Rajshahi Stunt Riderz

Suvro Sen
December 28, 2012

Rajshahi Stunt Riderz is the first stunt and racing base team of North Bengal in Bangladesh. We started our group at august 2011, with some of our brothers and friends. Then we tried to do some stunts, after some days training we become expert on it, now we are popular all over Bangladesh. Our concern is to informing people to know more about traffic rules.

rajshahi stunt riderz

Rajshahi stunt riderz is a group from a small town.when we stared we have only 5 bikers Rasel, Tasnim, Nipu, Jonny and Xisan was the 1st stunt riders of Rajshahi stunt riderz(RSZ). Then we try do some stunts..on that moment many biker know about our group and they join with us. Rsz is our group short form name.our group is based on stunts and race.

rajshahi stunt riderz

we like to develop our group as a social worker.when 2011 end many people like to join and they are interested about stunts. we arrange some big events and we like to obey traffic rules. we like to built a drug free society and we serve people to told them as our traffic rules.

rajshahi stunt riderz

There are many types of traffic rules in our country and many people didn’t know about this rules.we are informing people to know more about traffic rules. Helmet is a safety met. Many people like to drive free without helmet. But it is very dangerous  All ways wear helmet when you r riding and don’t try to stunting without helmet.

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rajshahi stunt riderz


Now we are the most popular Stunt group of north Bengal in Bangladesh and we do some social work for street children,poor people and drug addicts.also do some work for neat and clean environment.we are now trying to go for a trip and inform people to know how to ride and control their vehicle or their rides.

rajshahi stunt riderz

Beside this we have other social welfare activities. We are trying to inform people to know how to ride and control their vehicle or their rides. By the help of this biking community we r trying to make a strong network within bikers and bike lovers, and with the help of all we are destined to create a new level of biking in Bangladesh. Thus Rajshahi Stunt Riserz want to reach to the top of the biking community.

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