Rancon Accessories – Race : New Motorcycle Accessories Brand In Bangladesh

Wasif Anowar
June 20, 2017

Race is a concern of Rangs Group which is a premier brand that promises a lifestyle through outstanding quality motorbikes & accessories with latest features & unique design at an affordable price in Bangladesh.  Under the umbrella of RACE Race Global Ltd has unique line of motorcycles & Rancon Accessories Ltd brought safety gears and Race Accessories for motorcycle riders. In our previous article we talked about their motorcycle line up today we will talk about the Rancon Accessories Ltd.

race accessories

RACE, a concern of the biggest conglomerate RANGS group, is a product first of its kind as a registered brand in Bangladesh, intends to expand into the vast Motorcycle Market of Asia and beyond. RACE, with its global experience & marketing acts intends to promote these markets by providing one stop solutions for Motorcycle riders for comfort, safety and above all a lifestyle carrier.

race motorcycles bangladesh

RACE – promises an outstanding lifestyle for Motorbike enthusiasts and boosts up their confidence to the upmost peak. Products of different varieties come with latest features and unique design at an affordable price in Bangladesh. Driven by the sheer passion to be the best and with a team of unique professionals, they bring the best quality products from all around the world within reach of everyone, especially for the bikers’ community. Safety, Trend and Lifestyle– all three combine made the equity of RACE as a brand.

motorcycle helmet in bangladesh

RACE helmets passed the DOT and ECE22.05 safety standards which are of the highest standard ensures motor biker’s road safety and a solution to reduce the chances of fatal injuries. Features contain Federal Government’s Department of Transportation (DOT) which sets minimum standards that all helmets sold for motorcycling on public streets must meet.

The standard is Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 218 (FMVSS 218) and is known commonly as the DOT helmet standard and ECE22.05 stands for “Economic Commission for Europe,” which was created under a United Nations agreement in 1958.  The 22.05 part refers to the specific regulation that the standards for testing are described in.

rancon accessories

In terms of Trend and Lifestyle, RACE motorbikes and safety accessories has the best designs fallen in each and every category. Not just the mainstream, RACE, in accordance with the current style, image and demand of bikers in mind provide fashionable solutions too.

motorcycle riding guards in bangladesh

A biker has no definition if he doesn’t ride his bike with proper safety gears. Helmet is a must, added with gloves to protect his hand from the dust & for maximum safety a jacket won’t be a bad idea along with some protective shield on his knees & elbows.

shoe cover in bangladesh

These days many bikers go for long tour & a small saddle back is his first choice to have carry all the necessary belongings Rancon Accessories Ltd.is a place where you can find all these gears & accessories in a lucrative price with the best quality to ensure not only your safety but also gives a fashion statement of a biker.

riding jacket in bangladesh

Rancon Accessories Ltd.has a wide range of accessories to fulfill a biker’s need. They bring all their safety gears & accessories from China. Here are the lists of products which Rancon Accessories Ltd. is currently offering to the bikers:

  • Helmet
  • Jacket
  • Winter Liner
  • Gloves(Full hand & Half)
  • Elbow & knee protector
  • Riding Boot
  • Backpack
  • Safety Lock, Chain lock & U lock
  • Gear Shift Pad / Shoe Protector
  • Rain Coat
  • Dust Cover

Price of helmet range between 1200 – 5000 BDT. They have a wide range of open face helmet, modular & also full face helmets. There are also helmets for female riders for their convenient. Except for two models the rest 8 models helmets are DOT or ECE Approve to maintain a standard quality & safety.

waterproof bag in bangladesh

Personally for me the best thing about Rancon Accessories Ltd products is the Backpack; which is a bit expensive but useful as you can carry important things in it & it is reflective & comes with a rain cover & a helmet carrier. Price of the backpack is 3300 BDT.

moduler helmets in bangladesh

For the last few years, after purchasing a motorcycle with 2 lac, a motor biker used to buy a Helmet worth BDT 800 – 1000 .. Now, bikers became more conscious about being safe and they desire to be a style icon within their community.

riding shoe in bangladesh

With an exclusive motorbike, bikers prefer to buy safety accessories like Helmet, Jacket, Gloves & etc. worth 10-15 thousand. If you are looking forward to be protected from small to fatal injuries or fond of buying safety & useful gears with your ride, then Rancon Accessories Ltd is one of the best place to search for.

motorcycle half gloves in bangladesh

To see or know more details about their products please contact at their showroom:

Race Showroom Address: 44, South Avenue, Gulshan 1, Road 134 (Badda Link Road).Dhaka, Bangladesh

Race  – Rancon Accessories Hotline:Call 01755-667000

Race – Rancon Accessories Mailing Address:race@rangs.com

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