Suzuki Giving Away Up To 1 Lac Taka Discount!

Ahmed Shazon
July 10, 2019

It has been one month since the EID is gone, and one more till the EID-UL-ADHA is coming. And to celebrate this upcoming EID, Suzuki Motorcycle Bangladesh – Rancon Motors is giving away EID discount on most of their models where the highest amount is up to 1 Lac Taka Discount (Source)!1 lac taka discount

Suzuki Bangladesh has been raising their game of discounts and cashback for some time now, and this latest offer they have announced is probably one of their biggest offers in a while now.

Suzuki Bangladesh has announced a huge cashback offer on some of the models and in their most popular motorcycle, the Suzuki Gixxer, they are giving away a minimum discount of 18,000 BDT while also a chance to win up to 1 Lac Taka Discount!


Suzuki – Up To 1 Lac Taka Discount Offer

ModelOld Price (BDT)Cashback (BDT)Current Price (BDT)
Suzuki Gixxer Mono tone (SD)2,09,95018,0001,91,950
Suzuki Gixxer Dual Tone (DD)2,29,95015,0002,14,950
Suzuki Gixxer SF MotoGP DD2,59,95015,0002,44,950
Suzuki Access (Disc)1,70,00025,0001,45,000
Suzuki Access (Drum)1,62,00022,0001,40,000
Suzuki Hayate1,14,95020,00094,950


The most interesting part of this Discount Offer is that Suzuki Bangladesh is giving away up to 1 Lac Taka Discount on Suzuki Gixxer Mono Tone Single-Disc Edition! In every purchase of Suzuki Gixxer Single Disc Mono Tone Edition, the customer will get a minimum discount of BDT 18,000 and will also get the chance to win up to 1 Lac Taka Discount!

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The other bikes on the list carry on a good amount of discount too. The Dual Disc Dual Tone version of Suzuki Gixxer has a discount of 15,000 BDT, along with the full faired Suzuki Gixxer SF Dual Disc MotoGP Edition.

The scooter, Suzuki Access gets a really good discount of 22,000 to 25,000 BDT depending on its braking version, while Suzuki Hayate becomes another most attractive deal.

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A while back, Suzuki Hayate had a price tag of 1,14,950, but now, with a massive cashback at 20,000 BDT in total, the bike will only cost 94,950 BDT. This bike along with this price tag is one of the best deals in the segment, and hopefully, this will give it’s competitors a tough run.

This Suzuki Motorcycle Discount Offer will go on till stock lasts. Hopefully, people who want to buy this bike will get the 1 Lac Taka Discount on Suzuki Motorcycles. Also, this really is a good discount offer for motorcycle enthusiasts of all segments.


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FAQ - Frequently Ask Question

Ans: Suzuki Hayabusa is the best bike in Suzuki.

Ans: Suzuki Gixxer is a pretty good bike. Overall, it is a more powerful bike if we compare it with the Yamaha FZ.

Ans: Honda. Honda Motors Company Ltd has grown up to become the world’s biggest motorcycle manufacturer in addition to also being one of the leading positions in the automotive industry.

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