Shark Helmet Price In BD

SHARK is one of the world-renowned European motorcycle helmet brands that produces versatile features and categories of premium helmets (source). This helmet brand now is owned by the French 2 Ride Holding Company headquartered in Marseille, France which also owns 7 other internationally renowned motor-gear brands Nolan, X-Lite, Grex, Bering, Bagster, Segura, and Cairn.

Shark Helmets In Bangladesh



NameSHARK SKWAL 2 Noxxys
DistributorDewan Motors
Price24,000 BDT



DistributorDewan Motors

95,500 BDT

Shark Ridill



Shark Ridill

Dewan Motors
Price15,000 BDT

Spartan GT Carbon Kromium


NameSpartan GT Carbon Kromium
DistributorDewan Motors
Price42,000 BDT


D-SKWAL 2 DAVEN / Black Anthracite Silver


NameD-SKWAL 2 DAVEN / Black Anthracite Silver
DistributorDewan Motors

18,500 BDT

SPARTAN GT Shestter Carbon



SPARTAN GT Shestter Carbon

Dewan Motors
Price42,000 BDT

Shark Helmets Bangladesh

The world-famous helmet brand and manufacturing company SHARK founded in 1986 by two brothers who were professional track racers. They understood the value of having quality safety gear in the toughest racing situations on the track and put their experience and efforts to build quality helmets according to the racers’ convenience.


Now SHARK is the premium helmet brand not even in Europe but globally that produces technically most advanced and highly featured helmets both for the motor racers and also for the common peoples. SHARK is solely dedicated and involved in continuous research and innovation from the beginning and owns technically advanced R&D facilities that involve to ingredient most advanced logistics and technologies.


Facilitating with advanced manufacturing facilities to manufacture every single helmet material in-house SHARK is completely independent in entire helmet manufacturing. Further SHARK has the facilities of 3D printing for developing prototypes, crash testing for ensuring safety, air-tunnel testing to assess air penetration and ensure aerodynamic stability.


Thus all the SHARK helmets are developed and manufactured following tested and précised design and maintaining strict manufacturing standards. Thereby SHARK helmets offer premium manufacturing quality, user-friendly features, comfort, safety, and of course unique design in every category of helmets. Therefore all the SHARK helmets meet global and regional safety standards and offer an extensive warranty.  


Currently headquartered in Marseille, France, under mother 2 Ride Holding Company SHARK owns multiple independent manufacturing facilities including three foreign factories in Portugal, Thailand, and Italy. The entire manufacturing and production chain of each factory is owned, designed, controlled, and run by SHARK.


At present SHARK manufactures and sells more than 3,80,000 helmets per year. Every year they design, manufacture, and sell new models of helmets. Hence globally in 80 countries, they have direct distribution and dealers. Further, they have an extensive distribution channel of over 5,000 sales outlets in the global markets. Accordingly, SHARK also has an official distribution in Bangladesh.

The sub-brand X-Lite was born in 1998 where the mother company Nolan established in 1972 by Lander Nocchi (source). Lander Nocchi was an official Guzzi driver and a businessman in the motorcycle racing industry. Thus he tended to produces helmets for motorcycle riders. 


Hence after the former brand Nolan, the company established another helmet brand Grex and then X-Lite. Sequentially another brand N-Com formed to manufacture personal communication systems for the riders. Here all the helmet and accessories products are manufactured by Nolan and all of those made in Italy.


The brand X-Lite represents the philosophy of making the safest possible helmets. Thus it focused to build helmets composing of the most advanced technology and material to build the highest possible quality helmets which can give maximum safety and support to the race riders.


The brand X-Lite owns a special manufacturing plant in Bergamo, Italy for its exclusive production of helmets to ensure control on all the production phases including inception, research, testing, and development. Further, all the stages of manufacturing, assembling, and packaging are exclusively taken care of to achieve the highest possible manufacturing and industrial quality.


Therefore, X-Lite engineers have uncompromised control over the design, material management, manufacturing, assembling, testing, and storing. Thus all X-Lite helmets are manufactured ensuring précised manufacturing standard and qualify the global and racing safety standards those formed and standardized by the related institutes.


In the sales and distribution X-Lite therefore the mother company Nolan has the global coverage. Nolan has dedicated dealer and distribution networks in Europe, America, Australia, South Africa, and Asia. In Bangladesh Nolan & X-Lite helmets are sold and distributed by ACI Motors Limited who also is the official sole distributor of Yamaha Motorcycles in Bangladesh.

FAQ- Frequently Ask Question

SHARK is one of the well-known European motorcycle helmet brands that produces versatile features and categories of premium helmets.

SHARK helmets are manufactured in the SHARK’s own manufacturing facilities in Portugal, Thailand, and Italy.

SHARK helmets are manufactured in the SHARK’s own manufacturing facilities including three foreign factories in Portugal, Thailand, and Italy.

SHARK helmets are officially imported and distributed in Bangladesh by DEWAN MOTORS, Bangladesh.

All the SHARK helmets meet or exceed the global and regional helmet safety standards like DOT, ECE, TIS, etc.

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