companies. They are producing motorcycles ranging from 125cc to 650 cc. They have a lineup of sports, street & cruiser motorcycles.

Currently RACE MOTORBIKES is ensuring the availability of all these 3 types of motorcycles in Bangladesh under CBU condition which comes with 125cc engine fitted in them. All these bikes are oil cooled / air cooled & have 8 valves engine. Both the sports bike-GTR125 & street bike-GT125 produce 14.6 BHP and the cruiser-GV125 produce13.24BHP.

race motorcyles price in bangladesh

Price of Hyosung Motorcycles in Bangladesh

Model Name Price in BDT
Hyosung GTR 125 3,59,950
Hyosung GT125 2,99,950
Hyosung GV125 3,49,950

race fiero motorcycle in bangladesh

Race Fiero 150FR

We already reviewed our first impression about this motorcycle. This is the same motorcycle in China which is called CF Moto 150NK.CF Moto is one of the top brands in China & they design their motorcycle through the hand of Kiska; the same company who designed motorcycles for KTM!

We will post a full review of Fiero 150FR soon in our website, but so far through our findings we saw that this motorcycle has one of the best built qualities among the Chinese motorcycles in Bangladesh. The bike has a 150cc water cooled engine which produces 12 BHP.

So far in our 1000 km testing we found the mileage of the bike to be around 35 km/l, & top speed recorded is 120km/h.The bike comes with two riding mode. We do believe that after the end of break-in period, mileage & top speed will improve. Price of Race Fiero 150FR in Bangladesh is 209,000 BDT.

race motorcycle showroom

Race GSR125& SR125

These two Models are made by ZongshenPiaggioFoshan Motorcycle Co.Ltd. It is a joint venture company between Piaggio Group (Italy); the biggest motorcycle manufacturer in Europe.

Piaggio Group is the owner of brands such as Aprilia, Derby, Moto Guzzi & many more motorcycle brands around the world. Zongshen Industrial Group (China) is a giant private company, who is working as a partner of Piaggio and Harley-Davidson in China.

Here both the GSR125 (Sports) & SR125 (Naked) shares the same 125cc – water cooled engine which gives out 15.81 BHP; GSR 125 has a full sport handle bar with the top speed as claimed by the company is to be around 134 km/h.

aprilia 125cc motorcycle in bangladesh

GSR125 has duel headlight at front, aluminum frame, upside down front suspension, duel disc brake, full sports handle bar, split seat & polymer plastic fuel tank. When I first saw this bike I was truly amaze by its build quality.

Price of SR 125 is 1,99,000 BDT and GSR125 costs 250,000 BDT.

race city 100 price in bangladesh

Race City 100

The only 100 cc motorcycle in their lineup. QIANJIANG MOTOR is the manufacturer of this model. It gives out 7.4 BHP. This is a commuting motorcycle & it is user Friendly.The Company claims that it will give a mileage of 60 km/l. It features conventional drum brakes. They have two version of the bike; one is fitted with alloy wheels and another one with spoke wheels.Price of Race City 100 is 99,000 BDT.

motorcycle riding jacket in bangladesh

Currently all their motorcycles are coming in Bangladesh in CBU condition, they might bring these motorcycles in CKD in the near future which will help them to reduce the price of their motorcycles.  With the purchase of every bike the customer will get 2 years engine warranty. In Dhaka the bikers will be able to service at the bikes at Suzuki’s service centre at Tejagaon.

race fiero bike price in bangladesh

It is a nice initiative that these days the companies are moving forward in bringing the top quality bikes from China. This is all about Race Motorbikes, during the month of Ramadan we will come forward with the Test Ride Review of Race Fiero 150FR.

To me biking is freeing your SOUL which can FLY with the wind. Bike riding is my PASSION & Touring is my HOBBY. The main goal is to update the bikers of Bangladesh with the latest news and reviews of motorcycles in Bangladesh.
One of the craziest things I ever did was riding 1150 km for 24 hours; it was just to replicate how it feels to go though Lemans 24 hrs.

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Race Fiero 150FR – First Impression By Team BikeBD

Wasif AnowarMarch 17, 2017

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There are a lot of Chinese motorcycles in Bangladesh; many bring in the cheap quality motorcycles, but few have the courage to introduce us with the Top Quality Chinese motorcycles in Bangladesh. Among the few we will represent you with the First Impression Review of Race Fiero 150FR.

Click Here For Race Fiero Test Ride Video Review

race fiero

We will present to you the Test Ride Review of Race Fiero 150FR after a test ride of the bike for at least 2500 km.  Race Global brings this bike from CF Moto which is one of the fastest growing and technologically advanced motorcycle company in China in 150cc category. CF Moto also has a range of 400-650 cc motorcycles in their portfolio


Fiero 150FR is equipped with 150cc water cooled EFI engine which is technologically modern.It helps to make the ride smoother and save fuel at the same time. The engine delivers 11.8 BHP & 10.7 NM of Torque which may not seem enough on paper but the picture is totally different when you actually ride it. On top of that we believe that this bike will be praised more for its build quality & durability rather than top speed.

race fiero engine specification

It has a 6 speed gearbox & dual power delivery mode Economy & Sports.As we are still in the break-in period of the bike so we can’t feel the difference but according to the distributor in ECO mode the bike will consume less fuel while in the Sports mode it will sharpen up the throttle response.

race fiero suspension

Design & Features:

Race Fiero 150FR is designed by Kiska, the same company who designed brands like KTM among others, so you will find some similarities with KTM motorcycles on this bike’s design. It has LED parking light with a Halogen headlight which surprisingly is very powerful and provides great visibility.

race fiero 150fr mileage

The headlight of the bike stays on all the time as a stock feature to portray the Euro culture but it can be customized as per your requirement.Tail end of the bike is compact as the seat consists of two parts & pillion seat is not too high.

race fiero taillight

It features an inverted shock absorber in the front & mono shock at the rear, under belly engine cover, dual disc brake, tubeless tires & most important of all 130 rear section tires as standard. Handlebar is a straight unit with a small speedometer with lots of cool features.

race fiero speedo

Speedometer features an analog rev counter with a digital speedometer, it also shows you time, engine temperature, fuel meter & trip meter.You can adjust and set the RPM Warning Light as per your preference which is a feature you mostly get on high end aftermarket rev counters.

It also have a timer where you can record or measure your lap time around a race track  Gear indicator could have been an advantage and white back light of the speedometer cluster can be adjusted for better visibility.

race fiero brake

It has a tubular lattice frame which provides dimensional stability & the light weight construction helps for better handling of the bike on the road.  Braking system is a floating type, front brake is 218 mm with twin pistons while the rear is 240 mm in diameter with single piston.

race motorcycle

The bike has a 10 liter fuel tank. Looking at it we can see that both the front & rear mud guard won’t be good enough to stop the water or mud to enter into the engine or the pillion seat during the rainy season. Exhaust is short but I like the design. Switch gear quality could have been a bit better given how the whole bike is designed.

cfmoto 150nk


Firstly the bike we received for Test Ride is a brand new bike so we are still maintaining the break-in period rules where we kept the speed under 60 km/h with no hard acceleration or braking.

For us the bike accelerates very well & with smoothness. Suspension though seems to be hard but it will get smoother once we pass the break-in period. Yes unlike many bikes there are engine over heating issues but we will wait after the first service to see whether it improves or not. Regarding the turning radius of the bike, if it was smaller it could have given the rider better control over the bike in the busy traffic.

cfmoto fiero 150nk

To us the best part of the bike was the braking! I think among this price range it has one of the best braking system in Bangladesh. Riding it for 300 km till now I can feel that it should be a good bike for off-roading as the front fork is of very good quality also because of the chassis & tires. I think someday the foot peg will kiss the tarmac on the corners.

race fiero 150fr

The seats are comfortable. Horn is enough strong for highway rides so are the headlights but I think in rainy season it will be a bit uncomfortable to ride with little protection from the mud guard. The bike weighs 142 kg which is not considered an issue as it also helps with the handling of the bike.

race fiero images

We hope that this First Impression review of Race Fiero 150FR will shed some light on the brand new motorcycle that is been distributed by Race Global in Bangladesh. We will post a full on Test Ride Review after we test the bike for 2500 km on both city & also on the highways of Bangladesh. The specification, color options showroom address & price of the bike is given below.

cfmoto 150nk review

Note: Because this bike requires RON 93 fuel & the fuel quality of Bangladesh are mostly poor it is requested to put good quality fuel in the bike because from our experience we have seen that contaminated fuel can create problems for the bike to start.

It is advised from the company that you check the spark plug at regular basis & take good quality fuel. As this motorcycle is a bit advanced due to its technology, it is recommended that always contact with the service center for any type of problems

Click Here To See The Latest Price of Race Fiero 150FR

race fiero 150fr price



Type:     Liquid cooled EFI overhead cam shaft

Cylinder:  4 Valves; Single Cylinder

Displacement:   150 CC

Bore x Stroke:   57.0 x 58.6 mm

Compression Ratio:         10.5 :1

Max Power:       11.8 BHP @ 8500 RPM

Max Torque:      10.7 NM @ 7000 RPM

Ignition:           ECU

Fuel System:      EFI



Clutch:    Wet, Multiplate

Gear:     6 speed

Final Drive:          Chain


Brakes & Suspensions

Front Brake:   292mm Single disc, 2 pistons caliper

Rear Brake:            220mm Steel disc, 1 piston caliper

Front Suspension:   Upside Down Telescopic (Inverted)

Rear Suspension:   Mid Positioned, Mono shock absorber.

Front Tire:  100/80 R17 M/C 52 H 175

Rear Tire:  130/70 R17 M/C 62H 200



Overall Length: 2025 mm (79.72 in)

Overall Height:  1070 mm (42.12 in)

Overall Width:   770 mm (30.31 in)

Wheel Base:       1360 (54in)

Ground Clearance:          150 (5.9 in)

Seat Height:       785 (30.9 in)

Fuel Tank Capacity:         10 L

Curb weight:      142 KG

race fiero 150fr motorcycle price in bangladesh


Blue, Black & White


Race Fiero 150FR Price: 209,000 BDT  ( they reduced the price a week back from 229,000 BDT )

For more details about the bike please contact: 

Office: 387, Tejgaon Industrial Area  Dhaka, Bangladesh

Showroom: 44, South Avenue, Gulshan 1, Road 134 (Badda Link Road). Dhaka, Bangladesh

Contact Number: +8801755 667 000


To me biking is freeing your SOUL which can FLY with the wind. Bike riding is my PASSION & Touring is my HOBBY. The main goal is to update the bikers of Bangladesh with the latest news and reviews of motorcycles in Bangladesh.
One of the craziest things I ever did was riding 1150 km for 24 hours; it was just to replicate how it feels to go though Lemans 24 hrs.

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CFMoto 150NK Launching Soon In Bangladesh

Saleh Md. HassanApril 9, 2016

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A brand new liquid cooled sports machine is going to be launched in Bangladesh. Isn’t it sounds good!!! Yes, an eye catching quality machine coming soon in our market. It’s an ECU controlled naked Chinese mule which is designed directly by KISKA design house, who has been designing the Austrian motorcycle brand KTM. Guys, this is CFMoto 150NK and that is going to be launched in our market very soon. Let’s head in for more details.


Envoy of CFMoto 150NK In Bangladesh

Before detailing about the bike therefore origin, producer, designer and other related concerns here we would like to talk about the importer. The importer of CFMoto in Bangladesh is Goodwheel Bangladesh. We think many of you are very much known about them though they are the new comer in our motorcycle market.

Goodwheel Bangladesh has been silently working behind the scene to place some quality machines in our motorcycle market. They have been researching our motorcycle market trend, financial capability of buyer, youngster’s corner of choice and interests etc. Previously Goodwheel very practically worked on these issues with their three test mules under the badge AVATER.

After their primary market research now they are more confident and going to bring the mule CFMoto 150NK. As per their primary assurance that will be on May-June 2016 considering the shipment and other bureaucratic issues. So before the official launch let’s try to get the detailed identity of the CFMoto 150NK, and here are those after our comprehensive inquiry.

cfmoto-150nk- goodwheel-bangladesh

Origin of CFMoto 150NK

CFMoto 150NK is directly picked from the Chinese stable of CFMoto. CFMoto is now the international brand who are manufacturing power sports machines and accessories and distributing the same worldwide. The company established in Hangzhou, China in 1989. They produce power sports products like ATV, UTV, Motorcycle, Scooters and their engines.

Currently CFMoto has around 98 models of vehicle and 51 models of engines in their product line. They are distributing their product over 70 of countries. UK, USA and Australian region is the core market of CFMoto. CFMoto also has entered in the Middle East and working for south Asian region. So here is CFMoto 150NK to be available in our market.


Architect Behind The CFMoto 150NK

Guys, you may have known very well with the name KISKA… that is KISKA design house. KISKA is the international design house from Austria. You know they have been designing the Austrian motorcycle brand KTM from 1992 and doing globally with renowned brands. The senior designer Bjorn Shuster from KISKA is the man behind the CFMoto 150NK. 150NK was born in partnership of CFMoto and KISKA. So we think there is nothing to criticize about the design of CFMoto 150NK.


CFMoto 150NK at a Glance

CFMoto 150NK is the naked bike from CFMoto, China. This 150cc capacity mule is available in international market with two power band. In UK, USA and Australian region the mule is available with higher power and torque of engine and that is 10.7KW of power and 12.2NM of torque. But for Asian region it originally produces with 8.5KW of power and 10.7NM of torque. As per Goodwheel Bangladesh they are going to launch the power model of CFMoto 150NK.


The engine of CFMoto 150NK is specifically 149.40cc four stroke single cylinder liquid cooled OHC engine. The machine is controlled by ECU and fuel injected by EFI. The compression ratio of is quite significant and it is 10.5:1.0. Both intake and exhaust chamber are enlarged to ensure free operation of throttle. The clutch is multi-plate wet type and final drive operated by 6-speed manual gearbox. So you can understand 150NK engine adapted most of the premium technologies to be a quality machine.


Other than engine the chassis of CFMoto 150NK is made of Tubular Steel Frame. This type of frame ensures light weight characteristics of the bike with significant dimensional stability and resistance. Both the rims of 150NK wheels are constructed with MT Cast Aluminum alloy where both the tires are tubeless type.


The CFMoto 150NK designed with upside-down (Inverted) telescopic shock absorbers at front and central mono shock absorber at rear. Both the wheels are fitted with hydraulic disk brake where CFMoto specially mentions for powerful braking with 150NK.


The CFMoto 150NK equipped with full digital odometer with analog rev counter. All the lights and signals are LED type. The handlebar is one piece pipe handle with upright position. The seat is split type and riding position is also upright. The foot peg, foot peg hanger, grab rails are made of cast aluminum. So light weight is one of the core features of this bike.

Click Here>> CFMoto 150NK Price In Bangladesh


So guys, as per our study and comprehensive research you can understand CFMoto 150NK is the machine of some attractive features. Studying and revising in detail we are also very much hopeful about this machine in consideration of quality.

See The CFMoto 150NK In Bangladesh: First Impression Video

We think if this machine comes unaltered or unmixed in other word same as like international market in BD that might help to wipe out some blame of Chinese bikes. We wish Goodwheel Bangladesh will take this issue very seriously and give our market a quality machine.

CFMoto 150NK Specification

Therefore let’s wait for the official launch of CFMoto 150NK. We will update you the schedule of launching on time. Stay updated with us with our FB page and discussion group. Thank you all.

Not a road maniac rather than a simple bike enthusiast & absolutely a home bound soul… who sometime unleashes the inner ascetic to sit on the saddle and strike hard the stallion toward the wide and unseen trail like an outlaw…\\m//

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