SMK Helmet Price In BD

SMK is an Indian manufactured safety helmet brand that produces various types of motorcycle helmets (source). It’s a European homologation-inspired brand and all of its helmets are designed in Italy. Therefore under European design and global safety standards, SMK helmets are manufactured and distributed the same in the world market as well as in this sub-continent.

SMK Helmets In Bangladesh

SMK Stellar Samurai Green


NameSMK Stellar Samurai Green
Price4,500 BDT

SMK Stellar Squad


NameSMK Stellar Squad
Price4,500 BDT

SMK Stellar Graffiti


NameSMK Stellar Graffiti
Price4,500 BDT

SMK Helmet MA253


NameSMK Helmet MA253
Price6,000 BDT

SMK Helmet Bangladesh

The brand SMK now is the premium arm of the world’s largest helmet manufacturer STUDDS, India. SMK helmet range was first time introduced in the EICMA exhibition in Milan in November 2015. At the earlier time, SMK helmets were manufactured in another Indian helmet manufacturer’s facility in Faridabad, India, and then taken by STUDDS.


Accordingly, since 2017 all the SMK helmets are manufactured by STUDDS in its dedicated manufacturing facilities combining European design & global standards. Thus SMK is holding advanced safety features as well attractive and striking looks. Now SMK is the premium helmet series of STUDDS that producing a wide range of motorcycle helmets targeting the global markets.


Currently, the manufacturer company STUDDS is the world’s largest manufacturer in terms of yearly manufacturing volume. In the flow of increased production, STUDDS has increased its state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. Those facilities are equipped with the latest technology and machinery to handle all the necessary production processes for SMK. 


Now the company owns four manufacturing facilities where all of which are located in Faridabad, Haryana, India. These manufacturing facilities are able to handle the molding of shells and components for the helmets. At the same time, those are facilitated for painting, visor coating, packaging, and warehousing.


Further, the company also has begun the operation of a new manufacturing plant to produce EPS, therefore, Expanded Polystyrene for their helmets. This is India’s only in-house facility of a company that produces EPS for its own branded helmets.

Hence, the entire manufacturing and assembling process of SMK helmets is done under strict quality and safety standards. Accordingly, SMK helmets are tested in their own testing laboratories as per various global and regional safety standards including European safety homologations.


Therefore SMK helmets are tested and certified with DOT, ECE, NBR, etc. Thus SMK helmets are currently distributed in more than 45 countries of the five continents Asia, Australia, North America, Latin America, and Europe. Thus the brand is growing in the global market maintaining the tagline “Style & Safety” that speaks about SMK Helmets.

FAQ- Frequently Ask Question

SMK is an Indian manufactured safety helmet brand that produces various types of motorcycle helmets.

SMK helmets are manufactured by the world’s largest helmet manufacturer STUDDS, India.

SMK helmets are made in India by STUDDS those designed in Italy.

SMK helmets are imported and distributed though individual helmet importer and distributors in Bangladesh.

SMK helmets are manufactured and certified under the global safety standards like DOT, ECE, NBR, etc.

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