SOL Helmet Price In BD

SOL is a Taiwanese motorcycle helmet brand owned by the trading and manufacturing company BO CAI Enterprise Co. Ltd.  Taiwan.  Under the brand name SOL the company manufactures a wide range of motorcycle helmets and distributes the same in the world market. Side by side the SOL, BO CAI Enterprise also holding another helmet brand GMAX that largely covered Europe and North American markets.

Sol Helmets In Bangladesh

Sol Unicorn II


NameSol Unicorn II
Price9,500 BDT

Sol Infinity


NameSol Infinity
Price8,800 BDT

Sol Illusion


NameSol Illusion
Price8,000 BDT

Sol Helmet Bangladesh

The company BO CAI Enterprise Co. Ltd. founded back in 1976 in Tainan City of Taiwan as a motorcycle helmet, safety equipment, and motorcycle accessories trading company. Later they entered into a small range of manufacturing and upon a time it expanded to manufacture its own badged products.


In experience of 30 years in trading and manufacturing of auto equipment, BO CAI Enterprise established its own helmet brand SOL in 2005. The brand name SOL is a Latin word that means “Sun” and it symbolized Glory, Youth, and Passion. Thus it describes the brand value and their diversified featured product range.


SOL Helmets manufactures all of their products under the terms of MIT Taiwan which means they follow Taiwan’s extensive manufacturing terms of “Made In Taiwan”. Hence being with the MIT’s persistence, it describes SOL’s manufacturing quality and services that are well-known in the market.


In manufacturing SOL also follows the basic requirements of the world’s safety standards. Thus their manufactured products are passed by the safety certifications like Taiwan CNS, US DOT, and European ECE certifications. Thereby SOL ensures the standard protection and safety to the riders according to different styles and protection levels of different products.


In addition to quality manufacturing, SOL is seriously focused on the diversified product design and color schemes which are very important to highlight individual person’s choice, test, and style. Hence the diversified range of color schemes is one of SOL HELMETS’s strengths that are well-known and appreciated in the world market.


Accordingly, SOL has larger coverage in Taiwan’s domestic market as well as in the world’s motorcycle accessories markets. Therefore, SOL has direct distribution in China, South Korea, India, Russia, the Philippines, Uruguay, Peru, Chile, and has a presence in the other countries of Asia, Europe, America, and Oceania.

FAQ- Frequently Ask Question

SOL is one of the well-known motorcycle helmet brands in the world market.

SOL helmets manufactured and owned by BO CAI Enterprise Co. Ltd.  Taiwan. 

SOL helmets are manufactured in the own manufacturing facility of BO CAI Enterprise Co. Ltd. in Taiwan.

In Bangladesh, SOL helmets are imported and distributed by the individual importer and trading companies. 

SOL helmets passed by the safety certifications like Taiwan CNS, US DOT, and European ECE certifications.

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