Pulsar Stuntmania – The Seventh Episode | Episode Details

It has been to the seventh episode, and only 6 contestant remains on the show. Pulsar Stuntmania has been going on full swing, and this seventh episode of the show will decide the top five contestants of the season.

pulsar stuntmania

Pulsar Stuntmania – The Seventh Episode

The episode started with 6 contestants, who of whom will leave the show at the end of the episode. With each episode, one contestant will leave the show, until one becomes the winner. The winner will receive BDT 10 Lac and a Bajaj Pulsar NS160!

The 7th episode of the season was split into three parts – Game 1, 2 and 3. The first game was a group task, where all the 6 participants were split into 3 groups, 2 members each. The group who will perform the best will be safe for the week, while the other two teams will fight in Game 2.

In Game 2, Both the teams will compete among whom one team will be safe, and the other two members of the losing team will go to the elimination round, Game 3.

Game 3 was the elimination round, where both the members of the losing team competed against each other to stay in the game, and one had to go home.

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Seventh Episode | Game 1 – Collect The Rings

For the first game, the contestants were given the choice to choose his team member, and divide into three teams. Each team had to complete the task, which was called ‘Collect the rings’.

The task was divided into two parts. In the first 2 minutes, one of the team members had to ride the bike and pick the placed rings one at a time with a stick and give it to the teammate on the other end. The rider can only pick one ring at a time and then have to go all around to pick up another one.

The second part of the task will be done by the second rider of the team. There is a basket placed at the center. The rider will have to perform zero circles and collect one ring at a time from the partner and drop the ring at the basket.

The team who will manage to drop most amount of rings in the basket will win.

The team consisting of Ali Akbar and Abdul Kaiyum won the Game 1, and were safe for the week, while the other two teams move to the second game.

Seventh Episode | Game 2 – Pulsar Survival Task

This task was the second team task of the day. Here, both the team members have to ride on the bike and perform a series of tasks. First, they have to do high chair riding and complete three full rounds of the course. Then they have to perform 5 zero circles and lastly, They have to perform 5 rounds of the human compass.

Both the team slew the task and finished with an astonishing flow. It was disappointing that one team had to move forward to the third game, the elimination round. The team containing RS Faysal and Siam won the round and moved to the safe zone, while Sanour and SK Faysal had to move to the last battle of the day.

Seventh Episode | Game 3 – Break The Pyramid

The last round of the Pulsar Stuntmania – Episode seventh was the round where two contestants – Sanour and SK Faysal had to go head to head in a challenge. The challenge was called break the pyramid. There were three pyramids placed at the end of the ground zero, and before the throwing line, some cones and balls were placed. The rider has to ride through the zigzag course without putting the foot down, collect a ball, and throw the ball to break the pyramid.

SK Faysal was unable to hit any of the three pyramids with the balls given, while Sanour managed to hit two of them. Therefore, SK Faysal had to leave the show.

 The next episode of Pulsar Stuntmania Season One will be broadcasted on 11th October 2019 on NTV at 11:15 PM. The episodes will be available to watch later on at Pulsar Bangladesh YouTube Channel and NTV Entertainment YouTube Channel.

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