Suzuki Motorcycle Discount Offers

Rancon Motorbikes Ltd, the sole distributor of Suzuki Motorcycles, is giving 3 offers on their 150 & 155 cc motorcycles. The offers are valid on limited stock available.. This Suzuki Motorcycle Discount Offers are different for different motorcycle models so I request you to read the offer carefully for the selected models.
suzuki motorcycle discount offers
1. In the MAXXMANIA offer the biker will get 2 years free registration with the purchase of any Gixxer SF or Gixxer SF MotoGP They biker will also get an additional helmet & a disc lock with the purchase of motorcycle in the Gixxer SF MotoGP edition.
2.In the “MOONSOON MANIA”Offer the biker will get a Free Registration for 2 years with the Gixxer Dual-Tone (Double Disc Brake) Black-Green color & 10,000 BDT cash back & a helmet with the purchase of any Suzuki GS150R.
3. In the “DUAL-DOZE” offer the biker will get 10,000 BDT cashback with the purchase of Black-Red or Blue-White Gixxer Dual-Tone Double-Disc, & 5000 BDT cashback with any Gixxer Dual-Tone Single-Disc
Alone with the offers you will also get Suzuki engine oil, a key ring, with the purchase of any Suzuki Motorcycles from Suzuki authorized dealers in Bangladesh. The offer is valid only for their 150 – 155 cc motorcycles.
Currently they have GS150R, Gixxer & Gixxer SF as their top end segment motorcycles. Suzuki is growing day by day in Bangladesh. These days Gixxer has become one of the leading 155cc motorcycles in the market.
To me the bike which I like most among them is the Suzuki Gixxer . It is the perfect combination of style and performance. It has a sharp and attractive body with a well-balanced frame and a very refined 155 cc engine within.

Below we give you the current price of all the Suzuki Motorcycles currently available under the offer in Bangladesh. :

Model Name Price
GS150R 199,950
Gixxer 224,950
Gixxer Duel Tone (SD) 229,950
Gixxer Duel Tone  (DD) 239,950
Gixxer SF 264,950
Gixxer SF (DD) 274,950
Gixxer SF MotoGP (SD) 274,950
Gixxer SF MotoGP (DD) 284,950

This is all about the current offerings of Suzuki Motorcycles in Bangladesh. With the motorcycle market in Bangladesh becoming so competitive, it is important that motorcycles offers the best performance, outlook and service. All these combined, Suzuki has fast become the best in the 155 cc segment. Added to that this Suzuki Motorcycle Discount offers will help the Suzuki motorcycle lover to choose their favourite motorcycle.  For further assistance please call at the hotline number of Suzuki Motorcycles in Bangladesh:01755662288.

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