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Launched back in 2014 the basic design of the bike hasn’t changed for a long time, they changed the graphics of the bike with new colour option & added a rear disc brake but last year they did it, Suzuki bought out the new Suzuki Gixxer but now the bike comes with a new fuel injected system in the bike & add to that single channel ABS with the front wheel. So let’s talk about Suzuki Gixxer Fi ABS Test Ride Review.

They made lots of cosmetic changes to the bike, the bike now has new full LED headlight assembly with no front fender over it, it does look NAKED & gives more of a Streetfighter attitude.

suzuki gixxer fi abs test ride review

The new plastic panel are of good quality but in this segment, I was expecting it to be better, there isn’t any complain about the fit & finish of the bike. I love the headlight illumination, some companies mess it up with LED headlight but this one is good, very very good for highway riding.

Standing a bit far away I think it isn’t the most handsome looking bike, they could have had added some panel above the headlight to give it a hat but sadly they didn’t.

gixxer fi abs headlight


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Sitting position is upright & comfortable, the bike has a wider & longer rear seat which now will help the pillion rider to sit more comfortably. They didn’t make any changes in the switch gears but changed the styling of the speedometer now it is much sharper.

A new muscular body surrounds the 12 litre fuel tank, with side panel now much more spread forward & much sharper to help cut the air. The new LED tail adding an extended rear mudguard & a tyre hugger to help spread less water to the biker behind.

gixxer fi abs tail light and indicators

The new Gixxer is a fairly comfortable motorcycle, the handlebar of the bike is upright, added to that there is a low center-set footpeg. I found the seat a bit softer than the old variant, riding on the highway I didn’t felt any uncomfortable issue.

The bike weighs 5 kg more but it didn’t hamper its handling, if anything it’s made it good for moving across, as when a bike is light it is good for the handling of the bike & it also does help under braking.

Because they raised the under belly of the bike now you can ride with a pillion on speed breakers without hitting the underside of the bike but if the speed breaker is too high then it will become an issue.

gixxer fi abs exhaust

The redesigned speedometer is now much sharper, you have the basic readings which you find on most bikes in this segment with Speed, RPM, Fuel gauge, clock, odometer & trip meter.

New Suzuki Gixxer Fi ABS although gets lots of cosmetic changes but they haven’t changed the engine of the bike, the bike still has that old 155cc air cooling single-cylinder engine, due to Fuel Injection & BS6 the engine produces 13.9 BHP @ 8000 RPM & 14 NM of Torque @ 6000 RPM.

suzuki gixxer fi abs engine

Suzuki played a trick, if you want then you can still buy the carburetor engine bike with the same looks, that carburetor version will get a 14.6 BHP engine, same amount of Torque but there won’t be any single-channel ABS.

We tested the premium version of the two. From the start, you will feel that this isn’t a Gixxer, as Gixxer is all about RAWNESS! This Fi system is surprisingly sublime, quiet, civilized. Don’t get me wrong though underneath it is still a Suzuki Gixxer.

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It still accelerates faster than many others around it which has Fuel Injection, the bike still revs @ 9000 RPM. The clutch is light & the gear change is smooth, the more you will twist the throttle the more the new double-barrel exhaust screams, a signature of Gixxer. The engine loves to rev, it is punchy. The exhaust note is loud & does make you feel racy.

You get a good amount of low-end torque & quick acceleration something very helpful from a signal-to-signal ride in congested Dhaka city. The engine comes alive once you rev it pass 5000 RPM, that is when it leaps above until the red line.

speedometer gixxer fi abs

One of the things I found about this bike is that because now it is more sublime & civilize, at 4th gear if you are doing speed of 80-90 kmph sometimes you don’t realize that unless you look at the speedometer.

Let’s not make any mistake that Gixxer has lost its fun factor, it is a fun bike to ride on, the handling is superb for zigzagging between the traffic, & not an issue for overtaking on the highway.

The cornering ability of the bike is just as good as the old variant, the brakes are pretty mighty, you get fantastic feedback from them & there are some great initial bites.


gixxer fi abs seat

The bike is nimble and quick to change direction for that I have to thank the rear suspension added with that the rear tire. Am disappointed with two things, first is the horn, this single horn is totally useless in city or on the highway & then there is the turning radius, you need a good amount of space to turn the bike around.

During our ride on wet roads or on the dry, we haven’t faced any such issue, despite not moving to rotor petal disc brake the feedback is fantastic

gixxer fi abs cornaring

Yes, you miss some of the rawness of the character of Gixxer but am OK with as the fun factor is still there. The chassis, suspensions & tyres really give the confidence to you to throw the bike on any corner & even if you mess it you can you still recover from it.

As now the pillions seat is wider you can now have a big pillion rider with you & if you don’t want one you can tie your bag and glide on the highway with ease.

Suzuki Gixxer Fi ABS Pros:

  • Smoother engine
  • Good handling
  • Good braking
  • Good headlight illumination
  • Big wider pillion seat

suzuki gixxer fi abs grey color price in bangaldesh

Suzuki Gixxer Fi ABS Cons:

  • Build quality still behind its main competitor
  • Front suspension stiff
  • With BS6 engine good quality fuel is a must
  • Finishing quality of the plastics needed to be better
  • Single horn doesn’t fit with the overall bike
  • Turning radius of the bike is big

In the past if you were to buy a sport commuting motorcycle with a single channel ABS you would buy a V3, as that is the ultimate bench mark in this segment, although there were some options around but none were that good, there is now oh boy, there is now!

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