Runner Motorcycle Huge Discount Offer For August 2020!

Ahmed Shazon
August 5, 2020

Runner Motorcycle Ltd. has announced a discount offer for this month of August 2020! This offer is named “Bangladeshi Tai Beshi Beshi Offer”, and in this offer, Runner Automobiles Ltd. is giving away huge discounts in all of their motorcycles and there are discounts in both cash and credit purchase!

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Runner Motorcycle Discount Offer For August 2020

Runner Automobiles Ltd. is giving away up to 30,000 BDT discount in this offer and almost all of the motorcycles in the current Runner line-up gets a discount on both cash purchase and credit purchase. Along with the discount, all Runner motorcycles come with 6 years of warranty, and 9 free services, along with over 200 service centers throughout Bangladesh.

Due to Covid-19 and social distancing, all Runner motorcycle showrooms in Bangladesh will be open from 10 AM to 4 PM. This Huge Discount offer for the month of August 2020 will go on until further notice from the company.

Runner Motorcycle August Discount Offer – Cash Discount

ModelCCRegular Price (BDT)Cash Discount (BDT)Cash Discounted Price (BDT)
Bike RT8064,0007,00057,000
AD80S Alloy8083,00025,00058,000
AD80S Deluxe Red8085,00020,00065,000
Bullet 100100105,00013,00092,000
Bullet 100 V2100108,00012,00096,000
Royal Plus110101,00013,00088,000
Kite Plus11091,00011,00080,000
Turbo 125125130,00018,000112,000
Turbo 125 Matte125132,00018,000114,000
Knight Rider150156,00026,000130,000
Knight Rider V2150166,00025,000141,000
Xtreet 150150173,00018,000155,000
Renegade Sports 150150275,00030,000245,000
Renegade Commando 150150260,00025,000235,000

Runner Motorcycle August Discount Offer – Credit Discount

ModelCCRegular Price (BDT)Credit Discount (BDT)Credit Discounted Price (BDT)
Bike RT8064,0005,00059,000
AD80S Alloy8083,00023,00060,000
AD80S Deluxe Red8085,00016,00069,000
Bullet 100100105,00010,00095,000
Bullet 100 V2100108,0009,00099,000
Royal Plus110101,0009,00092,000
Kite Plus11091,0006,00085,000
Turbo 125125130,00012,000118,000
Turbo 125 Matte125132,00012,000120,000
Knight Rider150156,00021,000135,000
Knight Rider V2150166,00020,000146,000
Xtreet 150150173,00011,000162,000
Renegade Sports 150150275,00020,000255,000
Renegade Commando 150150260,00018,000242,000

runner discount offer

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This offer is called “Bangladeshi Tai Beshi Beshi Offer”, and with this, Runner is giving away a good amount of discount on almost all of their bikes, whether it is a commuter or sports or scooter. The 80 and 100cc commuter bikes get up to 25,000 BDT Discount, and the sports bikes and cruiser bikes follow on.

The most interesting thing is to see the discount on the newly launched Runner motorcycle, Runner Bullet V2, and Runner Knight Rider V2. They get 12,000 BDT and 25,000 BDT cash discount respectively and Runner Skooty follows on with a small but helpful 4,000 BDT Discount.

Apart from the commuter series, the biggest two discounts are on Renegade Sports 150 and Renegade Commando 150, 30,000 BDT, and 25,000 BDT. There are really few bikes that match the aesthetics and characteristics of the Renegade series, so this might be a good time for premium cruiser lovers to purchase their desired bike.

Due to Covid-19 public transports and rental transports are places of great health risk right now, and everyone is becoming more and more interested to purchase their personal vehicle, mostly motorcycle. This Discount Offer from Runner will certainly help a lot of bikers to purchase their necessary and desired bike.

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