Reliable Touring Motorcycle in Bangladesh

These days motorcyclists of Bangladesh are getting very frequent of hiking and touring with motorcycles. So our riders frequently use to ask us about the touring mototcycles available within our market. So we here to feed you some detail of touring machine with our Reliable Touring Motorcycle in Bangladesh.


You know for touring or hiking the motorcycle undergoes with huge pressure and stress. So a touring machine needs to prove its capability, reliability and performance even under extreme pressure and prolonged use. So hikers or riders search for reliable machine so that they can enjoy the ride carefree.

Moreover maximum controllability, comfort and low maintenance are the significant issue of a reliable touring motorcycle. Considering all of those qualities from present market we sorted out three reliable touring motorcycles for your evaluation. Therefore if you are a tour lover motor biker than you can consider them as your reliable tour partner.


Yamaha Fazer-FI – Most Reliable Touring Motorcycle in Bangladesh

In the 150cc segment of touring motorcycle in Bangladesh Yamaha Fazer is the top most reliable name. Yamaha Fazer series really somewhat fueled up the craze of touring and hiking with motorcycle in Bangladesh from the year 2010.

The Yamaha Fazer started to rule this segment just after its launching in Bangladesh from 2010. It’s a semi faired semi naked machine powered by a four stroke air cooled engine. The older version engine was with the displacement of 153cc and it feed by a Mikuni carburetor. But the new version of Yamaha Fazer comes with the displacement of 149cc and it feed by fuel injection system. Therefore the new version of Fazer is named as Yamaha Fazer-FI.


The engine of Yamaha Fazer-FI is also four stroke and air cooled engine but it better tuned for long touring. It also featured with the Yamaha latest Blue Core technology which ensure lower and environment friendly emission and optimum fuel utilization. And due to its fuel injection system it ensures optimum level of fuel efficiency.

New Yamaha Fazer-Fi Specification

Moreover the new Yamaha Fazer-FI seating, controlling and aerodynamic design is now more improved. Therefore previous successful track result of reliability, performance and quality service also tagged with this awesome machine. Hence it is more capable to satisfy the hikers on their touring and hiking. So here in reliable touring motorcycle in Bangladesh Yamaha Fazer-FI is on the top position.


Bajaj Pulsar AS 150 – Adventure Touring Motorcycle in Bangladesh

In the 150cc touring motorcycle segment last year Bajaj Auto launched a brand new model in Bangladesh. They introduced the new touring machine under the badge AS that is Adventure Sports. Hence the machine is Bajaj Pulsar AS 150 the new adventure touring machine from Bajaj.

Bajaj Pulsar AS 150 is completely featured for adventure touring. Its design somewhat like dual sport adventure motorcycle which is very much influences by the KTM dual adventure series. The engine, frame, design overall comes under shadow of Austrian brand KTM.


The machine actually designed with a 200cc four stroke engine which is like another refreshment of the Pulsar NS200. And AS150 is the economic 150cc version of the bike which comes in Bangladesh. The AS 150 air-cooled engine is powerful enough to be an adventure bike. This four valve DTS-I engine can produce the significant power of 17PS. Moreover its twin spark technology ensures flawless combustion at any RPM situation which is the key requirement of faster acceleration.

Bajaj Pulsar AS 150 designed quite like a dual sport bike with comparatively higher ground clearance, upright seating position and up right handle bar control. So riding even on odd track for prolonged period rider feels comfortable riding experience. And comparatively it somewhat is capable to deal with off roads also.

Bajaj Pulsar AS 150 Specifications

Therefore within Bangladeshi terrains Pulsar AS150 is quite capable fun package to meet up the needs of our adventure riders. In addition with previous successful track result and countrywide after sales service also has enhanced the faith on that adventure machine. So blending of all it’s the second most reliable touring machine currently on our road.


Bajaj Avenger Street 150 – Street Touring Motorcycle in Bangladesh

In the touring motorcycle segment Bajaj launched a latest model of 150cc motorcycle in Bangladesh. This latest touring machine is Bajaj Avenger Street 150. This is the street model cruiser from Bajaj Auto.

Bajaj Avenger Street 150 is the younger sibling of Avenger 220 which is designed under shadow of Kawasaki Eliminator. This Avenger Street 150 is specially featured for street cruising just has launched in Bangladesh few weeks ago.


This cruiser comes with the same air cooled four stroke engine hired from Pulsar 150 UG4.5. So in succession of the Pulsar 150 series you can be confident enough on that touring machine. Moreover as a cruiser this engine got better tune up for long hike or cruising.

Bajaj Avenger Street 150 Specification

Though Avenger Street 150 just new comer in our market where we have no official test ride experience of that machine. But one thing is quite positive as it seems it might be another successful touring machine in Bangladesh.


So dear rider and tour lovers, here was our short list of Touring Motorcycle in Bangladesh. As we are under engine cc limitation up to 155cc so here in our market only few motorcycles available featured for touring. But in real practice we do hiking and touring whatever model of motorcycle we have.

Therefore if you are a crazy of touring and frequently move for long than anyone from this list may serve you way better. Therefore feel free for commenting on our Reliable Touring Motorcycle in Bangladesh and stay connected with us for more feeds and updates. Thank you all.

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