Short Tour To Mawa Feri Ghat

Suvro SenMarch 31, 2014

At 6 AM in the morning Abid vai called me and woke me up, I thought maybe there is some emergency or without any notice he won’t call him at this time of the day. He said, ARE YOU FREE TODAY? IF SO THEN LETS GO FOR A SHORT BIKE RIDE TO MAWA GHAT. Without any further query I took a shower and at 6:30 left home, just as I was nearing Rampura TV Centre I saw a RTR and a FZS blazing pass me, knowing that it has to be Abid vai and June vai, I started to open up my throttle to follow them and 15 minutes later we were in front of Suvro Sen’s house where Omio vai was already waiting and having his morning tea.

So what was the fuss, Abid vai a few days ago said on Facebook tagging the rest of the crew that it has been sometime that he did a road trip with bike and before the summer starts he wants to go for a small road trip to freshen up his mind. So just 6 hours he called me up he made the plan with Suvro vai and June vai and later in the morning called Omio vai & me to join in.

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Omio bro had a puncture tyre so he kept his bike, Abid vai rode on the back of June vai’s FZS while Omio vai hitch a ride on the back of Suvo vai’s Fazer, while I was left alone with my Glamour. At 7:15 we left Shantinagar and headed to towards Padma River or to many famously known as Mawa Ghat.

The road was sort of empty, we managed to escape the morning rush hour & and after crossing Postokhola Bridge we were into biking nirvana. The road wasn’t of the best of asphalt but to my surprise it was smooth and this time around there was less speed breaker than there was last year. We rode very smoothly with the Fazer leading the pack and the FZS was behind me while I was in a Yamaha Sandwich.


We enjoyed the morning cool breeze, as we were riding speed between 60-70 km/h. Round about 8:30 we reached Mawa Ghat were we were treated with a beautiful resort just on the bank of river Padma.

mawa resort

We entered Mawa Resort and hand around for an hour inside it. We lay on the grass and after some heated ride finally we got the chance to breathe some fresh air under the trees. The resort is very beautiful with some good cottage, a good place for family outing.

hilsha fry

By this time we became very hungry and then at 10 we took our rides on the bank of river Padma to have Rice with Hilsha fish. The food was very delicious as they fried the fish with good care and each one of us had 2-3 pieces inside their tummy. We left from Mawa towards Dhaka @ 10:40 AM and by 12 NOON we were back in Baily Road. 😀


  • Distance from Baily Road to Mawa Ghat 40 km.
  • The road asphalt is very slippery, make sure you have good brakes and your rear tyre is not worn out in case of emergency braking.
  • The road though doesn’t have too many busses but there are many trucks and 3 wheelers.
  • There are many unmarked speed breaker alone the highway so keep your eyes open and stay alert.

BY Wasif Anowar


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