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Roadmaster Motors Ltd. is one of the pioneers in Motorcycle production in Bangladesh (Source). They have been in the business for a really good amount of time, and today, we are going to discuss Roadmaster BikeBD Price 2020. So, let’s dive into Roadmaster Motorcycle Price BD 2020 and the overview of all their motorcycles.

Here is the list of Roadmaster motorcycle bd Price 2020.

  • Roadmaster Rapido 150 – 153,900 BDT
  • Roadmaster Prime 100 – 76,900 BDT
  • Roadmaster Prime – 60,900 BDT
  • Roadmaster Velocity – 1,04,900 BDT
  • Roadmaster Delight – 86,900 BDT
  • Roadmaster REX – 70,900 BDT

Roadmaster Bike Price BD 2019

Roadmaster BikeBD Price 2020

ModelPriceClick for the Latest Price
Roadmaster Rapido 150153,900Click for the Latest Price
Roadmaster Prime 10076,900Click for the Latest Price
Roadmaster Prime60,900Click for the Latest Price
Roadmaster Velocity1,04,900Click for the Latest Price
Roadmaster Delight86,900Click for the Latest Price
Roadmaster REX70,900Click for the Latest Price

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Roadmaster BikeBD Price 2020

Roadmaster Bike Price List 2019

Roadmaster Rapido Price In BikeBD 2020 | Overview

Recently, using Roadmaster products are growing in Bangladesh because of their cheap charge tags and some exceptional searching merchandise. This business enterprise has launched some motorcycles in Bangladesh with distinctive section wherein a few are 80cc, a few are 100cc and also there’s 150cc motorcycles. They have also a sports activities category bike which consists of 150 cc segment.

roadmaster velocity

Roadmaster Velocity Price In BikeBD 2020 | Overview

Velocity is a widespread air-cooled 100cc motorbike of Roadmaster. It also has a decently powered engine that is capable to generate 6.3 KW at 7500 RPM and 7.5NM at 5000 RPM. This model additionally has to appeal seems with stylish design throughout its frame and lighting. This motorbike is for those who are seeking out a stylish 100cc bike with decent mileage and power in an excellent low-priced rate range

roadmaster delight price in bangladesh

Roadmaster Delight Price In BikeBD 2020 | Overview

Roadmaster Delight Motorcycle is the maximum famous Motorcycle in our country. This motorbike has all the features very good together with Fuel Consumption, Engine, Gear, Body shape, Wheel and Tire, Electrical Features, Price, Spare Parts Price, Design and appears, Comfort and Control, Speed and Mileage, Reliability, Acceptance, and Service Centre Availability.

roadmaster rex

Roadmaster Rex Price In BikeBD 2020 | Overview

Roadmaster Rex is eighty cc engine even though its design is pretty charming and attractive. The seating arrangement is also desirable for each sort of aged pillion and riders. The headlight of the motorbike is also top. There is clutch rail and footrest for the pillion what is so precise for the pillion. The tail lighting is LED. Its odometer is digital.

roadmaster prime 100 price in bangladeshRoadmaster Prime 100 Price In BikeBD 2020 | Overview

Roadmaster Prime 100cc. Roadmaster Prime 100 is a commuter segmented motorbike. In a 100cc segment, this motorbike is given up large. 100cc section is one among the stylish and powerful motorbike. Roadmaster Prime 100 has a larger engine as a 100cc bike. The engine is 4 strokes single-cylinder, air-cooled euro -iii engine.

Top Five 80cc Bikes in Bangladesh 2017 Roadmaster Prime

Roadmaster Prime 80 Price In BikeBD 2020 | Overview

The Prime could be a very appealing commuter motorcycle in the 80cc segment. It has a conventional fuel tank, Headlight, big and comfy seat, appealing alloy wheel, handlebar, specific exhaust. It additionally has descent appears and preferred controlling quality additionally. It can provide a decent stage of mileage also.

Roadmaster is a great motorcycle company in our country for their bikes. So if you choose one of them and want to buy Roadmaster motorcycle then see the Roadmaster BikeBD Price 2020 price list above. Thank you all. Stay with us for more update information and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel.

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