Suzuki GSX-R150 & GSX-S150 Launched In Indonesia – Will It come In Bangladesh?

Suzuki GSX-R150 & GSX-S150 launched in Indonesia; both the bikes are stated to be pure competition of with HONDA & YAMAHA in the sports bike segments. Both the bikes are quiet similar in manners. GSX-R150 is the sports version while GSX-S150 is naked version. Question remains will it come in Bangladesh?

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Suzuki in Bangladesh don’t have any sports bike in their line up to fight with the likes of Yamaha R15 v2 or Honda CBR150R, neither does in India, their best offering is Suzuki Gixxer SF Motogp Edition which is a full body kit bike with a 155cc air cooled engine, producing 14.6 BHP. Gixxer SF is carburetor tuned with 5 speed gearboxes & just months back had rear disc brake as offering.

Looking from the picture from Indonesia we can confirm that the bike have double LED headlight one above another near like Honda CB150R, fuel tank is inspired from Suzuki GSXR1000 while the naked version is from GSX-S1000. Both the bike gets split seats as common.

What we know so far that the bike will have a 148cc DOHC engine which will be water cooled, fuel injected and will have a 6 speed gearbox. During the launch Suzuki didn’t reveal the power figure but later in their Indonesian website they stated that the bikes engine will  give out  19.2 BHP & 14 NM Toque which will be more powerful then R15v2 & any CBR150R & probably the most powerful 150cc bike in the whole world currently!.


But what really amazes me is the weight of the bikes; the full faired bike will weigh just 126 kg! While the naked version will be one kg heavier. Laws of Physics states with that much power on that light chassis both the bikes will be rocket ship on the straight (remember from Yamaha FZ150i Test Ride Review). In an article it was also mention that Suzuki tested the bike up against two 150cc sports bike (probably it will be R15v2 & CBR150R 2016) and was 8 km/h faster in the drag race!

Suzuki GSX-S150 Price In Bangladesh

Among other key features stated during the launch that Suzuki GSX-R150 will get key less ignition , LED Speedometer, Petal disc brake for better braking efficiency, duel emit exhaust, tubeless tyres, duel disc brake, answer back function.

Suzuki GSX-R150 Price In Bangladesh

2016 has been the year of sports bike in Bangladesh; we have seen the introduction of some very exclusive performance bikes by some importers in Bangladesh. Most of those models came from Indonesia or Thailand hence the local distributor of Honda & Yamaha couldn’t bring them as they are mostly depended on Indian motorcycle lineup.


Suzuki launched GSX-R & GSX-S150 in Indonesia; this is the first real step in the sports bike segments to fight with the likes of Yamaha R15 V2 & Honda CBR150R. Not to mention the naked bike will fight with the likes of Honda CB150R Streetfire & Yamaha M Slaz.

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I honestly won’t be surprise if any importer brings these two bikes in Bangladesh this year before the distributor of Suzuki in Bangladesh does. Currently we didn’t get any official confirmation of when it will launch in India. Problems of buying bikes through importers are many:

  • You won’t get any warranty.
  • No after sales service.
  • No spare parts backup.

Even though the bikers of Bangladesh want to buy these exclusive bikes because:

  • We are bounded by 155cc engine limit and these are the most powerful bikes we will get to ride currently
  • Most of us age between 20-35 years want to ride performance 150cc sports bikes in Bangladesh but sadly we don’t have too many options to choose from.

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It was long time coming but finally Suzuki made a 150cc sports bike for the Asian market, we bikers of Bangladesh will be very thankful to have these two bikes in Bangladesh & hope that somehow we get these two bikes on our tarmac.

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