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Hello readers, today we are herewith to introduce you with one of our motorcycle assembler, marketer and distributor company that is Rupsha Trading Corporation with Rupsha Trading Corporation -Company Highlights. The company established in 1990 and doing motorcycle related business with reputations as they are the registered importer, exporter and approved assembler of motorcycles. Currently Rupsha Trading Corporation is the sole distributor of Zongshen and Hundai brand motorcycle in Bangladesh. So let us entertain you herewith some detail about the company, their activity, product line and services.

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The distributed brands of Rupsha Trading Corporation are Zongshen and Hundai, which are the top motorcycle brand and producer of China where the Hundai is the sister concern of Zongshen. You know the Zongshen is internationally one of large motorcycle producer and brand which currently working incorporating with Harley Davidson USA and Piaggio Italy.

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Zongshen also working worldwide by direct selling their own models of motorcycle; and very widely they also work for others by producing and supplying spare parts for other renowned brands. Working in joint venture they are now very developed and advanced in motorcycle business worldwide; and they are the Giant in China.


Rupsha Trading Corporation currently tied with Zongshen and Hundai brands of motorcycle. They are assembling and marketing various types of Zongshen and Hundai brand motorcycles in Bangladesh. All the parts of the motorcycles accept the engine Rupsha Trading Corporation is assembling the whole motorcycle in their own factory facility. At this time they are capable to assemble about 100 Nos. of motorcycle in a day and about 2,500 Nos. in a month. But as the sales volume increasing and their distribution expanding countrywide, so they are developing their capacity to produce 150 Nos. of motorcycle per day.

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All the motorcycle models assembled by the Rupsha Trading Corporation the engines are produced at China at the own factories of Zongshen and Hundai under the Japan-China joint venture technologies.  Therefore it is worth to mention as all are assured for high quality. After assembling the Motorcycles in Rupsha Trading factory, all are tested with modern testing line and quality control section before the delivery for market. Rupsha doing sales of HUNDAI & ZONGSHEN brand motorcycle through their own dealers in all Upazillas even in every nook & corner of the country where after-sales service are frequently available at all the area.


Rupsha Trading Corporation provides Sales, Service & Spares where they are providing this 3S facilities since from 1990. They are selling their motorcycles with 3 years of guarantee/ warranty /free service to their customers. They also provides after sales service together with free spare parts for a certain period or with certain promotions.

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Customer satisfaction is considered as supreme priority in Rupsha Trading Corporation. So their service stations are organized with utmost importance. For their after sales services and repairing they have qualified engineers as technical adviser to look after the maintenance and repairing works at all service centres. Moreover a mobile servicing team of very experienced technical hands provides the service support countrywide throughout the year. Apart from these the Company also renders services from their central workshop at Dhaka.

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Corporate Sales:

Rupsha Trading Corporation is selling their products countrywide from their large product line with comfortable reasonable price. With the regular retail sell they also have been doing corporate sales. They have been engaged in supplying imported motorcycles to different Government organizations after participating and qualifying in the tender process.

In the past they have supplied  imported motorcycles to the Bangladesh Rural Development Board, LGRD Ministry, Bangladesh Police, RAB, Ministry of Fishery, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Planning, Ministry of Education and different NGO including Pharmaceutical Companies through participating and qualifying in the tenders.

zongshen cg125-4 specifications


Rupsha Trading Corporation, the Sole Agent of ZONGSHEN and HUNDAI Brand Motorcycle in Bangladesh doing their business ensuring maximum customer’s satisfaction. Afterward the company is dedicated for Customer need, Product, Quality, Service and new experience for new generation. As a recognization for their dedication in motorcycle business they have awarded by the Arthokontho Business Award in Bangladesh for the year 2004-2005.

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Product Line:

Rupsha Trading Corporation currently continuing the following product line from ZONGSHEN and HUNDAI Brand motorcycles from 50cc to 150cc. Here is the list. For the updated price and detailed product specification you can hit our price and specification sections.

1)         HUNDAI TULIP-80

2)         HUNDAI GL-100 Unique (Digital Meter & Hydraulic Brake)

3)         HUNDAI GL-150 Premio

4)         HUNDAI  DELUXE-100

5)         ZONGSHEN  ZS-50

6)         ZONGSHEN  ED-80

7)         ZONGSHEN  ZS-80 (Alloy Rim)

8)         ZONGSHEN  ZS100-4 (Digital Meter)

9)         ZONGSHEN  ZS100-4 (Hydraulic Brake & Digital Meter)

10)       ZONGSHEN  ZS100-4A

11)       ZONGSHEN  ZS100-4A (Hydraulic Brake & Digital Meter)

12)       ZONGSHEN  ZS100-55 (Hydraulic Brake & Digital Meter)

13)       ZONGSHEN Street Bike CG-125-4 (Dual Cylinder Engine)

14)       Spark ZONGSHEN  ZS125-70

***All the company data, facility, product service, sales, service and promotion information provided by the Company. BikeBD is not liable for any discrimination or mismatches.

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