Studds Helmet Price In BD

STUDDS is an Indian motorcycle helmet brand that produces a wide range of motorcycle helmets, bicycle helmets, motorcycle accessories, and personal protective equipment (source). Side by side with the brand STUDDS the manufacturing company also owns another helmet brand SMK. Thereby STUDDS has a wider market coverage in India and also in the world market.

Studds Helmets In Bangladesh

Studds Super Decor D3


NameStudds Super Decor D3
Price2,000 BDT

Studds Super Decor D1


NameStudds Super Decor D1
Price2,000 BDT

Studds Thunder D5


NameStudds Thunder D5
Price2,000 BDT

Studds Thunder D4


NameStudds Thunder D4
Price2,000 BDT

Studds Thunder D3


NameStudds Thunder D3
Price2,000 BDT

Studds Thunder D2


NameStudds Thunder D2
Price2,000 BDT

Studds Thunder D1


NameStudds Thunder D1
Price2,000 BDT

Studds Shifter Decor D2


NameStudds Shifter Decor D2
Price2,400 BDT

Studds H ST KS-1 Metro


NameStudds H ST KS-1 Metro
Price1,650 BDT

Studds H ST Dude


NameStudds H ST Dude
Price1,500 BDT

Studds H ST Dame Plain


NameStudds H ST Dame Plain
Price1,500 BDT

Studds Helmet Bangladesh

The brand STUDDS established and owned by the manufacturing company STUDDS Accessories Ltd. The story of the company begins in 1973 from a small motor garage owned by two brothers Madhu Bhushan Khurana and Ravi Bhushan Khurana in Faridabad, Haryana, India. The company officially founded in 1975 and incorporated in 1983.


At the moment of the establishment of STUDDS, there were a few helmet manufacturers in India who used to manufacture motorcycle helmets targeting India’s domestic market. But the manufacturing volume of those companies was not that large to cover the market demand. 


Thereby STUDDS started to manufacture motorcycle helmets in their small factory in Faridabad, Haryana, and now STUDDS is the largest manufacturer that not even in India but also in the world. They are currently the largest helmet manufacturer in the world by the manufacturing and sales volume.


At present, STUDDS has four backend integrated state-of-art manufacturing facilities where all are situated in Faridabad, Haryana, India. The manufacturing facilities include in-house automated plastic injection molding, visor coating, paint shop, liner stitching, helmet assembling, packaging, and warehouse facilities.


Further, they have an in-house Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) production line which is India’s first EPS production facility dedicated to producing its own manufactured helmets. Accordingly, STUDDS also has an in-house R&D and testing laboratory approved by VCA ENGLAND. Thereby STUDDS ensures the proper compliance of manufacturing standards in their helmet manufacturing.


Thus all of the STUDDS helmets are manufactured under the safety certifications of India’s BIS certification IS 4151 (Motorcycle Helmet) and IS 2925 (Industrial Helmets). Further, STUDDS produces different models of motorcycle helmets under DOT, ECE 22.05, and SLSI certifications according to different country customer requirements. 


At present, STUDDS Accessories Ltd. holding two helmet brands STUDDS and SMK. SMK is counted as the premium arm of the company that initiated with a different product line in 2016 which produces helmets collaborating with Italian helmet designs. Hence all the STUDDS and SMK helmets are manufactured by STUDDS Accessories in Faridabad, India.


Along with the production facilities of SMK helmets, STUDDS now has doubled its helmet production capacity to 7.5 million units of motorcycle helmets and 1.5 million bicycle helmets per year. Now STUDDS helmets are enjoying the largest market share in India. At the same time, STUDDS spread its market coverage to the many other countries of Asia, Europe, America, Africa, and Australia.

FAQ- Frequently Ask Question

STUDDS is an Indian manufactured safety helmet brand that produces various types of motorcycle helmets, bicycle helmets, motorcycle accessories, and personal protective equipment.

STUDDS helmets are manufactured by the world’s largest helmet manufacturer STUDDS Accessories Limited, India.

  • STUDDS helmets are made in India in the own manufacturing facility of STUDDS Accessories Limited.

STUDDS helmets are imported and distributed through individual helmet importer and distributors in Bangladesh.

STUDDS helmets are manufactured and certified under the safety standards like BIS, DOT, ECE, SLSI, etc.

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